1. (biology) 
How long can you hold your breath?¿Cuánto puedes aguantar la respiración?
2. (product of respiration) 
If you don't brush your teeth after eating spaghetti, you'll have garlic breath. Si no te cepillas los dientes después de comer el espagueti, tendrás aliento de ajo.
3. (slight breeze) 
a. el soplo (M) 
She felt a breath of warm air on the nape of her neck. Sintió un soplo de aire cálido en la nuca.
1. (general) 
a. la respiración (F) 
take a deep breathinspirar profundamente
to pause for breathpararse para tomar aliento
bad breathmal aliento m
in the same breatha la vez, al mismo tiempo
they are not to be mentioned in the same breathno tienen punto de comparación
in the next breathal momento siguiente
2. (also fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to hold one's breathcontener la respiración
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
don't hold your breath!¡ya puedes esperar sentado(a)!
to waste one's breathmalgastar saliva
out of breathsin aliento, sin respiración
to get one's breath backrecuperar la respiración
under one's breathen voz baja, en un susurro
4. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to take somebody's breath awayquitar la respiración a alguien
a breath of winduna brisa
to go out for a breath of fresh airsalir a tomar el aire
5. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
she's a real breath of fresh aires una verdadera bocanada de aire fresco
breath testprueba de alcoholemia
breath [breθ]
1 (respiration) aliento (m)
you could smell the whisky on his breath estaba claro que el aliento le olía a whisky; without pausing for breath sin detenerse ni un momento para recobrar el aliento or la respiración
phew! your breath stinks his soft breath touched her cheek don't breathe your garlic breath all over me! he had little breath left for running
to have bad breath tener mal aliento
the breath of [life] the bulbs were in the soil, waiting only for the breath of life to stir them into activity the theatre was the breath of life to Sybil to [catch] one's breath
he stopped running to catch his breath dejó de correr para recobrar el aliento or la respiración
the pain made her catch her breath el dolor hizo que se le cortara la respiración
he caught his breath when she nearly dropped the bottle
to draw breath respirar
it happened so fast I didn't have time to draw breath she can swim underwater for four minutes without drawing breath
he was one of the meanest people who ever drew breath era una de las personas más mezquinas que jamás ha visto este mundo
to draw one's first breath venir al mundo
to draw one's last breath exhalar el último suspiro (literary)
our lives are threatened from the moment we draw our first breath he drew his last breath at 10 pm
to get one's breath back recobrar el aliento or la respiración
I leaned against the wall while I got my breath back
to hold one's breath contener la respiración
I held my breath and ducked under the water
the whole world is holding its breath el mundo entero está en vilo; "he said he would be here" — "well, I wouldn't hold your breath" —dijo que vendría —sí, pues yo le esperaría sentado (informal)
if you're waiting for him to do something, don't hold your breath!
to lose one's breath perder el aliento
It was very painful and I started to lose my breath as my lungs filled with blood and I started to gurgle in my throat There was a grassy slope which I ran down, zig-zagging in the hope that if there was another shot it would miss me. I lost my breath and sank down on one knee
to be/get out of breath estar/quedar sin aliento
we were still out of breath from the climb you shouldn't get so out of breath running for a bus don't talk or you'll get out of breath
in the same or next breath acto seguido
he says he is never going to see her again, and in the same breath he asks when he can phone her to [save] one's breath save your breath - nobody's listening to you anyway! to be [short] of breath
she felt hot and short of breath tenía calor y se ahogaba
he was short of breath after the climb estaba sin aliento después de la escalada; she has asthma and sometimes gets short of breath tiene asma y a veces se ahoga or le falta el aliento
walking in the mountains can leave even fit British hikers a little short of breath
she sucked in her breath tomó aliento; aspiró
to take a breath respirar
he took a deep breath respiró hondo
he spoke for ages without taking a breath
to take one's breath away dejar a uno sin habla
it took my breath away
he muttered something under his breath dijo algo entre dientes or en voz baja
he hit his thumb with a hammer and swore under his breath
to waste one's breath gastar saliva (en balde) (informal)
there's no point in trying to persuade him - you'll just be wasting your breath the tone of her voice told him he was wasting his breath she doesn't waste her breath on small talk
2 (puff) soplo (m)
there wasn't a breath of wind no corría ni un soplo de viento
the first breath of spring there was hardly a breath of dissension at the meeting
we must avoid the slightest breath of scandal debemos evitar el más mínimo soplo de escándalo
it was all done in a breath
a breath of fresh air
we went out for a breath of fresh air salimos a tomar el (aire) fresco; she's like a breath of fresh air es como un soplo de aire fresco
it was a breath of fresh air to read her article her brisk treatment of a taboo subject was a breath of fresh air
breath test (n) (Aut) prueba (f) de alcoholemia
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