1. (subject) 
a. el asunto (M) 
There are various issues that will be discussed in the meeting.Hay varios asuntos que se discutirán en la junta.
b. el tema (M) 
Stop trying to avoid the issue; we have to talk about your poor grades.Deja de evitar el tema; tenemos que hablar de tus bajas calificaciones.
The issue of his retirement is a touchy one.La cuestión de su retiro es delicada.
2. (dispute) 
What's the issue here? Why are you guys fighting?¿Cuál es el problema? ¿Por qué se están peleando?
3. (literary) 
A special issue of "One Hundred Years of Solitude" was just released.Acaban de publicar una edición especial de "Cien años de soledad".
b. el número (M) (periodical) 
The latest issue of "Cute Kittens" just came out.Acaba de salir el nuevo número de la revista "Gatitos lindos".
4. (distribution) 
a. la expedición (F) (documents) 
Sir, what is the date of issue that appears on your passport?Señor, ¿cuál es la fecha de expedición que aparece en su pasaporte?
b. la emisión (F) (money, stamps) 
The Department of the Treasury is responsible for the issue of legal tender.El Departamento del Tesoro es responsable de la emisión de la moneda nacional.
5. (offspring) 
The king died without issue, so the throne passed to his brother.El rey murió sin descendencia, por lo que el trono pasó a su hermano.
transitive verb
6. (to make public) 
a. emitir 
The president's spokesperson issued a formal apology on behalf of his administration.El portavoz del presidente emitió una disculpa de parte de su administración.
b. publicar (written) 
The New York Times issued a correction for a story on Boko Haram.El New York Times publicó una corrección de una historia sobre Boko Haram.
7. (to give out) 
a. expedir 
The only place that issues U.S. passports in Mexico is in Mexico City.El único lugar que expide pasaportes estadounidenses dentro de México está en el DF.
The official told me that my documents will be issued once I cross the border.Me dijo el oficial que me van a proporcionar los documentos al cruzar la frontera.
The receptionist issues the membership cards.La recepcionista distribuye las tarjetas de membresía.
intransitive verb
8. (to come forth; used with "from") 
a. manar de 
Dark blood issued from his wound.De la herida, manaba una sangre oscura.
b. brotar de 
The music seemed to issue from a distant house.La música parecía brotar de una casa distante.
c. salir de 
There was a dark column of smoke issuing from the barn.Había una oscura columna de humo que salía del granero.
9. (to derive; used with "from") 
Many problems issue from such misguided policies.Muchos problemas derivan de esas medidas erradas.
b. surgir de 
This misunderstanding issued from their lack of knowledge on the subject.Este malentendido surgió de su falta de conocimiento sobre el tema.
1. (topic) 
a. la tema m, cuestión (F) 
the issues of the daylos temas de actualidad
that's not the issueno se trata de eso
to avoid the issueevitar el tema
to confuse the issuecomplicar el asunto
to make an issue of somethingsacar algo de quicio
at issueen cuestión
to take issue with somebodydiscrepar de alguien
2. (of banknotes, stamps) 
a. la emisión (F) 
3. (of magazine) 
a. el número (M) 
4. (formal) 
a. la descendencia (F) (offspring) 
5. (law) 
a. no direct translation 
to die without issuemorir sin dejar descendencia
transitive verb
6. (banknote, stamp) 
a. emitir, poner en circulación 
7. (order) 
a. dar 
to issue somebody with somethingproporcionar algo a alguien
to issue a statementemitir un comunicado
8. (law) 
a. no direct translation 
to issue a summonsenviar una citación judicial
intransitive verb
9. (formal) 
a. manar (blood) 
10. (noise) 
a. surgir 
11. (smoke) 
a. brotar 
issue [ˈɪʃuː]
1 (matter, question) asunto (m); cuestión (f)
until the issue is decided hasta que se decida algo sobre el asunto or la cuestión or el tema; I was earning a lot of money but that was not the issue ganaba mucho dinero, pero esa no era la cuestión
a key issue for higher education in the 1990s
we need to address this issue tenemos que tratar este asunto or esta cuestión or este tema
no one seems to want to [address] this issue the real issue was never addressed
the point at issue el punto en cuestión
his integrity is not at issue no se está cuestionando su integridad
what is at issue here is ... at issue is a proposal to remove the paintings at issue is whether or not the university will recognize these qualifications one of the main points at issue is the the Community wants the representatives to based in East Jerusalem
they were at issue over ... estuvieron discutiendo (sobre) ...
to avoid the issue eludir or (formal) soslayar el problema
stop avoiding the issue making her a scapegoat enables you to avoid the issue she avoided the issue by ordering a turkey sandwich I was trying to avoid the issue that was hanging over both of us
to cloud or confuse the issue crear confusión
do not draw it on the chart, however, as this will confuse the issue it's unfortunate that politics have obscured the issue surrounding the brutal beating of a black man by white police officers we must not let our personal feelings of sympathy to obscure the issue he made it plain that he won't allow it to obscure the issue in hand drugs and alcohol won't help the problem go away - they only cloud the issue to confuse the issue further, they embellished the story with their own inventions
to face the issue hacer frente a la cuestión or al problema; afrontar la situación
they do not want to face the issue of Kuwait Congress returns to face the issue that it gave up on before the Easter recess
to force the issue forzar una decisión
the whole political situation down there is such that we should not attempt to force the issue I can't force the issue because I don't have any real evidence in 1989 I finally decided to force the issue - I didn't want to be 40 and not be married
to join issue with sb enfrentarse a or con algn
to make an issue of sth
I think we should make an issue of this creo que deberíamos insistir en este punto; do you want to make an issue of it? ¿quieres hacer un problema de esto?; he makes an issue of every tiny detail a todo le da mucha más importancia de la que tiene
I don't want to make an issue of this but ... it seemed the colonel had no desire to make an issue of the affair
the main or real issue is ... lo fundamental es ...
it's not a political issue no es una cuestión política
she [raised] several new issues agents will raise the issue of prize money for next year's championships
to take issue with sth/sb discrepar de algo/de or con algn
I feel I must take issue with you on or over that permítame que discrepe de usted en or sobre eso
he took issue with Lord Stanley over his claim that the Government's victory on strengthened the hand of the Lords several MPs took issue with the minister's statement he took issue with the idea that the Catholic Church was "still too papal" Frank takes issue with Rostow's analysis of development I have to take issue with your assertion that women get more beautiful as they get older to [take] issue with sb (over on sth)
2 [of shares, stamps, banknotes] emisión (f); [of library book] préstamo (m); [of document] expedición (f); [of rations] distribución (f); reparto (m)
there has been a new issue of banknotes these coins are a new issue the issue of library books is conditional on the borrower having a current library card the issue of an MOT certificate is not a guarantee of the roadworthiness of a car
an army issue blanket una manta del ejército
police say the hand grenade was army issue she had an army issue blanket round her legs
a standard issue army rifle un rifle del ejército de fabricación estándar
the British police whose standard issue truncheons have remained virtually unchanged for 150 years the mattress on the bed appeared to be standard Army issue
3 (copy) [of magazine] ejemplar (m); número (m)
the March issue el ejemplar or número de marzo
the latest issue of the Lancet
back issue ejemplar (m) or número (m) atrasado
back issues can be obtained by writing to this address
4 (outcome) resultado (m); consecuencia (f)
to [await] the issue [in] the issue
5 (Jur) (offspring) descendencia (f)
to die without issue morir sin (dejar) descendencia
6 (Med) flujo (m)
transitive verb
[+library book] prestar; [+tickets] emitir; [+shares, stamps] poner en circulación; emitir; [+rations] distribuir; repartir; [+order] dar; [+statement, proclamation] hacer público; [+decree] promulgar; [+passport, certificate] expedir; [+licence] facilitar; [+writ, summons] extender
a warrant has been issued for his arrest se ha ordenado su detención
we can issue you up to eight books at a time this book was issued on 10 April the number of tickets issued for the FA Cup semi-final the council reports that an average 65,000 parking tickets are issued each month the Post Office has issued a new set of stamps for Christmas since the shares were issued they have increased in value by 120 per cent troops in the field were issued rations that were barely adequate for survival last night he issued a statement denying the allegations the government issued a warning that the strikers should end their action or face dismissal yesterday his kidnappers issued a second threat to kill him the colonel issued instructions that no one was to leave the base Boris Yeltsin reportedly has issued a decree banning a newly formed opposition front in Russia Himmer issued a decree forbidding dancing the government issued a proclamation offering a pardon to any rebel who deserted the passport was issued in London the certificate was issued in his name Dexter issued his verdict on the Lamb controversy customers who issue cheques without enough money in their accounts are committing an offence charges include assault, issuing dud cheques and stealing cars a new licence cannot be issued until the old one has expired
to issue sth to sbissue sb with sth dar algo a algn
we were issued with ten rounds each nos dieron diez cartuchos a cada uno; staff will be issued with new uniforms se proveerá de uniformes nuevos al personal
the children were issued with pencils to issue a rifle to each man, to issue each man with a rifle on your appointment you will be issued with a written statement of particulars of employment
intransitive verb
1 (come forth)
to issue from sth [+blood, water] brotar or salir de algo; [+sound] salir de algo; [+report, account] provenir de algo
reports issuing from opposition sources say that ... informes provenientes de fuentes de la oposición afirman que ...
he crawled on hands and knees, blood issuing from his mouth he saw the water, issuing from a spring in the cavern a tinny voice issued from a speaker the high notes issuing from violins and piccolos moans of pain issued from his mouth
2 (derive) derivar;from de
the concept of money, land and possessions issuing from personal accomplishment rather than inheritance is relatively new
3 (have as result)
to issue in sth resultar en algo; dar algo como resultado
the growing suffering of the refugees, issuing in increased international (mainly American) pressures Japan's military exploits were carried out against less organized and less developed states, and did not issue in life-and-death struggles
issue price (n) precio (m) de emisión
BT shares fell to 108.5p, 1.5p below their issue price of 110p
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