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When used with lo, possessive pronouns like míoand suyorefer to abstract concepts and ideas may be translated as what is mine, what is yours, what is his, what is hers, what is ours, or what is theirs, etc.

Using Lo with Possessive Pronouns

To refer to an abstract concept with a lo phrase, use lowith a long-form possessive adjective.

Lo Plus Pronoun

lo mío
what is mine
lo tuyo
what is yours
lo nuestro
what is ours
lo vuestro
what is yours
lo suyo
what is his / what is hers / what is yours (formal), what is theirs, what is yours (plural)
Lo mío es tuyo.
What's mine is yours.
Pablo quiere lo suyo.
Pablo wants what is his.
Lo nuestro es perfecto.
What we have is perfect.
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