1. (burning) 
a. el fuego (M) 
The fire from the fireplace created an eerie atmosphere.El fuego de la chimenea creó una atmósfera misteriosa.
2. (in the open) 
We made a fire and sat around telling stories all night.Hicimos una hoguera y nos sentamos alrededor contando historias toda la noche.
b. la fogata (F) 
We made a fire on the beach and roasted marshmallows.Hicimos una fogata en la playa y asamos malvaviscos.
3. (in an enclosed area) 
a. la lumbre (F) 
Everybody wanted a place near the fire at the lodge.Todos querían un sitio junto a la lumbre en la cabaña.
4. (destructive burning) 
The fire got out of control and burned two nearby factories.El incendio se descontroló y se quemaron dos fábricas cercanas.
b. el fuego (M) 
The hotel fire was the result of faulty wiring.El fuego del hotel se debió al cableado defectuoso.
5. (space heater) (United Kingdom) 
a. la estufa (F) 
It's been quite cold, so I bought myself an electric fire.Ha estado haciendo bastante frío, así que me compré una estufa eléctrica.
6. (firing of weapons) 
a. el fuego (M) 
The soldiers opened fire on the enemy.Los soldados abrieron fuego contra el enemigo.
I ducked as soon as I heard the fire from their guns.Me agaché en cuanto oí los disparos de sus pistolas.
7. (burning passion) 
a. el ardor (M) 
The fire in his soul compelled him to greatness.El ardor de su alma lo impulsó a la grandeza.
transitive verb
8. (to discharge a weapon) 
a. disparar 
He fired the gun without saying a word.Disparó el arma sin decir una palabra.
b. lanzar 
Prepare to fire the missiles.Prepárense para lanzar los misiles.
9. (colloquial) (to dismiss) 
a. despedir 
She was fired on Monday, and by Friday she already had a new job.La despidieron el lunes, y para el viernes ya tenía otro empleo.
b. echar (colloquial) 
The boss is going to fire you if you keep coming in late.El jefe te va a echar si sigues llegando tarde.
10. (to stimulate) 
a. avivar 
The stories he read by Jules Verne fired his young imagination.Las historias que leyó de Julio Verne avivaron su joven imaginación.
b. enardecer 
The president's comments fired up his critics.Los comentarios del presidente enardecieron a sus críticos.
11. (to cause to start) 
a. encender 
It's getting cold. I think it's time to fire the furnace.Está haciendo frío. Creo que ya es hora de encender la caldera.
12. (to throw forcefully) 
a. tirar 
He fired the baseball close to 100 miles per hour.Tiró el beisbol cerca de 100 millas por hora.
13. (to cook pottery) 
a. cocer 
You have to fire the pieces for 36 hours at 1000 degrees.Debes cocer las piezas por 36 horas a 1000 grados.
intransitive verb
14. (to start from a spark) 
The motor fired as soon as he turned the key.El motor se encendió en cuanto le dio vuelta a la llave.
15. (to discharge a weapon) 
a. disparar 
I surrender. Don’t fire.Me rindo. No disparen.
1. (element, in hearth) 
a. el fuego (M) 
2. (large, destructive) 
a. el incendio (M) 
3. (fig) 
a. la pasión (F) (enthusiasm) 
on fireen llamas, ardiendo
to cause or start a fireprovocar un incendio
to catch fireprender
to set fire to something, to set something on fireprender fuego a algo
4. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to play with firejugar con fuego
5. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
we'll have to fight fire with firea grandes males, grandes remedios
fire alarmalarma contra incendios
fire department(cuerpo de) bomberos mpl
fire doorpuerta contra incendios
fire drillsimulacro de incendio
fire enginecoche de bomberos
fire escapeescalera de incendios
fire exitsalida de incendios
fire fighterbombero(a) m,f
fire hazardobjeto que supone peligro de incendio
fire hydrantboca de incendios
fire insuranceseguro contra incendios
fire regulationsnormativa f contra incendios
fire saleventa de objetos dañados en un incendio
fire stationparque de bomberos
fire truckcoche de bomberos
fire wardenresponsable en caso de incendios forestales
6. (heater) (United Kingdom) 
a. la estufa (F) 
electric/gas fireestufa eléctrica/de gas
7. (of rifle, artillery) 
a. el fuego (M) 
to open fireabrir fuego
to hold one's firedejar de disparar
to come under firecaer bajo el fuego enemigo
8. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to be or come under firerecibir muchas críticas
fire powercapacidad ofensiva
transitive verb
9. (rifle, bullet, missile) 
a. disparar 
to fire a shotdisparar
10. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to fire a question at somebodylanzar una pregunta a alguien
11. (colloquial) 
a. despedir (dismiss) 
you're fired!¡quedas despedido!
oil-/gas-fired central heatingcalefacción central de petróleo/gas
12. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to fire somebody with enthusiasmhacer a alguien arder de entusiasmo
13. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
the film fired his imaginationla película despertó su imaginación
14. (pottery) 
a. cocer 
intransitive verb
15. (with gun) 
a. disparar 
16. (fam fig) 
a. no direct translation 
fire away!¡adelante!
17. (engine) 
a. encenderse 
b. prenderse (Latin America) 
fire [faɪəʳ]
1 (flames) fuego (m)
much of the town was destroyed by fire el fuego causó la destrucción de gran parte de la ciudad
a huge ball of fire shot into the sky they were trapped by smoke and fire on an upper floor
fire and brimstone el fuego eterno
a fire and brimstone speech un discurso lleno de referencias apocalípticas
I don't believe in hell and fire and brimstone the preacher was ranting fire and brimstone sections of the Bible old-fashioned fire-and-brimstone threats of hell and damnation the match was a typical fire and brimstone local derby
to catch fire [+curtains, furniture] prender fuego; [+house] incendiarse; [+engine, car] empezar a arder
the aircraft caught fire soon after take off poco después de despegar se inició un incendio en el avión
fire damaged goods mercancías (f) dañadas por el fuego
to be on fire estar ardiendo
the ship was on fire
(with passion, pain) arder
he was on fire with the marvellous sight As his feelings ran through him like a burning fuse, every part of Harry was on fire my skin felt as though it was on fire my arms and shoulders were on fire from the pain
to set fire to sthset sth on fire prender fuego a algo
the suns dying rays set the sky on fire they set fire to vehicles outside the building lightning set several buildings on fire
to set o.s. on fire prenderse fuego
Abhay Singh Gomar, 18, recently set himself on fire as a political gesture they doused themselves with kerosene and set themselves on fire
to fight fire with fire pagar con la misma moneda
the only way to deal with crime is to fight fire with fire
to play with fire jugar con fuego
bosses considering redundancies were warned they were playing with fire People who dangle wires or ropes on to power lines to see what happens are playing with fire
to set the world on fire comerse el mundo
he's a pleasant man, but he'll never set the world on fire I don't think their new single will set the Thames on fire
to go or come through fire and water (to do sth) pasar lo indecible (por hacer algo)
the emergency services had come through fire and water to rescue them The staff were waiting in the hallway to welcome us. Their enthusiasm presupposed that they appreciated we'd come through fire and water to get to them he went through fire and water to deliver it to Guazatan there's no smoke without fire rumours are rife that he will retire, and \although he's denied it, there's no smoke without fire\
2 (in grate) fuego (m); lumbre (f)
a roaring fire
to lay or make up a fire preparar el fuego or la lumbre
I'll lay a fire now, for tomorrow morning
to light a fire encender un fuego or una lumbre
he lit a fire
3 (bonfire) hoguera (f); fogata (f)
to make a fire hacer una hoguera or una fogata
I learned how to make a fire when I was a boy scout we made a fire with some sticks we found lying around and cooked our sausages on it
4 (fireplace) lumbre (f); chimenea (f)
come and sit by the fire ven y siéntate a la lumbre or a lado de la chimenea
5 (accidental) incendio (m)
87 people died in the fire 87 personas murieron en el incendio
to be insured against fire estar asegurado contra incendios
bush fire incendio (m) de monte
forest fire incendio (m) forestal
6 (heater) estufa (f)
don't sit too near the fire it's dangerous to dry clothes on the fire
electric/gas fire estufa (f) eléctrica/de gas
the gas fire was still alight she switched on one bar of the electric fire
7 (Mil) fuego (m)
his car was raked with fire from automatic weapons
to draw sb's fire distraer a algn disparando a algo que no es el objetivo real; (disparando a algo que no es el objetivo real)
Wagner frequently threw shells at Moultrie in order to draw her fire
to draw fire provocar críticas; the proposed tax has already drawn fire from the opposition el impuesto propuesto ya ha provocado las críticas de la oposición
He's also drawn fire from native and fishing groups who are opposed to the plan
to exchange fire (with sb) tirotearse (con algn)
the two sides exchanged fire all day long Last night US troops exchanged fire with an Iraqi patrol that slipped into Saudi territory
an exchange of fire un tiroteo
to hold (one's) fire no disparar; esperar
hold your fire! (when already firing) ¡alto al fuego!
he ordered his men to hold their fire the Bank of England will probably hold it's fire until after the budget he management committee is also to discuss the League's strained relationship with the Football Association, but will hold its fire until next Thursday, when it presents its final demand for equal representation on the board in the [line] of fire the hostages were pushed into the line of fire by their captors he can beat anyone (in an argument) silly enough to get in his line of fire
to open fire (on sth/sb) abrir fuego (sobre algo/algn)
the troops opened fire on the crowd
to return (sb's) fire responder a los disparos (de algn); [+troops] responder al fuego enemigo
the soldiers returned fire after being attacked Breymann's men returned the fire until their ammunition was exhausted officials say the patrols withdrew without returning fire the blackness was shattered by a burst of gunfire. /He returned fire, hardly realizing he'd pulled the trigger/
to be/come under fire estar/caer bajo fuego enemigo; ser atacado
the President's plan came under fire from the opposition el plan del presidente fue atacado por la oposición
troops fell back as they came under fire some cities have been under fire for weeks
to hang fire
banks and building societies were hanging fire on interest rates los bancos y las sociedades de préstamos hipotecarios dejaron en suspenso los tipos de interés; several projects were hanging fire in his absence varios proyectos quedaron interrumpidos en su ausencia
the government is hanging fire on this until after the election just hang fire and wait a minute before trying again
8 (passion) ardor (m)
the fire of youth
to have fire in one's belly ser muy ardoroso or apasionado
a flaw of youth - a little too much fire in the belly I was impressed with the way he spoke - he seemed full of fire his heavy workload dimmed his fire at times she shot a fire of questions at the speaker he concentrates his fire on the defects of the report Leo is a fire sign a diamond's fire
transitive verb
1 (shoot) [+gun] disparar; [+missile, arrow] disparar; lanzar; [+rocket] lanzar; [+shot] efectuar
soldiers fired rubber bullets to disperse the crowd without firing a shot he fired an arrow into a clearing in the forest they were bombarded by delegates firing questions on pollution
to fire a gun at sb disparar contra algn
he fired a question at her le lanzó una pregunta
he continued to fire (off) questions at her continuó acosándola con preguntas
to fire [questions] at sb Everyone started talking at once, firing questions at Wolfe and at each other When Julius Chambers rose to argue on behalf of black parents and students, Justice Antonin Scalia began firing questions at him in angry tones Once the details of their plan had been thrashed out they had fired questions at each other to ensure that they knew their roles ITN Royal reporter David Chater, 39, fired a question at her "have you seen Laila recently?" /He fired the question suddenly/ "your name?" he suddenly fired at me
to fire a salute tirar una salva
2 (operate)
the kind of bottled gas that can fire a kitchen oven
gas/oil fired central heating calefacción (f) central a or de gas/de petróleo
3 (set fire to) [+property, building] incendiar; prender fuego a
the soldiers were quick to fire deserted houses
4 (dismiss) echar (a la calle); despedir
you're fired! ¡queda usted despedido!
you can't fire a man because he happens to be a Socialist
5 (in kiln) [+pottery] cocer
the pot is dipped in the mixture and then fired
6 (stimulate) [+imagination] estimular
fired with enthusiasm/determination, the crowd ... impulsados por el entusiasmo/por la determinación, la multitud ...; she fires others with energy llena a los demás de energía
they returned, apparently fired with new determination the potential to fire the imagination of an entire generation he fired the rivalry with real passion Fired with revived hopes of an interest rate cut, dealers shrugged off the dearth of company news bands of partisans armed with homemade weapons and fired with an unquenchable determination to inflict whatever damage they could Fired with the promise of triumph after the fall of Detroit, Tecumseh departed on a long campaign they are fired with the apparently absurd conviction that they are eminently competent to direct the fortunes of the community and the nation he hopes his new job will fire him to new heights
intransitive verb
1 (Mil) disparar;at a; contra;on sobre
riot police fired on the crowd la policía antidisturbios disparó sobre la multitud
they were firing and I screamed at them to stop the revolver failed to fire
ready, aim, fire! ¡atención, apunten, fuego!
2 (Aut) [+engine] encenderse; prender; (LAm)
it's only firing on two cylinders the engine is firing badly
3 (dismiss)
he's responsible for hiring and firing
fire alarm (n) alarma (f) contra or de incendios
if you hear the fire alarm leave the building by the nearest exit
fire brigade fire department (US) (n) cuerpo (m) de bomberos
we called the fire brigade llamamos a los bomberos
fire chief (n) (US) jefeajefa (m) (f) de bomberos;a jefa
fire curtain (n) telón (m) contra incendios
fire department (n) (US)
fire brigade See culture box in entry fire.
fire dog (n) morillo (m)
fire door (n) puerta (f) contra incendios
fire drill (n) simulacro (m) de incendio
fire engine (n) coche (m) de bomberos
fire escape (n) escalera (f) de incendios
fire exit (n) salida (f) de incendios
fire extinguisher (n) extintor (m)
fire hazard (n)
the spilt oil was a fire hazard el aceite derramado podía haber provocado un incendio
some rooms are unbelievably filthy, with enough old food, papers, and miscellaneous garbage to be health and fire hazards shopkeepers closed the boutique's doors amid a welter of complaints from local councillors that the shopfront, with its mud-colored bunting and wooden maps of the African continent,was an eyesore and fire hazard The other problem with damaged but unburning wells is that they're spewing crude oil out across the desert sands forming huge oil lakes # /Those present a big fire hazard themselves
fire hydrant (n) boca (f) de incendios
fire insurance (n) seguro (m) contra incendios
fire irons (n) utensilios (m) para la chimenea
fire practice (n)
fire drill See culture box in entry fire.
fire prevention (n) prevención (f) de incendios
fire regulations (n) normas (f) para la prevención de incendios
fire retardant (n) ignirretardante (m)
Water and fire retardant have been dropped on the flames ...borax powder, a natural fire-retardant
fire risk (n)
fire hazard See culture box in entry fire.
fire sale (n) venta (f) de liquidación por incendio
fire screen (n) pantalla (f) de chimenea
fire service (n)
fire brigade See culture box in entry fire.
fire station (n) estación (f) or parque (m) de bomberos; (Esp)
fire tender (n) (US) coche (m) de bomberos
fire tower (n) (US) torre (f) de vigilancia contra incendios
fire trap (n) edificio muy peligroso en caso de incendio
this house is a firetrap
fire truck (n) (US) coche (m) de bomberos
fire warden (n) (US) persona encargada de la lucha contra incendios
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