1. (colloquial) (anatomy) 
The baby has a mosquito bite on his butt.El bebé tiene una picadura de mosquito en el trasero.
I slipped on the ice and fell on my butt.Resbalé sobre el hielo y me caí en las nalgas.
c. las pompis (F) (colloquial) (Latin America) 
My butt hurts from sitting down so long.Me duelen las pompis de estar sentada tanto tiempo.
d. el pompis (M) (colloquial) (Spain) 
Those pants make your butt look huge.Esos pantalones te dan un pompis enorme.
e. el culo (M) (colloquial) 
She slapped him on the butt.Le dio una palmada en el culo.
f. el fondillo (M) (Caribbean) (Central America) (Colombia) 
Ronnie kicked his brother in the butt.Ronnie le dio una patada a su hermano en el fondillo.
2. (end part) 
a. la colilla (F) (cigarette) 
There were many butts in the ashtray.Había muchas colillas en el cenicero.
b. la culata (F) (rifle) 
Be careful with the butt when shooting.Tengan cuidado con la culata cuando disparen.
3. (target) 
a. el blanco (M) 
He has become the butt of all the jokes.Se ha convertido en el blanco de todas las bromas.
4. (cask) 
a. el tonel (M) 
They had an old wine butt in the cellar.Tenían un tonel antiguo de vino en la bodega.
transitive verb
5. (to hit with the head) 
He butted his head against the wall.Dio un cabezazo a la pared.
1. (of rifle) 
a. la culata (F) 
2. (of cigarette) 
a. la colilla (F) 
to be the butt of a jokeser el blanco de una broma
3. (colloquial) (United States) 
a. el trasero (M) (buttocks) 
transitive verb
4. (hit with head) 
a. dar or arrear un cabezazo a 
butt [bʌt]
1 (also butt-end) cabo (m); extremo (m); [of gun] culata (f); [of cigar] colilla (f)
2 (US) (cigarette) colilla (f)
3 especially (US) (bottom) trasero (informal) (m); culo (very_informal) (m)
to work one's butt off romperse los cuernos (informal)
butt cheeks (n) (US) nalgas (f)
It's a thrill when I can go out there and bend over and spread my butt cheeks and I know they're staring longingly at my holes
butt [bʌt]
1 (Archery) (Shooting) (target) blanco (m)
the butts el campo de tiro al blanco
2 blanco (m)
she's the butt of his jokes ella es el blanco de sus bromas
butt [bʌt]
(push with head) cabezazo (m); [of goat] topetazo (m);
transitive verb
[+goat] topetar; [+person] dar un cabezazo a
to butt one's head against dar un cabezazo contra; to butt one's way through abrirse paso a cabezazos
butt in
(interrupt) interrumpir; (meddle) meterse
I don't want to butt in
butt into
intransitive verb
[+conversation] meterse en; [+meeting] interrumpir;
butt out
(US) no entrometerse
She would have liked to tell him to butt out The time has come for parents to butt out of the adolescent's daily life
butt out! ¡no te metas donde no te importa!
butt [bʌt]
(barrel) tonel (m); (for rainwater) tina (f); aljibe (m);
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