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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to recall)
a. recordar
Do you remember our first date?¿Recuerdas nuestra primera cita?
b. acordarse de
I can't remember when my cousin's birthday is.No me acuerdo de la fecha del cumpleaños de mi primo.
2. (to bear in mind)
a. recordar
Remember, you can't base your idea of happiness on other people's opinions.Recuerda que no puedes basar tu idea de la felicidad en las opiniones de los demás.
b. acordarse de
Remember that the rent is due tomorrow.Acuérdate de que el alquiler se tiene que pagar mañana.
3. (to not forget)
a. acordarse de
Good thing I remembered to bring my snow boots.Menos mal que me acordé de traer las botas para la nieve.
4. (to commemorate)
a. recordar
A hundred people gathered to remember all those who died in conflict.Un centenar de personas se reunió para recordar a los caídos en conflictos.
5. (to send regards)
a. dar recuerdos
Please remember me to your sister when you see her next.Por favor, dale recuerdos a tu hermana de mi parte la próxima vez que la veas.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
6. (to recall)
a. recordar
I used to know the capital of Montana, but now I don't remember.Antes sabía la capital de Montana, pero ahora no la recuerdo.
b. acordarse
This is where we had our first date, remember?Aquí fue donde salimos juntos por primera vez, ¿te acuerdas?
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (recall)
a. recordar, acordarse de
to remember doing somethingrecordar haber hecho algo
to remember to do somethingacordarse de hacer algo
to remember that…recordar que…
a night to rememberuna noche inolvidable
remember me to your father!dale recuerdos a tu padre de mi parte
2. (commemorate)
a. recordar
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
3. (general)
a. recordar, acordarse
as far as I remembersegún recuerdo, por lo que yo recuerdo
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remember [rɪˈmembəʳ]
transitive verb
1 (recall) [+person, fact, promise] acordarse de; recordar
don't you remember me? ¿no se acuerda usted de mí?; ¿no me recuerda?; I can never remember phone numbers tengo muy mala memoria para los números de teléfono; soy incapaz de recordar números de teléfono; I don't remember a thing about it no recuerdo ni un solo detalle de ello
you wouldn't remember me - I was in another group then I remembered the cheque, which cheered me up he remembered his suitcase and retrieved it from the wardrobe I can't remember if I phoned her last week or not I don't remember whether she mentioned anything about the book
I remember seeing it I remember having seen it me acuerdo de or recuerdo haberlo visto; me acuerdo de or recuerdo que lo vi
I certainly don't remember talking to you I remember her being a dominant figure I couldn't remember ever having felt so safe and secure
I seem to remember (that) you used to do the same si mal no recuerdo, tú hacías lo mismo
to remember [what]/[where]/[who] etc
I don't remember what he looks like no me acuerdo de or no recuerdo cómo es
I remember when an egg cost one penny I can remember where and when I bought each one I don't think she remembers who you are I can't remember how long we lived there
I remember him as tall and slim lo recuerdo alto y delgado
he will be remembered as a fine violinist you seem very quiet - I'd remembered you as more lively he will be remembered as one of the great Chancellors of the Exchequer
give me something to remember you by dame algún recuerdo tuyo
I wanted something to remember her by I'd like you to have something to remember her by
so I gave him sth to remember me by así que le di algo para que no me olvidara or para que se acordara de mí
to remember sb [for] sth
she will be remembered for her wonderful sense of humour se la recordará por su maravilloso sentido del humor
at his school he is remembered for being bad at games Dahl will probably be best remembered for his children's book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
it was a night to remember fue una noche memorable or inolvidable
I'll make it a birthday to remember
2 (bear in mind) recordar; tener presente
remember that he carries a gun recuerda or ten presente que lleva una pistola
it is important to remember that each person reacts differently let's remember that it was the trade unions that founded this party it should be remembered that this loss of control can never be regained it must be remembered that she was already 75 when she wrote the novel
that's worth remembering eso merece la pena recordarlo
it is worth remembering that ... merece la pena recordar que ...
it is worth remembering that children tend to copy their parents in this respect
3 (not forget) acordarse de
have you remembered your passport? ¿te has acordado del pasaporte or de traer el pasaporte?; she always remembers the children at Christmas siempre se acuerda de los niños por Navidad; to remember sb in one's prayers rezar por algn; to remember sb in one's will mencionar a algn en el testamento
she gave me a list of things to remember my aunt always remembers me on my birthday we can't always remember everything
she remembered to do it se acordó de hacerlo; remember to turn out the light no te olvides de apagar la luz
have you remembered to brush your teeth? she didn't remember to lock the front door remember to include your address when ordering goods always remember to lock your car when you park it I must remember to send her a note please remember to enclose a stamped addressed envelope when writing
remember what happened before no te olvides or acuérdate de lo que pasó antes
remember [who] you're with! Don't do that! Remember where you are! "please remember the guide"
4 (commemorate) recordar
today we remember those who gave their lives in the war hoy recordamos a aquellos que dieron sus vidas en la guerra
5 (with wishes)
she asks to be remembered to you all manda recuerdos a todos
remember me to your family dale recuerdos a tu familia; saluda a tu familia de mi parte
to remember [o.s.] stop behaving badly remember yourself, Jane! - you can't do that here Jeremy grinned broadly before he remembered himself and assumed a serious expression again
intransitive verb
1 (recall) acordarse; recordar
do you remember? ¿te acuerdas?; ¿recuerdas?; try to remember! ¡haz memoria!; ¡intenta acordarte!; I don't or can't remember no me acuerdo; no recuerdo
I used to do that when you were a little girl, remember? I know what she's like - I lived with her for four years, remember? don't tell me you can't remember "how much did you give him?" - "I can't remember now" "what's Blum's address?" - "I don't remember" the last time we had a party, if you remember, it took us days to clear up yes, I remember you and I have a deal, remember?
as I remember, you said you would pay que yo recuerde or si mal no recuerdo, tú dijiste que pagarías
it was a cold day, as you will remember era un día de frío, como recordarás
as far as I (can) remember que yo recuerde
as far as I can remember, the road goes past the synagogue
not as far as I remember no que yo recuerde
as far back as or for as long as I can remember desde siempre
as far back as I can remember, I've always admired the way she writes for as long as anyone can remember, the French and the British have had an uneasy relationship it had been that way as long as he could remember
if I remember right(ly) si mal no recuerdo; si la memoria no me falla
that legislation was introduced by the Labour Party if I remember rightly
2 (not forget) acordarse
I asked you to get some stamps, did you remember? te pedí que compraras sellos, ¿te acordaste?; I'll try to remember intentaré acordarme; intentaré no olvidarme or que no se me olvide
just remember, if anything goes wrong I'll hold you personally responsible
"acordarse de" or "recordar"?
Both acordarse de and recordar can be used to translate to remember (used transitively), provided the object of remember is not another verb. Recordar is becoming less common, however, in everyday informal contexts:
Do you remember where he lives? ¿Te acuerdas de dónde vive?; ¿Recuerdas dónde vive?
Use acordarse de + infinitive to translate to remember to + verb:
Did you remember to close the door? ¿Te acordaste de cerrar la puerta?
Don't use recordar for remembering to do sth.
Use recordar + perfect infinitive/clause or acordarse de + clause to translate to remember + -ing:
I remember closing the door Recuerdo haber cerrado or Recuerdo que cerré or Me acuerdo de que cerré la puerta
Recordar also translates remind:
I must remind Richard to pay the rent Tengo que recordarle a Richard que pague el alquiler
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