A preposition is a word that indicates the relationship between a noun and another word (e.g. He ran through the door.).
1. (in opposition)
a. contra
Swimming against the current of the river takes much effort.Nadar contra corriente del río exige mucho esfuerzo.
b. en contra de
The people of the town were against the developer's plans.La gente del pueblo estaba en contra de los planes de la promotora inmobiliaria.
2. (in contact with)
a. contra
Put the bookshelf against the far wall.Pon el librero contra aquella pared.
3. (in comparison)
a. contra
Your green eyes stand out against your tan complexion.Tus ojos verdes se destacan contra tu tez bronceada.
b. frente
The euro fell against the dollar.El euro bajó frente al dólar.
4. (in return for)
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
Delivery of the product is against presentation of the contract.La entrega del producto se hace al presentar el contrato.
We shall process the refund against your order once the paperwork reaches us.Procesaremos tu reembolso en cuanto nos llegue el papeleo de tu pedido.
5. (as protection from)
a. contra
Did you purchase insurance against fire for your new house?¿Contrataste un seguro contra incendios para tu casa nueva?
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
6. (in opposition)
a. en contra
There were 15 in favor of the bill and 11 against.Hubo 15 a favor del proyecto de ley y 11 en contra.
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A preposition is a word that indicates the relationship between a noun and another word (e.g. He ran through the door.).
1. (in opposition to)
a. contra, en contra de
to be against something/somebodyestar en contra de algo/alguien
to have something against something/somebodytener algo en contra de algo/alguien
to have nothing against something/somebodyno tener nada en contra de algo/alguien
it was against my principlesiba (en) contra (de) mis principios
against the lawilegal
against my willen contra de mi voluntad
2. (as protection from)
a. contra
to warn somebody against something/somebodyponer a alguien en guardia contra algo/alguien
3. (in contact with)
a. contra
to lean against somethingapoyarse en or
she put the ladder against the wallapoyó la escalera contra la pared
4. (in comparison with)
a. frente
the pound rose/fell against the dollarla libra subió/bajó frente al dólar
inflation was 4.1 percent, as against 3.2 percent last yearhubo una inflación del 4,1 por ciento frente a un 3,2 por ciento del año pasado
against the lighta contraluz
against [əˈɡenst]
When against is an element in a phrasal verb, eg go against, run up against, look up the verb.
1 (in opposition to) [+person] contra; en contra de; [+plan] en contra de
what have you got against me? ¿qué tiene usted en contra de mí?; ¿qué tiene usted contra mí?; I spoke against the plan hablé en contra del proyecto; I see nothing against it no veo nada en contra; he was against it estaba en contra; se opuso a ello; he was against going estaba en contra de ir; it's against the law la ley lo prohíbe; es ilegal; it's against the rules no lo permiten las reglas; conditions are against us las condiciones nos son desfavorables; luck was against him la suerte le era contraria
his lack of experience is against him to swim against the current
to stand or run against sb (Pol) presentarse en contra de algn
to be up against it estar en un aprieto
now we're really up against it! ¡ahora sí tenemos problemas!
2 (in contact with) contra
he hit his head against the wall se dio con la cabeza contra la pared; he leant the ladder against the wall apoyó la escalera contra la pared
to lean against a table
3 (in front of) contra
against the light contra la luz; a contrasol; the hills stood out against the sunset las colinas se destacaban sobre la puesta del sol
4 (in comparisons)
(as) against contra; en contraste con; six today, as against seven yesterday seis hoy, en comparación con siete ayer
5 (for)
refund available against this voucher se devuelve el precio al presentar este comprobante; everything was ready against his arrival todo estaba listo para su llegada
en contra
well, I'm against bueno, yo estoy en contra; there were 20 votes against hubo 20 votos en contra
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