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What is the Difference Between "Vamos" and "Vamanos"?

What is the Difference Between "Vamos" and "Vamanos"?

Quick Answer

vamos  = let's go
vamanos = Incorrect!

The correct spelling is vámonos  and it also means let's go.

Diving deeper...

Spanish learners often wonder about the difference between vamos  and vámonos . Both of these words are used to mean let's go and they are both nosotros command forms of the verb ir. The difference is that vámonos is the command form with a pronoun attached.

When to use vamos and vámonos

Both vamos and vámonos can be used as stand-alone words or within a larger phrase or sentence. You'll likely hear vamos followed by a to indicate where someone is going. However, this construction isn't as common with vámonos.

Estoy lista. ¡Vamos!
I'm ready. Let's go!
Vámonos. Estoy cansado.
Let's go. I'm tired.
Vamos a la fiesta en casa de Gustavo.
Let's go to the party at Gustavo's.
Vámonos que se está haciendo tarde.
Let's go. It's getting late.

Vamos is also the 1st person plural present conjugation of ir  and is used to communicate future actions. This is known as the informal future. When used in the construction below, it can be translated as to be going to ___.

  • ir + a + infinitive

Esta noche vamos a cenar en el restaurante italiano nuevo.
We're going to eat at the new Italian restaurant tonight.


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