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Culinary "Adivinanzas"

Culinary "Adivinanzas"

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Adivinanzas are fun rhyming riddles that describe someone or something. They are often associated with el juego de la lotería, a type of bingo that is especially popular in Mexico.

Get ready to put your skills to the test with these food-themes adivinanzas!

Adivinanza Number 1

Por dentro soy verde,
On the inside I'm green,
Por fuera soy café.
On the outside I'm brown.
Con mis amigos la sal y el limón,
With my friends the salt and the lime,
Hago un rico guacamole.
I make yummy guacamole.
¿Quién soy?
Who am I?

Answer: ¡El aguacate! (The avocado!) avocado

• In South America, the term palta is used instead of aguacate.

• In the UK, the term alligator pear is used instead of avocado.

Adivinanza Number 2

Soy redonda sin ser bola.
I'm round but not a ball.
Soy anaranjada sin ser el sol.
I'm orange but not the sun.
Tengo piel sin ser humano.
I have skin but am not human.
Tengo semillas sin ser girasol.
I have seeds but am not a sunflower.
¿Quién soy?
Who am I?

Answer: ¡La naranja! (The orange!) orangetree

Adivinanza Number 3

Parece oro,
It looks like gold.
Plata no es.
It's not silver.
Crece en racimos
It grows in bunches
De siete o seis.
Of seven or six.
¿Quién es?
Who is it?

Answer: ¡El plátano! (The banana!) banana

A plátano can be called by many other names:

banana in parts of the Andes and Central America

banano in parts of South America

cambur in Venezuela

guineo in parts of Latin America

Adivinanza Number 4

Soy blanco como la luna.
I'm white like the moon.
Adentro tengo un pequeño sol.
Inside I have a little sun.
Puedo ser estrellado y
I can be friend and
Servido con salsa de frijol.
Served with bean sauce.
¿Quién soy?
Who am I?

Answer: ¡El huevo! (The egg!) egg

Adivinanza Number 5

No tengo cabeza,
I don't have a head,
Pero un gorro sí.
But I do have a hat.
Soy bueno en las sopas
I'm good in soups
O frito con ají.
Or fried with hot peppers.
¿Quién soy?
Who am I?

Answer: ¡El champiñón! (The mushroom!) mushroom

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