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I need help translating some spanigh words


I have to come us with the following spanish to english translation:

  1. la seguia
  2. la seguia(color)
  3. el smog
  4. el smog(color)
  5. el suelo
  6. el suelo(color)
  7. el temblor
  8. danar
  9. destruir
  10. proteger
  11. valorar
  12. el ciudadano
  13. encargarse de
  14. la irresponsabilidad
  15. la sociedad
  16. el producto
  17. advertir
  18. luchar
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posted by JerryJ34

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Hola Jerry and welcome to SpanishDict!

We're glad to have you as a member!

Here is a tip for you. If you double click on the words that you just posted, a little blue box will pop up with a translation. So, why don't you try that out? Also, you could use the translator or dictionary! If your not sure if what you've come up with is right, then post what you think the word might be, and we will correct you, but we won't give you the answer straight out like you are currently asking us too. grin

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Sí, eso sitio's diccionario es muy bueno. Bienvenido a ¡SpanishDict! cheese

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posted by April-Sarah

http://www.spanishdict.com/translation cheese

[Here][1] are all your words in a Google Translation.

[1]: http://translate.google.com/#es|en|a seguia la seguia(color) el smog el smog(color) el suelo el suelo(color) el temblor danar destruir proteger valorar el ciudadano encargarse de la irresponsabilidad la sociedad el producto advertir luchar

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You can use the dictionary at this site to translate the words. Just type them one by one into the spot at the top where it says "translate". "La" and "el" mean "the" so just type the noun without it.

updated FEB 1, 2010
posted by alba3

We have a great dictionary tab at the top of the page! I hope this helps you obtain the information you need. Welcome to the forum!

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posted by renaerules
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