is thinking
-está pensando
Present progressivehe/sheconjugation ofthink.


An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
1. (to ponder)
a. pensar
I spoke without thinking.Hablé sin pensar.
b. reflexionar
Give us some time to think about it.Danos tiempo para reflexionar sobre ello.
2. (to imagine)
a. imaginarse
I don't want to think of what may have happened.No quiero ni imaginarme lo que podría haber pasado.
3. (to plan; used with "of" or "about")
a. pensar en
Are you thinking of quitting your job?¿Estás pensando en dejar tu trabajo?
4. (to come up with; used with "of")
a. ocurrirse
Can you think of a better solution?¿Se te ocurre alguna solución mejor?
5. (to remember; used with "of" or "about")
a. acordarse de
We've been thinking of you a lot.Nos hemos acordado mucho de ti.
b. recordar
I can't think of how many cases he solved in the past.No recuerdo la cantidad de casos que ha resuelto en el pasado.
6. (to gather)
a. creer
That's the only thing that's going to change, I think.Eso es lo único que va a cambiar, creo yo.
7. (to have an opinion; often used with "of" and "about")
a. pensar
Tell me what you think about the issue.Dime qué piensas tú del asunto.
b. tener una opinión
We think highly of her.Tenemos muy buena opinión de ella.
8. (to take into consideration; used with "of")
a. tener en cuenta
You never think of other people's feelings.Nunca tienes en cuenta los sentimientos de los demás.
b. pensar
Before buying a car, you must think of the expense it entails.Antes de comprar un coche, debes pensar en los gastos que acarrea.
9. (to select; used with "of")
a. pensar
Think of a number and a color.Piensa en un número y un color.
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
10. (to ponder)
a. pensar
Think what the chances are of that happening.Piensa en la probabilidad de que eso ocurra.
11. (to imagine)
a. imaginarse
Think how different things would be if you had never met him.Imagínate lo diferente que serían las cosas si nunca lo hubieras conocido.
12. (to occur to)
a. ocurrirse
I didn't think to bring some water.No se me ocurrió traer agua.
13. (to remember)
a. acordarse
I'm trying to think what I ate yesterday.Estoy intentado acordarme de lo que comí ayer.
14. (to gather)
a. creer
Is he coming to the party? - I think so.¿Va a venir a la fiesta? - Creo que sí.
15. (to believe)
a. creer
I have to do what I think is in the best interest of my children.Tengo que hacer lo que creo que le conviene más a mis hijos.
b. parecer
I don't think it's a very good idea.No me parece que sea muy buena idea.
16. (to expect)
a. pensar
I thought we'd meet again.Pensaba que volveríamos a vernos.
A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
17. (consideration)
a. reflexionar
After having a bit of a think, he decided to move on.Tras reflexionarlo un poco, decidió seguir adelante.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (have in mind)
to think that…pensar que…
to think evil/kind thoughtstener pensamientos malévolos/benévolos
what are you thinking?¿en qué estás pensando?
did you think to bring any money?¿se te ha ocurrido traer algo de dinero?
2. (believe, have as opinion)
a. creer, pensar
he thinks he knows everythingse cree que lo sabe todo
who do you think you are?¿quién te has creído que eres?
anyone would think she was asleepcualquiera hubiera creído que está dormida
who'd have thought it!¡quién lo hubiera pensado!
all this is very sad, don't you think?todo esto es muy triste, ¿no crees?
it is thought that…se cree que…
they were thought to be richse les creía or consideraba ricos
I think socreo que sí
I think notno creo
I thought so, I thought as muchya me lo figuraba
I should think so too!¡menos mal!
I shouldn't think sono creo
3. (colloquial)
that's what YOU think!eso es lo que tú te crees
4. (imagine)
a. imaginarse
I (really) can't think what/where/why…no se me ocurre qué/dónde/por qué…
think what we could do with all that money!¡imagínate lo que podríamos hacer con todo ese dinero!
to think that he's only twenty!¡y pensar que sólo tiene veinte años!
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
5. (general)
a. pensar
to think aheadplanear con anticipación
to think aloudpensar en voz alta
to think (long and) hardpensárselo muy bien
6. (colloquial)
to think bigser ambicioso(a)
I did it without thinkinglo hice sin darme cuenta
if you think I'll help you do it, you can think again!¡vas listo si crees que te voy a ayudar!
it makes you thinkda que pensar
to think on one's feetimprovisar, discurrir sobre la marcha
A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
7. (general)
to have a thinkpensárselo
8. (colloquial)
you've got another think coming!¡estás muy equivocado(a)!
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think [θɪŋk] thought (past)
intransitive verb
1 (exercise mind) pensar; (ponder) reflexionar
I think, therefore I am pienso, luego existo; give me time to think dame tiempo para reflexionar; to act without thinking actuar sin pensar; think before you reply piénselo antes de contestar; I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking lo siento, estaba distraído; now let me think, where did I last see it? a ver, déjame pensar, ¿cuándo lo vi por última vez?
to think about sth (occupy one's thoughts with) pensar en algo; (consider) pensar algo
what are you thinking about? ¿en qué estás pensando?; you've given us a lot to think about nos ha dado mucho en que pensar; I'll think about it lo voy a pensar; it's worth thinking about vale la pena de pensarlo; you think too much about money le das demasiada importancia al dinero
what he said made me think again lo que dijo hizo que me lo volviera a pensar
did you think I was going to give you the money? well, think again! ¿creíste que iba a darte el dinero? ¡vamos, piensa un poco!
to think aloud pensar en voz alta
think carefully before you reply piénsalo bien antes de responder
to think for o.s. pensar por sí mismo
to think (long and) hard pensar mucho
I think of you alwaysI am always thinking of you pienso constantemente en ti
I'll be thinking of you me acordaré de ti; think of me tomorrow in the exam acuérdate de mí mañana, haciendo el examen
to think straight concentrarse
to think twice before doing sth pensar algo dos veces antes de hacerlo
we didn't think twice about it no vacilamos un instante
2 (imagine) imaginarse
just think! ¡fíjate!; ¡imagínate!; ¡te das cuenta!
think of the expense imagínate lo que costaría
think of what might have happened! ¡piensa en lo que podía haber ocurrido!
and to think of her going there alone! ¡y pensar que ella fue allí sola!
3 (remember)
you can't think of everything no se puede estar en todo; now I come to think of it ... ahora que lo pienso ...; I couldn't think of the right word no pude acordarme de la palabra exacta
4 (have opinion)
see what you think about it and let me know piénsalo y dime luego tu opinión
I didn't think much of the play la obra no me convenció; la obra no me gustó mucho
we don't think much of him tenemos un concepto más bien bajo de él
what do you think of it? ¿qué te parece?
what do you think of him? ¿qué opinas de él?; ¿qué te parece (él)?; to think highly of sb tener muy buena opinión de algn; tener a algn en muy buen concepto
I told him what I thought of him le dije lo que pensaba de él
5 (consider, take into account)
to think of other people's feelings pensar en or tener en cuenta los sentimientos de los demás; one has to think of the expense hay que pensar en lo que se gasta; there are the children to think about hay que pensar en los niños; he thinks of nobody but himself no piensa más que en sí mismo
to think of (wonder about, dream up) I thought of going to Spain pensé en ir a España; have you ever thought of going to Cuba? ¿has pensado alguna vez en ir a Cuba?; don't you ever think of washing? ¿no se te ocurre alguna vez lavarte?; whatever were you thinking of? ¿cómo se te ocurrió hacer eso?; I was the one who thought of it first fui yo quien tuve la idea primero; whatever will he think of next? ¡a ver qué es lo que se le ocurre ahora!
7 (choose)
think of a number piensa en un número
transitive verb
1 (cogitate) pensar
to think great thoughts pensar cosas profundas; tener pensamientos profundos
to think evil thoughts tener malos pensamientos
think what you've done piense en lo que hizo
2 (believe) creer
I think (that) it is true creo que es verdad; I don't think it can be done no creo que se pueda hacer; you must think me very rude va a creer que soy muy descortés; we all thought him a fool lo teníamos todos por idiota; he thinks himself very clever se cree muy listo; I don't think it likely lo creo or me parece muy poco probable; I think (that) you're wrong me parece que estás equivocado
she's very pretty, don't you think? es muy guapa, ¿no crees?
he'll be back, I don't think! ¿que volverá? ¡no creo!
I think not creo que no
I think so creo que sí; me parece que sí
I don't think so creo que no
now I don't know what to think ahora estoy en duda
what do you think I should do? ¿qué crees que debo hacer?; what do you think you're doing? ¿se puede saber lo que estás haciendo?
who do you think you are? ¿quién te crees que eres?
who do you think you are to come marching in here? y tú ¿qué derecho crees tener para entrar aquí tan fresco?
anyone would think she was dying cualquiera diría que se estaba muriendo
I would have thought that ... hubiera creído que ...
that's what you think! ¡(que) te crees tú eso!
3 (imagine) imaginar(se)
think what we could do with that house! ¡imagina lo que podríamos hacer con esa casa!; to think she once slept here! ¡pensar que ella durmió aquí una vez!
I can't think what he can want no me puedo imaginar qué quiere
I can't think what you mean no llego a entender lo que quieres decir
I thought as much ya me lo figuraba; ya lo sabía
I never thought that ... nunca pensé or imaginé que ...
who'd have thought it? ¿quién lo diría?
who'd have thought it possible? ¿quién se lo hubiera imaginado?
4 (remember) recordar
try to think where you last saw it intenta recordar dónde lo viste por última vez
5 (be of opinion) opinar
this is my new dress, what do you think? este es mi vestido nuevo, ¿qué te parece? or ¿qué opinas?; I think we should wait, what do you think? creo que deberíamos esperar, ¿qué opinas?
6 (envisage, have idea)
I was thinking that ... estaba pensando que ...; did you think to bring a corkscrew? ¿te acordaste de traer un sacacorchos?; I didn't think to tell him no se me ocurrió decírselo; I thought/I'd thought I might go swimming pensé/había pensado en ir a nadar
7 (expect) pensar; esperar
I didn't think to see you here no pensaba or esperaba verte aquí; I came here thinking to get some answers vine aquí pensando que obtendría or esperando recibir algunas respuestas; I never thought to hear that from you nunca pensé que te oiría decir eso; nunca esperé oírte decir eso
we little thought that ... estábamos lejos de pensar que ...
"is she going?" — "I should/shouldn't think so" —¿va a ir? —yo diría que sí/no
"I paid him for it" — "I should think so too!" —se lo he pagado —¡faltaría más!
to have a think
I'll have a think about it lo pensaré
I was just having a quiet think meditaba tranquilamente
if you think that, you've got another think coming si crees eso, te equivocas
think piece (n) (Press) artículo (m) de opinión
...a think piece by a pundit in the New York Times The New York Times ran a big think piece when this film was released
think tank (n) grupo (m) de expertos; (in government) gabinete (m) de estrategia
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