intransitive verb phrase
1. (to talk quickly) 
a. parlotear (colloquial) 
My daughters were jabbering about something or other, but I couldn't make head or tail of it.Mis hijas parloteaban de alguna cosa, pero yo no entendí ni papa.
My grandfather's parrot spends all day jabbering and looking at himself in his little mirror.El loro de mi abuelo se la pasa parloteando y viéndose en su espejito.
b. farfullar 
My neighbors are always jabbering in the hall.Mis vecinos siempre están farfullando en el pasillo.
transitive verb
2. (to say quickly) 
a. farfullar 
The teacher jabbered the instructions to us and left the room before we could ask him to repeat them.El profesor nos farfulló las instrucciones y salió del aula antes de que pudiéramos pedir que nos las repitiera.
3. (chatter) 
a. el parloteo (M) (colloquial) 
The constant jabber between the nurses kept me from sleeping when I was at the hospital.El parloteo constante entre las enfermeras no me dejó dormir cuando estaba en el hospital.
b. el chapurreo (M) (colloquial) 
I've had enough of your jabber. Just be quiet!Ya basta del chapurreo. ¡Cállense de una buena vez!
intransitive verb
1. (colloquial) 
a. parlotear 
jabber [ˈdʒæbəʳ]
[of person] (fast talk) chapurreo (m); farfulla (f); (chatter) cotorreo (m); (noise) algarabía (f); [of monkeys] chillidos (m)
a jabber of French un torrente de francés; a jabber of voices un jaleo de voces
transitive verb
intransitive verb
(talk fast) farfullar; (chatter) charlotear; parlotear; [+monkeys] chillar
they were jabbering away in Russian charloteaban or parloteaban en ruso
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