Hear an audio pronunciation
Hear an audio pronunciation
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"Utter" is an adjective which is often translated as "total", and "sheer" is an adjective which is often translated as "puro". Learn more about the difference between "utter" and "sheer" below.
An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (total)
a. total
I went from utter confusion to laughing so hard my stomach hurt.Pasé de la confusión total a reírne tanto que me dolía el estómago.
b. absoluto
Paying my taxes evokes feelings of utter despair.Pagar los impuestos me produce sentimientos de absoluta desesperación.
c. completo
We saw a lightning and then we were left in utter darkness.Vimos un relámpago y luego nos quedamos en la más completa oscuridad.
d. perfecto
Jim felt an utter fool asking his next-door neighbor to open the bottle for him.Jim se sentía un perfecto idiota pidiéndole a su vecina de al lado que le abriera la botella.
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
2. (to vocalize)
a. pronunciar
There are many words that my heart shouts, but my lips dare not utter.Hay tantas palabras que mi corazón grita, pero mis labios no se atreven a pronunciar.
b. decir
It took me months to find the courage to utter those words to you.Tardé meses en encontrar el valor para decirte esas palabras.
c. dar
Mother uttered a cry of joy and held me to her chest.Mamá dio un grito de alegría y me abrazó contra su pecho.
d. soltar
The fans uttered a sigh of relief when he stood up.Los aficionados soltaron un suspiro de alivio cuando se puso de pie.
e. proferir
Those who utter insults behind your back can't be called friends.A los que profieren insultos a tus espaldas no se los puede llamar amigos.
3. (legal)
a. poner en circulación
The police arrested him for uttering false currency.La policía lo detuvo por poner billetes falsos en circulación.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (complete)
a. puro
We were in the same place at the same time by sheer chance.Estuvimos en el mismo sitio a la misma vez por pura casualidad.
b. auténtico
Trying to cross the moor in this fog would be sheer madness.Pretender atravesar el páramo con esta niebla sería una auténtica locura.
c. verdadero
It is sheer nonsense to say that colors are subjective.Es una verdadera tontería decir que los colores son subjetivos.
2. (clear)
a. transparente
The model scandalized the media with the sheer top she wore to the Oscars.La modelo escandalizó a los medios con el top transparente que llevó a los premios Oscar.
b. fino
I like to have sheer curtains in the living room so that lots of light comes in.Me gusta tener cortinas finas en la sala para que entre mucha luz.
3. (steep)
a. escarpado
The east face of the mountain is sheer, nearly vertical.La cara oriental de la montaña es escarpada, casi vertical.
b. vertical
Stay over here for the picture; there's a sheer drop over there.Quédense acá para la foto; allá hay un precipicio vertical.
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
4. (straight down)
a. verticalmente
We jumped off a rock that rose sheer out of the lake.Brincamos de una roca que subía verticalmente desde el lago.
5. (completely)
a. completamente
The ship went sheer into the mist.El barco se adentró completamente en la niebla.
b. de lleno
When we came out onto the road, we ran sheer into a pack of wolves.Cuando salimos al camino, tropezamos de lleno con una manada de lobos.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
6. (to change course)
a. desviarse (nautical)
The helmsman wasn't watching his compass heading, and the ship sheered to the south.El timonel no estaba atento al rumbo que indicaba la brújula, y el barco se desvió hacia el sur.
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