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"En" is a preposition which is often translated as "in", and "fijarse" is a pronominal verb which is often translated as "to pay attention". Learn more about the difference between "en" and "fijarse" below.
A preposition is a word that indicates the relationship between a noun and another word (e.g. He ran through the door.).
1. (indicating place)
a. in
Hay comida ya preparada en el supermercado.There's ready-made food in the supermarket.
b. on
Puedes poner los cubiertos en la mesa. You can put the silverware on the table.
2. (indicating time)
a. on
En 1969, aterrizamos en la luna.In 1969, we landed on the moon.
3. (indicating mode)
a. in
Si un oso te persigue, corre en zigzag.If a bear is chasing you, run in a zig-zag formation.
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A pronominal verb always uses a reflexive pronoun. (e.g. Te ves cansado.).
1. (to concentrate)
a. to pay attention
Fíjate bien en todo lo que dice y luego me lo cuentas.Pay close attention to everything he says and then tell me afterwards.
2. (to become aware of)
a. to notice
No me había fijado en el escalón y casi me caigo.I hadn't noticed the step and almost fell.
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
3. (to put)
a. to fix
Tienes que fijar la lámpara al techo con los tornillos.You have to fix the lamp to the ceiling using the screws.
4. (to determine)
a. to fix
Antes de decidirnos por una estrategia, debemos fijar nuestros objetivos.We need to fix our objectives before deciding on any strategy.
b. to set
Nos falta fijar una hora para la entrevista.We have yet to set a time for the interview.
c. to establish
Ha fijado su residencia en Londres por cuestiones de trabajo.He has established his residence in London due to his job.
5. (to concentrate)
a. to fix
Para no perder el equilibrio, fija la mirada en un punto de la pared.In order not to lose your balance, fix your eyes on a point on the wall.
b. to focus
Ahora pasemos a fijar nuestra atención en aspectos de índole más práctica.Now let's focus on aspects of a more practical nature.
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