1. (anatomy) 
a. la sangre (F) 
After the accident there were blood stains on the road.Tras el accidente, había manchas de sangre en la carretera.
2. (family relationship) 
a. la sangre (F) 
We're not of the same blood, but he has always been my father.No somos de la misma sangre, pero siempre ha sido mi padre.
transitive verb
3. (to give experience to) 
We can't send soldiers into battle who haven't been properly blooded.No podemos enviar soldados a la guerra que no hayan recibido la experiencia necesaria.
1. (general) 
a. la sangre (F) 
to give blooddonar sangre
blood bankbanco de sangre
blood cellglóbulo m
blood clotcoágulo m
blood countrecuento de células sanguíneas, hemograma m
blood donordonante de sangre
blood groupgrupo sanguíneo
blood poisoningsepticemia f
blood pressuretensión (arterial), presión sanguínea
to have high/low blood pressuretener la tensión alta/baja
they are blood relationsles unen lazos de sangre
blood sausagemorcilla f
blood sportsdeportes cinegéticos
blood sugar(nivel de) azúcar en la sangre
blood testanálisis de sangre
blood transfusiontransfusión sanguínea
blood vesselvaso sanguíneo
2. (idioms) 
a. no direct translation 
to have blood on one's handstener las manos manchadas de sangre
it makes my blood boil when…me hierve la sangre cuando…
it makes my blood run coldme hiela la sangre
in cold blooda sangre fría
he's after your bloodte tiene ojeriza
to have something in one's bloodllevar algo en la sangre
it's like trying to get blood out of a stonees como intentar sacar agua de una piedra
3. (prov) 
a. no direct translation 
blood is thicker than waterla sangre tira
transitive verb
4. (initiate; soldier, politician) 
a. dar el bautismo de fuego a 
blood [blʌd]
1 sangre (f)
he was covered in blood she was suffering from shock and loss of blood the blood drained from his face with fear
to be after sb's blood tenérsela jurada a algn (informal)
he's after my blood to be [baying] for sb's blood his film flopped and the critics were baying for his blood
it makes my blood boil me saca de quicio (informal); hace que me hierva la sangre
it makes my blood boil to think how ... me hierve la sangre solo de pensar que ...
in cold blood a sangre fría
people were being murdered in cold blood it's more than [flesh] and blood can stand too much for one person to cope with
to donate or give blood donar or dar sangre
to draw blood (wound) hacer sangre; (Med) sacar sangre
he caught me in the face with his elbow and drew blood
to draw first blood abrir el marcador; anotarse el primer tanto
/United drew first blood/. Jones's long throw was half-cleared to the full-back, David Barnes,whose left-foot volley sped sweetly home Dutch champions PSV also drew first blood against their main title rivals Ajax
a blood and guts film una película sangrienta or violenta
a surgeon rolls up his sleeves and delves into blood and guts every day he was related to `Old Blood and Guts" Patton, the famous General in World War II he has warned NEWCASTLE fans to prepare for a blood and guts climax to the season
acting was in his blood llevaba la profesión de actor en la sangre
diplomacy was [in] his blood he has adventure in his blood it's in his blood
to sweat blood (work hard) sudar tinta or sangre (informal); (worry) sudar la gota gorda (informal)
I sweated blood to get the report ready on time NIGEL MANSELL sweated blood as he sat in pole position, waiting for the green light to start yesterday's Mexican Grand Prix blood, sweat and [tears] why do apparently sane people go through all the blood, sweat and tears involved in doing a PhD? the blood, sweat and tears of ordinary life he believes in putting blood, sweat and tears into any film he directs
blood and thunder (melodrama) melodrama (m)
to have sb's blood on one's hands tener las manos manchadas con la sangre de algn
he has my son's blood on his hands
to make one's blood run cold
the look in his eyes made her blood run cold su mirada hizo que se le helara la sangre (en las venas)
my blood ran cold
to get blood out of a stone sacar agua de las piedras
getting her to talk is like trying to get blood out of a stone hacer que hable es como sacar agua de las piedras
it's like trying to get blood out of a [stone]
2 (family, ancestry) sangre (f)
there was Greek blood in his veins she had eastern blood on her mother's side
of noble/royal blood de sangre noble/real
he was of noble blood, and an officer a young man of aristocratic blood
blood is thicker than water la sangre tira
3 (people)
fresh or new or young blood savia (f) nueva
the Cabinet reshuffle is designed to bring in new blood the England selectors must start introducing young blood what this company needs is an injection of new blood
bad blood hostilidad (f)
there had always been bad blood between him and his in-laws siempre había existido hostilidad entre él y la familia de su mujer
the rebels hoped to create bad blood and ultimately war between Spain and the United States
blood bank (n) banco (m) de sangre
blood blister (n) ampolla (f) de sangre
blood brother (n) hermano (m) de sangre
blood cell (n) glóbulo (m)
blood clot (n) coágulo (m) de sangre
blood corpuscle (n) glóbulo (m) sanguíneo
blood count (n) hemograma (m); recuento (m) sanguíneo or globular
blood donor (n) donante (m) de sangre
blood feud (n) enemistad (f) mortal entre clanes, familias; (entre clanes, familias)
if you kill the hostages your war will become a blood feud there is no end in sight to this blood feud between the two former Soviet republics Killing meant revenge. It started blood feuds among the people of the mountains I cannot afford to have two staff officers involved in a blood feud
blood group (n) grupo (m) sanguíneo
blood heat (n) temperatura (f) del cuerpo
warm the milk to blood heat fill a basin with water at blood heat
blood money (n) dinero (m) manchado de sangre en pago por asesinato; (en pago por asesinato) (as compensation) indemnización que se paga a la familia de alguien que ha sido asesinado
once he'd taken the blood money, the assassin was totally committed I have never, ever lived off blood money # which means prostitutes or drugs the families of deceased victims can ask for the death sentence for the driver or demand blood money of up to 170,000 rupees both major political parties have taken so-called `blood money' from tobacco companies
blood orange (n) naranja (f) sanguina
blood plasma (n) plasma (m) sanguíneo
blood poisoning (n) septicemia (f); envenenamiento (m) de la sangre
blood pressure (n) tensión (f) or presión (f) arterial; presión (f) sanguínea
to have high/low blood pressure tener la tensión alta/baja; tener hipertensión/hipotensión
to take sb's blood pressure tomar la tensión a algn
blood pudding (n) morcilla (f)
blood relation blood relative (n)
she is no blood relation to him ella y él no son de la misma sangre; ella y él no son (parientes) cosanguíneos (formal)
blood relationship (n) consanguinidad (f); lazo (m) de parentesco
blood sausage (n) (US)
blood pudding See culture box in entry blood.
blood sport (n) deporte en el que se matan animales
hunting is a blood sport MPs demanded a ban on bloodsports he is anti-blood sport(s)
blood sugar (level) (n) nivel (m) de azúcar en la sangre
blood supply (n) riego (m) sanguíneo
blood test (n) análisis (m) de sangre
blood transfusion (n) transfusión (f) de sangre
blood type (n)
blood group See culture box in entry blood.
blood vessel (n) vaso (m) sanguíneo
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