1. (color) 
a. brownish-gray (United States) 
El pelo de este animal es entre pardo y rojizo.This animal's fur is somewhere between brownish-gray and reddish.
b. brownish-grey (United Kingdom) 
Llevaba puesto un horroroso vestido pardo.She had on a horrendous, brownish-grey dress.
2. (weather) 
a. dull 
El día está tan pardo. Provoca tomarse una siesta.It's such a dull day. I just want to to take a nap.
b. overcast 
El cielo pardo significaba sin duda que iba a llover.The overcast sky was a sure sign of rain.
3. (voice) 
a. flat 
Hablaba en voz parda, como si no le importara nada.She spoke in a flat voice, as if she couldn't be bothered about anything.
4. (pejorative) (mixed race) (Latin America) 
a. mulatto (old-fashioned) 
masculine noun
5. (color) 
a. brownish-gray (United States) 
Me parece que el color pardo es más sofisticado que el marrón.I think brownish-gray looks more sophisticated than brown.
b. brownish-grey (United Kingdom) 
Las paredes de la oficina estaban pintadas de color pardo.The office's walls were painted brownish-grey.
masculine or feminine noun
6. (pejorative) (person of mixed race) (Latin America) 
a. mulatto (old-fashioned) 
1. (general) 
a. grayish-brown, dull brown 
2. (general) 
a. grayish-brown, dull brown 
pardoa parda
1 [+color] grey-brown; brownish-grey
2 [+cielo] overcast
3 [+voz] flat; dull
(Caribe) (S. Cone) (mulato) mulatto; half-breed; (México) (persona humilde) poor devil;
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oso pardo
brown bear
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