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How to Say "I'm Sorry" in Spanish

How to Say "I'm Sorry" in Spanish

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I'm sorry. = Lo siento. 

There are lots of different translations for I'm sorry in Spanish. Check out some of the most common ways to say I'm sorry in Spanish below!

1. I'm sorry = I apologize

  • Used to apologize for something that was your fault.
  • Translations: lo siento , lo lamento , perdone , or perdón 
Oye, me empujaste. - ¡Lo siento!
Hey, you pushed me. - I'm sorry!

2. I'm sorry = Can I offer my condolences?

  • Used to offer condolences for something serious, like a death or illness.
  • siento , lamento , mi más sentido pésame 
Ayer se murió mi abuelita. - Mi más sentido pésame.
My granny died yesterday. - I'm sorry.

Siento and lamento must be followed by a phrase answering the question for what.

Mi abuelo falleció ayer.
My grandfather died yesterday.



Siento la pérdida de tu abuelo. 

3. I'm sorry = Could you repeat that?

  • Used to ask that someone repeat something.
  • Translations: perdón , perdone , cómo , mande , cómo fue 
Ya son las cinco. - ¿Perdón? - Que ya son las cinco.
It's five o'clock already. - I'm sorry? - It's five o'clock already.

4. I'm sorry = Can I have a moment?

  • Used to ask that someone excuse you for a moment.
  • Translation: permítame 
Permítame, señor. Tengo que atender a otro cliente.
I'm sorry, sir. I need to help another customer.

5. I'm sorry = Can I have your attention?

  • Used to get someone's attention.
  • Translations: disculpe  or perdón 
Disculpe, señora. ¿Me podría decir la fecha?
I'm sorry, ma'am. Could you tell me the date?

6. I'm sorry = I object

  • Used to object or express disagreement.
  • Translation: un momento 
El café es asqueroso. - ¡Un momento! Es el café es lo mejor que hay.
Coffee is disgusting. - I'm sorry?! Coffee is the best thing in the world.
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