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How do I pay for this?

updated JUL 12, 2010
posted by mortonsalt

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Hola MortonSalt and welcome to SpanishDict!!!

I am not quite sure what it is you are asking.....are you wanting a translation for this sentence or were you asking in regards to your SpanishDict membership?

If you were asking for a translation, you might try (depending on the intent of your question):

¿Cómo puedo pagar por este servicio? - How can I pay for this service?

¿Dónde puedo pagar por este servicio? - Where can I pay for this service?

If, on the other hand, you were asking in regards to the membership then the answer to your question is that you don't. The membership is free. Here are a couple of links that you can have a look at to help you become a bit more familiar with the site.

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Hope to see you around the forum, and again....Welcome to SpanishDict!!!

updated JUL 12, 2010
edited by Izanoni1
posted by Izanoni1
SD is free, but Iza should get paid for this answer! Nice job! - LateToDinner, JUL 12, 2010

Hola, Morton.

Welcome to the forum! grin

updated JUL 10, 2010
posted by --Mariana--

It depends upon how much cash you have, which credit cards you have, if you have a check-book handy, and the method of payment accepted by the seller.

updated JUL 10, 2010
posted by 005faa61
It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it (in honor of Margrets 10K) Thanks JC! Watching for Rolest and Yesero now. - LateToDinner, JUL 10, 2010
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