definition of "sonando" and english question

definition of "sonando" and english question


hey, im writing an essay about emotional reactions to physical journeys. i was wondering if someone could tell me the meaning of "sonando" in a Mars Volta song called Cygnus... Vismund Cygnus, in the context of:

"All night, I'll hunt for you
Let me show you what I mean.
de rabia naci
Who do you trust?
Will they feed us the womb,
Chrome the fetal mirage,
Will they feed us the womb?
I found the remnants
Of a crescent fang
It cleaned my wing
Down to the bone
Umbilical syllables
Left to decode
There was no cradle
I can taste it"

the story is basically about a man searching for his biological mother but has terrible consequences. a great concept album, i recommend it.

also, another quick question. what is the english technique when the audience/reader of a text can predict what will happen next but the main character doesn't know?
is it [something] irony or maybe: ironic [something]. or i could be completely off track haha

also, im very sorry to ask so much but what does this mean:
Solo tengo
Una hora
Y me duermo
Por veinte y cinco
Años pasaron
Siguen los cuerpos
Aqui temblando
Tome la sangre
Comi el cuerpo
Mis lagrimas
Quiebra el espejo

(it's another Mars Volta song called "L'via L'viaquez".)

thanks in advance.

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yea it doesn't work but thank you for the URL's.

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Are you sure you're clicking on the words sonar and nacer in H's post (in boldface)? They both work fine for me.

If for some reason it doesn't work for you, here are the pages.


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The "double click" function never works. it just comes up with "error on page". i have tried this with many words and have received the same response: "error on page".

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sangre, bloodSONANDO,
verb sonar
de rabia naci nacer

Ok, I have given you the infinitives.....discovered the "double click" function yet? Just click on the word you are looking for and it will lead you directly to the dictionary and the different "discussions" with the word involved.
This works with verbs (infinitives only) , nouns (not plurals) , adjectives...Try it and you will see.
I hope that's useful.

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