you consider
Affirmative imperativeconjugation ofconsider. There are other translations for this conjugation.


A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to give thought to)
a. considerar
I've been considering all options, and I've decided to get involved.He considerado todas las opciones y he decidido participar.
b. pensar en
Did you ever consider resigning?¿Alguna vez pensó en dimitir?
2. (to take into account)
a. tener en cuenta
Did you consider the risks when you decided to do this?¿Tuviste en cuenta los riesgos al decidir hacer esto?
b. tomar en cuenta
She organized the wedding without considering the cost.Organizó la boda sin tomar en cuenta los gastos.
c. considerar
I considered your opinion, but I have now made a decision.He considerado tu opinión, pero ya he tomado una decisión.
3. (to deem)
a. considerar
As a teacher, I consider it disrespectful to text in class.Como profesor, considero una falta de respeto enviar mensajes de texto en clase.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (think over)
a. considerar
to consider doing somethingconsiderar hacer algo
to consider whether to do somethingcontemplar la posibilidad de hacer algo
the jury retired to consider its verdictel jurado se retiró a deliberar
to consider somebody for a jobtener en cuenta a alguien para un puesto
2. (take into account)
a. tener en cuenta
all things consideredmirándolo bien
3. (regard)
a. considerar
consider it doneconsidéralo hecho
to consider oneself happyconsiderarse feliz
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consider [kənˈsɪdəʳ]
transitive verb
1 (think about) [+problem, possibility] considerar; pensar en
consider how much you owe him piensa en or considera lo que le debes; to consider doing sth: have you ever considered going by train? ¿has pensado alguna vez (en) ir en tren?; ¿has considerado alguna vez ir en tren?; we considered cancelling our holiday pensamos en cancelar nuestras vacaciones; would you consider buying it? ¿te interesa comprarlo?; I'm considering resigning estoy pensando en dimitir; estoy considerando la posibilidad de dimitir
he is being considered for the post lo están considerando para el puesto
we are considering the matter estamos estudiando el asunto
it is my considered opinion that ... después de haberlo pensado or considerado detenidamente, creo que ...
to consider one's position (consider resigning) pensar en dimitir; estudiar la conveniencia de dimitir
I have never resigned from anything in my life but I'll have to consider my position now
he refused even to consider it se negó a pensarlo or considerarlo siquiera
I wouldn't consider it for a moment yo ni me lo plantearía siquiera
2 (take into account) tomar or tener en cuenta
when one considers that ... cuando uno toma or tiene en cuenta que ...; you must consider other people's feelings hay que tomar or tener en cuenta los sentimientos de los demás
all things considered pensándolo bien
3 (be of the opinion) considerar
I consider that ... considero que ...
4 (regard as) considerar
I consider it an honour lo considero un honor
I consider the matter closed para mí el tema está cerrado
to consider o.s.
I consider myself happy me considero feliz
to consider sb to be intelligent considerar a algn inteligente
he is considered to be the best se le considera el mejor
he considers it a waste of time lo considera una pérdida de tiempo
consider yourself lucky! ¡date por satisfecho!
consider yourself dismissed considérese despedido
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