1. (printed work) 
a. el libro (M) 
He's the author of my favorite book.Es el autor de mi libro favorito.
2. (phone directory) 
a. la guía (F) 
I don't know his number, but you can look it up in the book.No me sé su número, pero lo puedes buscar en la guía.
3. (related to betting) 
How many books did you record today?¿Cuántas apuestas anotaste hoy?
4. (music) 
This opera's book is based on a controversial play.El libreto de esta ópera está basado en una obra controvertida.
5. (set) 
a. la libreta (F) (coupons) 
She took out her book and looked for a coupon for milk.Sacó su libreta y buscó un cupón para la leche.
b. el librito (M) (stamps) 
I'd like to buy some stamps. - A book or a sheet?Me gustaría comprar unas estampillas. - ¿Un librito o una hoja?
c. el talonario (M) (tickets) 
He opened his book and tore off two tickets.Abrió su talonario y arrancó dos boletos.
d. la caja (F) (matches) 
Do you have any matches? - There's a book on the table.¿Tienes cerillos? - Hay una caja en la mesa.
e. el muestrario (M) (samples) 
I found a fabric almost identical to the color on these chairs in the book.Encontré una tela casi idéntica al color de esas sillas en el muestrario.
transitive verb
6. (to reserve) 
a. reservar 
Do I need to book my flight in advance?¿Tengo que reservar mi vuelo con antelación?
7. (to hire) 
a. contratar 
Have you booked a professional wedding photographer?¿Has contratado a un fotógrafo profesional de bodas?
8. (to charge) 
a. multar 
He was booked for urinating in the street.Lo multaron por orinar en la calle.
b. fichar 
The policeman booked him for speeding.El policía lo fichó por rebasar el límite de velocidad.
9. (sports) (United Kingdom) 
a. amonestar 
The player was booked for fouling another player.El jugador fue amonestado por darle una barrida a otro jugador.
plural noun
10. (finance) 
I need to finish the books before Monday.Tengo que terminar las cuentas antes del lunes.
1. (in general) 
a. el libro (M) 
2. (of stamps) 
a. el librillo (M) 
3. (of matches) 
a. la caja (de solapa) (F) 
4. (of tickets) 
a. el talonario (M) 
5. (finance) 
a. no direct translation 
the booksla contabilidad
book clubcírculo de lectores
book endsujetalibros m inv
book reviewreseña literaria
book tokenvale para comprar libros
6. (idioms) 
a. no direct translation 
physics is a closed book to mela física es un misterio para mí
in my book…a mi modo de ver…
to be in somebody's good/bad booksestar a buenas/malas con alguien estar en buenos/malos términos con alguien
to bring somebody to book for somethingobligar a alguien a rendir cuentas por algo
by or according to the booksegún las normas
to throw the book at somebodycastigar a alguien con la máxima severidad
transitive verb
7. (reserve) 
a. reservar 
8. (performer) 
a. contratar 
to book somebody on a flightreservarle (plaza en) un vuelo a alguien
to be fully bookedestar completo(a)
9. (record details of; police suspect) 
a. fichar 
10. (traffic offender) 
a. multar 
11. (soccer player) (United Kingdom) 
a. mostrar una tarjeta amarilla a 
book [bʊk]
1 (publication) libro (m)
the first book of a trilogy there are five books in the saga his new book was an instant best-seller I'm reading a really good book
by the book según las reglas
to play it or to go by the book seguir las reglas
the Home Office said yesterday: `He appears to have done things by the book, once he arrived in Britain everything he did had to be just so, strictly by the book
economics/her life is a closed book to me la economía/su vida es un misterio para mí
don't talk to me about chemistry - it's a closed book to me
the book of Genesis el libro del Génesis
the Good Book la Biblia
in my book tal como yo lo veo; a mi modo de ver
"I think it's acceptable" - "not in my book it isn't" in my book, he's not at all a bad chap he calls himself a thinker, but in my book he's just lazy
a book on politics un libro de política
that's one for the book eso es digno de mención
well that's one for the book/ - I've never known her wear a skirt before an [open] book
his mind is an open book su mente es un libro abierto
to bring sb to book pedir cuentas a algn
those who planned the murder were never brought to book nunca se les pidió cuentas a los que planearon el asesinato
the Khmer Rouge should be brought to book for its alleged atrocities and massacres
to be in sb's good/bad books
I'm in his bad books at the moment en este momento estoy en su lista negra; I was trying to get back in her good books estaba intentando volver a congraciarme con ella
she's always trying to get into the boss's good books are you hoping to worm your way into my good books? I have to get back in her good books by the weekend it wouldn't be hard to get into his bad books
to read sb like a book
I know where he's off to, I can read him like a book sé dónde va, a mí no me engaña
I can read him like a book she can read me like a book keep away from those sweets - I can read you like a book!
to suit sb's book
it suits his book to play the easy-going liberal le viene bien hacerse el liberal poco exigente; se hace el liberal poco exigente porque le conviene
she would adapt recipes to suit her own book the police were happy to blame it all on Kevin - it suited their book there was a small Guomindang presence, which suited the Communists' book because of the occasional need for communication and even negotiation
to throw the book at sb castigar severamente a algn
I hope they throw the book at him the shooting was played right down because it was political. We wanted to throw the book at him. This was a case of treason you'll be dismissed from the Police Force, there's no doubt of that. And there'll probably be criminal charges. The papers are onto it and there've been questions in the House - they want to throw the book at you if these illegal transfer deals are found to be true then we will throw the book at the clubs involved a [turn up] for the book an unexpected event or surprise we thought he was abroad and when he arrived at the party it was a real turn up for the book
2 (also notebook) libreta (f); librito (m);(also exercise book) cuaderno (m)
I keep all the information in my little black book
3 (also telephone book) guía (f)
I'm in the book estoy en la guía
give me a ring - I'm in the book
4 (set) [of tickets, cheques] talonario (m); [of matches] estuche (m); [of stamps] librito (m)
can I have a book of first-class stamps please?
[of samples] muestrario (m)
I've looked at all the patterns in the book and I can't find one I like
5 books (Comm)
the books las cuentas; la contabilidad
he's going to help me go over my books it took him all morning to do his books those kinds of payments don't show up on the books to [close] the books
to keep the books llevar las cuentas or los libros or la contabilidad
I employ someone two days a week to keep the books to cook the books to tamper with accounts or records in order to produce false, but convincing, figures the Minister was accused of cooking the books on unemployment figures there would be no hiding the fact that she had cooked the books and Pounds 3 million was missing
(register of members) registro (m)
they had less than 30 members on their books tenían menos de 30 miembros en el registro; to take sb's name off the books borrar a algn del registro; he was the most expensive player on the books era el jugador más caro que tenían fichado
we have about 200 properties on our books Sophie had kept her on the books as a free-lance employee there's no such name on our books Alf England was given There are now about 1,000 people on its books, each paying 115 or 230 if a marriage results an estate agent in Burnley was reported as saying "we have 20 to 30 starter homes at 12,000 on our books" he's already on the books at several employment agencies
6 (Jur) (also statute book) código (m)
some 15 states have mandatory arrest laws on the books this statute remained on the books, in some states, until recently landowners ignored the laws still on the books the new law is not yet on the books
7 (Gambling)
to make a book on sth aceptar apuestas a algo
to open or start a book on sth empezar a aceptar apuestas a algo
they've opened a book on the date of the next General Election to [keep] [run] a book on sth to be accepting bets on sth
8 (US) (Mús) (libretto) libreto (m)
transitive verb
1 (Britain) (reserve) [+ticket, seat, room, table, flight] reservar
we booked the hotel rooms in advance reservamos habitaciones en el hotel por adelantado; all the restaurants are fully booked todos los restaurantes están llenos; have you booked your holiday yet? ¿ya has reservado las vacaciones?
I'm booking a flight for next week the show is very popular and it's advisable to book a seat I'd like to book a table for four
2 (arrange) [+appointment, time] pedir
I've booked an appointment with the dentist he pedido hora con el dentista; can we book a time to meet soon? ¿podemos quedar un día de estos?
/visitors to the exhibition can book a time slot/ a week or more in advance by calling 071-287 9579 if they wish to know more, /get them to book another appointment/
3 (engage) [+performer, artiste] contratar
we can't do any more concerts this year, we're fully booked they booked a band for the wedding reception John Lukic is not booked to appear in pantomime over Christmas
4 (take name of) [+police]
he was booked for speeding lo multaron por exceso de velocidad; they took him to the station and booked him for assault lo llevaron a la comisaría y lo acusaron de agresión
(Dep) [+player] amonestar
the referee booked him for a dangerous tackle he was booked for punching another player
5 (note down) [+order] anotar
he issued a Catalogue and attended some of the Flower Shows where he booked his orders
intransitive verb
(Britain) hacer una reserva; reservar
to book into a hotel hacer una reserva or reservar en un hotel
book well in advance book early to avoid disappointment have you booked yet? to book through to
book club (n) club (m) del libro; club (m) de lectores
book fair (n) feria (f) del libro
book jacket (n) sobrecubierta (f)
book learning (n) aprendizaje (m) (a través) de los libros; saber (m) libresco (formal)
book learning is only part of school life el aprendizaje de los libros es solo una parte de la vida escolar
they place a lot of emphasis on book learning
book post (n) correo (m) de libros
book review (n) crítica (f) or reseña (f) de un libro
she writes book reviews for the Times a great mass of clippings, book reviews, cartoons and programs I always read the book reviews
book token (n) vale (m) para libros; cheque (m) regalo para libros
book value (n) valor (m) contable or en libros
we're not going to sell this company for less than book value the market value of his assets may be twice the book value the issuing of new stock at below book value
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