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help with present subjunctive.


fill in the correct present subjunctive form..

  1. Juanita: " ¿Papá, tú prefieres que yo no __________ con Carlitos?" ( jugar)
  2. Carlos prefiere que el médico no le _______ una inyección ( poner)
  3. El padre Rodrigo: " Temo que ________ otros hombres atrapados." ( haber)
  4. Todos esperan que Don Fernando no _____ antes de conocer a sus nietos puertorriqueños." ( morirse)
  5. Angela se alegra de que los obreros ________ buscando a su hermano ( seguir)
  6. Raquel: " El padre Rodrigo recomienda que (nostras) ________ y ______ un rato." ( acostarse/dormir)

Please help me and give me the correct help. thanks

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Hi Rzeldin and welcome to the SpanishDict forum.

These types of "homework" questions are generally frowned upon on this forum (they are actually against forum rules). Although, if you were to venture to answer this on your own, I'm sure someone might be more than willing to check them for you and, if any of them were wrong, help explain the correct choice to you.

In reality, this type of question is actually easier to solve for yourself by using another part of the site - the conjugation section. There, you can enter the infinitive verb form into the conjugation box and it will bring up nearly any conjugation that you might be looking for. In addition, the title listed for each verb tense hyperlinks back to the reference page for that particular tense so that you can double check if it is the tense you are looking for (that is to say that the reference page provides explanations and examples as to when and how to use each particular tense).

You already have your infinitive verb forms listed in your example to get you started, now its just up to you to figure out the correct person and number. I invite you to use the conjugation tool and try this exercise on your own. You will certainly get more out of the exercise if you make your own attempt rather than relying on someone else to answer these for you.

Again, if after completing the exercise, you still don't feel confident in your answers, please come back and post what you have come up with so that someone might be able give you the confirmation that you are looking for or steer you in the right direction if you have come up with an incorrect answer.

Here's to hoping we see you around the forum more often.

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Hmmm this is looking suspiciously like homework :(

I think the idea is - YOU do your homework then you show us what you think the answers are and we kindly check it for you. Making suggestions or giving explanations as needed so that YOU improve in your Spanish. smile

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Hello again. I also wanted to mention that there are several resources available to help you better your understanding of the subjunctive mood.

Spaleon Verb Conjugation Trainer

If you would like to drill yourself on certain verb tenses (including in the subjunctive mood), here is a link to a site which has a verb trainer that allows you to pick up to 10 verbs to practice on. You can choose from both regular verbs and irregular verbs, and you can randomize your selection if you wish. In addition, you can pick the tense you wish to focus on as well the person, gender and number if you so choose. All in all, it is a very useful sight for those wishing to drill themselves on verb tenses.

E•Learn Spanish: Subjunctive

This site provides a very clear and concise handling of the basics of the subjunctive mood. If you want a quick nuts and bolts approach to conjugating the subjunctive, this is the place to look.

SpanishDict Reference Page: Subjunctive

This is Paralee's reference article handling the subjunctive. It provides a thorough yet concise handling of when and how to use the subjunctive. A great article to read if you are interested in understanding the use of the subjunctive. This reference article also links to tense specific pages for each of the subjunctive tenses.

SpanishDict Video Lesson: When to Use the Subjunctive

A great video lesson which explains when and how to use the tenses of the subjunctive mood. This lesson is only about twelve and a half minutes long, but packs a lot of information into this short time span. In addition, the information is presented in an easy to follow, easy to understand formant, and best of all - it's free!!

Curso de Español: Online Spanish Course - Subjunctive

This site offers free and comprehensive lessons on the subjunctive (as well as other areas if you are interested). The lessons are very easy to follow; however, they are a bit lengthy and do require a bit of time to complete.

StudySpanish.com: Subjunctive I Introduction

This site also offers free and comprehensive lessons on the subjunctive. The information on this page will help you with your particular assignment; however, the full lesson unit on the subjunctive is actually much longer than this, spanning about 8 pages, and probably requires a bit more time to study.

The Subjunctive and Adverbial Clauses

A great resources to help round out your understanding of the subjunctive. This site deals with the use of the subjunctive in relation to its use with certain adverbial clauses such as no ser que, a menos que, para que, sin que, etc.

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