transitive verb
1. (to move forward by pushing) 
a. empujar 
The children jostled each other to get out of the classroom.Los niños se empujaban para salir del aula.
A group of boys were jostling each other to get into the bus first.Un grupo de chicos se daban empujones para subir antes al autobús.
intransitive verb
2. (to push and move forward; often used with "for") 
Everyone was jostling to get to the front.Todos querían abrirse paso para llegar a la parte delantera.
We jostled for a good position at the front.Nos abrimos paso a empujones para buscar un buen sitio delante.
I jostled for room in the subway car.Me hice sitio en el vagón de metro.
d. empujarse (one another) 
The people at the back jostled for a better view.Los de atrás se empujaban para ver mejor.
3. (figurative) (to compete; often used with "for") 
a. pelear 
Major companies are jostling for position in the market.Grandes empresas pelean para tomar posiciones en el mercado.
b. pugnar 
I couldn't sleep. Thoughts and memories were jostling in my head.No podía dormir. Los pensamientos y los recuerdos pugnaban en mi mente.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. empujar 
to jostle somebody out of the wayquitar or
intransitive verb
2. (push) 
a. empujarse 
to jostle for positionluchar por tomar posiciones
jostle [ˈdʒɒsl]
transitive verb
intransitive verb
empujar; dar empujones
to jostle against sb dar empujones a algn; to jostle for a place abrirse paso a empujones
empujón (m)
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