1. (meeting) 
a. la cita (F) 
I'm afraid I can't meet for lunch. I have an appointment with a client.Me temo que no puedo quedar para comer. Tengo una cita con un cliente.
b. la hora (F) 
I'll call the hairdresser to make an appointment.Llamaré al peluquero para pedir hora.
2. (job) 
His appointment to the Supreme Court was the peak of his career.Su nombramiento al Tribunal Supremo fue la cima de su carrera.
b. el puesto (M) 
The appointment was left vacant because the university had no funds to hire anyone.El puesto se quedó vacante dado que la universidad no tenía fondos para contratar a nadie.
plural noun
3. (furniture) 
Each room in the hotel features the most luxurious appointments.Cada habitación del hotel cuenta con el mobiliario más lujoso.
1. (meeting) 
a. la cita (F) 
to make an appointment with somebodyconcertar una cita con alguien
she didn't keep the appointmentfaltó a la cita
I've made/got an appointment with the doctorhe pedido/tengo hora con el médico
by appointment onlycon cita previa
2. (to job, of committee) 
a. la nombramiento m, designación (F) 
to make an appointmenthacer un nombramiento
3. (commerce) 
a. no direct translation 
by appointment to His/Her Majestyproveedores de la Casa Real
appointmentsofertas fpl de empleo
appointment [əˈpɔɪntmənt]
1 (arrangement to meet) (with client, bank manager etc) cita (f)
to meet sb by appointment reunirse con algn mediante cita previa
I have an appointment at ten tengo cita a las diez
do you have an appointment? (to caller) ¿tiene usted cita?
to keep an appointment acudir a una cita
to make an appointment (with sb) concertar una cita (con algn)
to make an appointment for three o'clock pedir (una) cita para las tres
(with dentist, doctor, hairdresser etc) hora (f)
I have an appointment at ten tengo hora a las diez
do you have an appointment? ¿tiene usted hora?
to make an appointment (with sb) pedir hora (con algn)
to make an appointment for three o'clock pedir hora para las tres
2 (to a job) nombramiento (m);to para; (job) puesto (m); empleo (m)
there are still several appointments to be made todavía hay varios nombramientos por hacer
by appointment to HRH proveedores oficiales de S.A.R.
appointments (vacant) (Press) oferta de empleo
3 appointments (furniture etc) mobiliario (m)
The sergeant seated them inside the aircraft as comfortably as the spartan appointments allowed The last, long rays of the November sun catch the stained glass and cast tints of green and gold upon the chancel and its appointments
appointments board appointments service (n) (Univ) etc oficina (f) de colocación
appointments bureau (n) agencia (f) de colocaciones
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