Usage note
This word must be preceded by the definite article in the sense shown in 8).
transitive verb
1. (to assist) 
a. ayudar 
My mom asked if I could help her clean the kitchen.Mi mamá me preguntó si podía ayudarla a limpiar la cocina.
2. (to avoid) 
a. evitar 
The accident was something that couldn't be helped; stop blaming yourself.El accidente fue algo que no se podía evitar; deja de culparte.
3. (to serve) 
a. servirse 
You can help yourself to more pie if you like.Te puedes servir más pay si quieres.
4. (to be of service to) 
a. servir 
How may I help you, ma'am?¿En qué le puedo servir, señora?
intransitive verb
5. (to give assistance) 
a. ayudar 
If you want to help, you can make a donation.Si quiere ayudar, puede hacer una donación.
6. (aid) 
a. la ayuda (F) 
Mom, I need your help with my homework; there is a math problem I don't understand.Mamá, necesito tu ayuda con los deberes; hay un problema de mates que no entiendo.
7. (old-fashioned) (domestic employee) 
Our present help has been cleaning the house for years.Nuestra sirvienta actual lleva años limpiando la casa.
b. la asistenta (F) (Spain) 
The help couldn't come today, so I'll have to make dinner myself.La asistenta no pudo venir hoy, así que tendré que preparar la cena yo.
plural noun
8. (old-fashioned) (group of domestic employees) 
Mom, don't speak to the help that way!Mamá, ¡no les hables así a los sirvientes!
9. (workers) 
The help all quit on the same day.Todo el personal renunció el mismo día.
10. (used to call for assistance) 
a. auxilio 
Help! My poor cat is stuck up in that tree!¡Auxilio! ¡Mi pobre gato está atrapado en ese árbol!
b. socorro 
Help! This woman is having a heart attack!¡Socorro! ¡Esta señora está sufriendo un infarto!
1. (aid) 
a. la ayuda (F) 
to be of help to somebodyser de ayuda para alguien
thank you, you've been a great helpgracias, has sido de gran ayuda
with the help of somebody, with somebody's helpcon la ayuda de alguien
to be beyond helpno tener remedio
2. (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation 
there was no help for itno había más remedio
3. (computers) 
a. no direct translation 
help menumenú de ayuda
4. (cleaning woman) 
a. la asistenta (F) 
transitive verb
5. (aid) 
a. ayudar 
to help somebody (to) do somethingayudar a alguien a hacer algo
to help somebody on/off with his coatayudar a alguien a ponerse/quitarse or
can I help you?¿en qué puedo servirle?
to help one anotherayudarse mutuamente, ayudarse el uno al otro
to help oneself to somethingagarrar or
help yourselfsírvete
6. (prevent) 
a. no direct translation 
I can't help itno lo puedo evitar
it can't be helpedno queda otro remedio
I can't help laughingno puedo evitar reírme
she couldn't help overhearingno pudo evitar oír (la conversación)
not if I can help it!¡no, si lo puedo evitar!
intransitive verb
7. (general) 
a. ayudar 
can I help?¿puedo ayudar?
help [help]
1 (assistance) ayuda (f)
thanks for your help gracias por ayudarme; gracias por tu ayuda; the books were not much help los libros no me sirvieron de mucho
you may qualify for help with monthly payments the United States has given substantial financial help to Israel to deal with the absorption of immigrants she brought up her child without any financial help from the father they should make sure that medical help will be available in case of complications she will need medical help and counselling to overcome the tragedy she shouted but nobody came to her help new measures which come to the help of young unemployed people
to ask (sb) for help pedir ayuda (a algn)
always ask the pharmacist for help he has asked for help in tracing his sister
he is beyond help ya no se puede hacer nada por él
to those beyond help they could only offer comfort, and the relief of some of the pain his ship was holed and sinking, damaged beyond help or repair
to call for help (ask for help) pedir ayuda or auxilio; (shout for help) pedir ayuda or auxilio a gritos
he's calling for help in developing a national consensus on the matter a Colombian fishing boat called for help when it developed engine trouble she was too frightened to call for help
to come to sb's help acudir en ayuda or auxilio de algn
financial help ayuda (f) económica
he [gave] me no help
to get help
he rushed off to get help salió corriendo en busca de ayuda; you'll get no help from me yo no te pienso ayudar
to go to sb's help acudir en ayuda or auxilio de algn
you've been a great help to me me has ayudado muchísimo
you're a great help! ¡valiente ayuda!
medical help asistencia (f) médica
it's no help (to say that) no sirve de nada (decir eso)
there's no help for it but to ... no hay más remedio que
to be of help to sb ayudar a algn
can I be of help? ¿puedo ayudar?; I was glad to be of help me alegré de poder ayudar
to [seek] help (from sb)
you should seek professional help deberías consultar a un profesional; deberías pedir asesoramiento
they wait too long to seek help after they do get sick that's what leads addicts to seek help
to shout for help pedir ayuda or auxilio a gritos
they were on him before he could shout for help he was screaming for help
I could use some help una ayudita no me vendría mal
with the help of con la ayuda de
with his brother's help con la ayuda de su hermano; with the help of a knife con un cuchillo; ayudándose con un cuchillo
[without] (anyone's) help
2 (helpers)
we're short of help in the shop nos falta personal en la tienda; she has no help in the house no tiene a nadie que le ayude en la casa
we always need extra help at harvest time
3 (cleaner) asistenta (f)
transitive verb
1 (aid, assist) ayudar
he got his brother to help him consiguió que su hermano lo ayudara; that won't help you eso no te va a servir de nada; eso no te va a ayudar; can I help you? (in shop) ¿qué deseaba?; ¿en qué le puedo servir?
he gave me something to help the pain it helps industry/exports /it will help the environment by reducing/ traffic /pollution/ in towns and cities
to help (to) do sth ayudar a hacer algo
we helped (to) clean up afterwards it helps relieve nasal congestion the money will help to save the church my mum used to help cook the meals for the children he has helped to raise a lot of money the right style of swimsuit can help to hide, minimize or emphasize what you want it to
to help sb (to) do sth ayudar a algn a hacer algo
I helped him to get dressed understanding these rare molecules will help chemists to find out what is achievable America's priority is to help nations defend themselves this experience helped him (to) understand the problem better
to help each other/one another ayudarse el uno al otro
he ordered them to untie Filomeno's legs and help him up my friends helped me through the bad times
to help sb across the road ayudar a algn a cruzar la calle
to help sb to their feet ayudar a algn a levantarse
to help sb on/off with his coat ayudar a algn a ponerse/quitarse el abrigo
to help sb [out of] a jam
I couldn't stand so he helped me up no me podía poner de pie así que él me ayudó
to help sb [up]/[down]/[across] to help sb [with] sth
let me help you with that suitcase deja que te ayude or que te eche una mano con esa maleta
he is helping the police with their enquiries she helps her son with his homework help him [with] the cooking
so help me God (as part of oath) y que Dios me ayude
so help me, I'll kill him! ¡te lo juro que lo mato! (informal)
I'll kill him the next time I see him, so help me God! And so help me God, if I come back and find the carpet messed up, you're for the high jump! So help me God, as I went around the corner, who'd I run into? So help me God, I never thought I'd be in this room again he concluded his oath of office with the words `so help me God" I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God
2 (at table)
to help sb to soup/vegetables servir sopa/verdura a algn
she helped him to potatoes
3 (avoid) evitar
"why are you laughing?" — "I can't help it" —¿por qué te ríes? —no lo puedo evitar; I can't help it, I just don't like him es superior a mí, me cae mal; "it's rather late now" — "I can't help that, you should have come earlier" —ahora es bastante tarde —no es mi culpa, tenías que haber llegado antes; it can't be helped no hay más remedio; ¿qué se le va a hacer?; he won't if I can help it si de mí depende, no lo hará; can I help it if it rains? ¿es mi culpa si llueve?; don't spend more than you can help no gastes más de lo necesario; you can't help feeling sorry for him no puede uno (por) menos de sentir lástima por él
he's a person you couldn't help but admire he can't help his nature I couldn't help thinking ... one cannot help wondering whether ... I can't help feeling this may be just another of her schemes
to help o.s.
(assist o.s.) ayudarse a sí mismo
don't think about helping others, think about helping yourself no pienses en ayudar a los demás, piensa en ayudarte a ti mismo
his philosophy is to help people help themselves
you won't help yourself by keeping silent no te vas a hacer ningún favor guardando el silencio
God helps those who help themselves a Dios rogando y con el mazo dando
(serve o.s.) servirse
help yourself! ¡sírvete!; she helped herself to vegetables se sirvió verdura
help yourself to bread there's bread on the table - help yourself
(take sth)
"can I borrow your pen?" — "help yourself" —¿me prestas el bolígrafo? —cógelo
just help yourselves to leaflets
he's helped himself to my pencil me ha mangado el lápiz (informal)
has somebody helped himself to some film star's diamonds?
(prevent o.s.)
I screamed with pain, I couldn't help myself grité del dolor, no lo pude evitar
Jerry and Lise know their romance inflects hurt on others but they can't help themselves
intransitive verb
I was only trying to help solo intentaba ayudar; that doesn't help much eso no sirve de mucho; it helps if you plan ahead resulta más fácil si haces los planes por adelantado
you can help by keeping out of the way you can of course help by giving them a donation directly I could cook your supper though, if that would help
every little helps todo ayuda
help! ¡socorro!; ¡auxilio!
help menu (n) (Comput) menú (m) de ayuda
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