will be asking
-estaré preguntando
Future progressiveconjugation ofask. There are other translations for this conjugation.


A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to inquire)
a. preguntar
I asked if I could say a few words.Pregunté si podía decir unas palabras.
2. (to invite)
a. invitar
It takes a lot of guts to ask the most popular girl in school to the dance.Requiere valentía invitar a la chica más popular de la escuela al baile.
3. (to request)
a. pedir
I'm going to ask her to marry me while we are in Hawaii.Voy a pedirle que se case conmigo cuando estemos en Hawai.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
4. (to inquire)
a. preguntar
Are you married, if you don't mind me asking?¿Estás casado? Si me permites que te pregunte.
5. (to request)
a. pedir
How do you know he won't let you borrow his car if you don't ask?¿Cómo sabes que no te prestaría su carro si no se lo pides?
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (inquire about)
a. preguntar
to ask somebody somethingpreguntar algo a alguien
to ask (somebody) a questionhacer una pregunta (a alguien)
to ask somebody the timepreguntar la hora a alguien
to ask somebody the waypreguntar a alguien el camino
don't ask me!¿a mí me lo vas a preguntar?
2. (request)
a. pedir
to ask somebody for somethingpedir algo a alguien
to ask somebody to do somethingpedir a alguien que haga algo
to ask a favor of somebody, to ask somebody a favorpedir un favor a alguien
if it isn't asking too muchsi no es mucho pedir
to ask somebody's permission to do somethingpedir permiso a alguien para hacer algo
3. (invite)
a. invitar, convidar
to ask somebody to lunchinvitar a alguien a comer
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
4. (inquire)
a. preguntar
5. (request)
to ask for somethingpedir algo
you only have to ask!¡no tienes más que pedirlo!
6. (colloquial)
he was asking for it!¡se lo estaba buscando!
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ask [ɑːsk]
transitive verb
1 (inquire) preguntar
"how is Frank?" he asked —¿cómo está Frank? —preguntó
I don't know, ask your father asked if this was true, she replied ... to ask [how]/[what]/[when]/[where]/[why] ...
to ask sb sth preguntar algo a algn; I asked him his name/the time le pregunté su nombre/la hora; to ask o.s. sth preguntarse algo
I began to ask myself what I was doing there to ask sb [about] sth/sb make specific inquiry request general information
did you ask him about the job? ¿le has preguntado por el trabajo?; (in more detail) ¿le has preguntado acerca del trabajo?
I've been meaning to ask you about that llevo tiempo queriendo or hace tiempo que quiero preguntarte acerca de eso
they didn't ask me about my political views you will have to ask David about that
ask her about her plans for Christmas pregúntale qué planes tiene para la Navidad
why, I ask myself, am I wasting my time here? ask yourself whether you really want to do this here are some of the things you should ask yourself before accepting
ask me another! ¡no tengo ni idea!
she asked me if I'd enjoyed my dinner "I'm afraid to ask what it cost" - "then don't ask" that silly old bat - I ask you, who does she think she is? who'd be a mother - I ask you! I can't even begin to guess - ask me another "why do you think she left?" - "ask me another"
don't ask me! ¡yo qué sé! (informal); ¡qué sé yo! (informal); especially (LAm)
I ask you! (despairing) ¿te lo puedes creer?
ask him if he has seen her pregúntale si la ha visto
if you ask me, I think she's crazy para mí que está loca
and where have you been, may I ask? ¿y dónde has estado, si se puede saber?
to ask (sb) a question hacer una pregunta (a algn)
I wasn't the only one asking questions
I asked the teacher what to do next le pregunté al profesor lo que tenía que hacer después
ask them what time the party is pregúntales a qué hora es la fiesta
who asked you? ¿quién te ha preguntado a ti?
ask her why she didn't come pregúntale por qué no vino
2 (request) pedir
to ask sb a favourask a favour of sb pedir un favor a algn
how much are they asking for the car? ¿cuánto piden por el coche?
they are asking £200,000 for the house piden 200.000 libras por la casa
that's asking the impossible eso es pedir lo imposible
it's not a lot to ask no es mucho pedir
that's asking a lot eso es mucho pedir
what more can you ask? ¿qué más se puede pedir?
to ask sth of sb
he did everything asked of him hizo todo lo que se le pidió; all he asked of us was that we tell people about his plight solo nos pidió que habláramos a la gente de la difícil situación en que se encontraba
to ask that sth be done pedir que se haga algo
all I'm asking is that you keep an open mind solo te pido que or lo único que pido es que mantengas una actitud abierta
to ask to do sth: I asked to see the director pedí ver al director
he asked to go on the picnic preguntó si podía ir (con ellos) de picnic; to ask sb to do sth pedir a algn que haga algo
I asked him to come
we had to ask him to leave tuvimos que decirle or pedirle que se marchara
she said she had been asked to take two suitcases to Africa by a man called Sean to ask that
that's asking too much eso es pedir demasiado
I think she's asking too much creo que está exigiendo demasiado
all I'm asking of you is a little more time He did everything that was asked of him, took wickets at important times and deserved everything he got
3 (invite) invitar
have you been asked? ¿te han invitado?
to ask sb to dinner invitar a algn a cenar
I was asked into the drawing room couldn't you ask John to the party?
intransitive verb
1 (inquire) preguntar
he was too shy to ask le dio vergüenza preguntar
to ask [about] sth/sb make specific inquiry preguntar por algo/algn request general information preguntar acerca de algo/algn
ask about our reduced rates for students pregunta por or infórmate sobre nuestros descuentos para estudiantes
he was asking about the Vikings preguntaba acerca de or sobre los vikingos; I asked about the possibility of staying on pregunté acerca de or sobre la posibilidad de quedarme más tiempo; pregunté si era posible que me quedara más tiempo
I don't want people asking about my past
he was asking about you estaba preguntando por ti
I asked about the children and how they are getting on
"what's the matter?" — "don't ask" —¿qué pasa? —más te vale no saberlo
now you're asking! (what a difficult question) ¡vaya con la preguntita! (informal)
"what year did England win the World Cup?" - "now you're asking!"
(who knows) ¡quién sabe!; (wouldn't we all like to know) ¡eso quisiera saber yo! (informal)
"how long is it since you had a holiday?" - "now you're asking!" "when do you think we'll get a pay rise?" - "now you're asking!" "what year did England win the World Cup?" - "now you're asking!" "When am I going to see you again" - "Now you're asking!" She shrugged her shoulders
I was only asking era solo una pregunta
"what has he gone and done now?" — "you may well ask!" —¿qué es lo que ha hecho ahora? —¡buena pregunta!
2 (make request) pedir
if you need anything, just ask si quieres algo no tienes más que pedirlo
this is the third time of asking
the asking price el precio que se pide/pedía etc
they just come in and pay the asking price without asking any questions houses are selling for 5-10% over the asking price the flats were sold at less than half their original asking price
I offered £5,000 below the asking price les ofrecí 5.000 libras menos de lo que pedían
it's yours for the asking no tienes más que pedirlo y es tuyo
he knew the nomination was his for the asking \COB2
Translate ask by preguntar only in contexts where information is being sought:
I'll ask him Voy a preguntárselo
Ask her what she thinks Pregúntale qué le parece
We asked everywhere Preguntamos en todas partes
Use pedir when ask means "request" or "demand":
No one asked to see my passport Nadie me pidió el pasaporte
We asked them to be here before five Les pedimos que estuviesen or estuvieran aquí antes de las cinco
He was asked to explain his behaviour Le pidieron que explicara su comportamiento
Pedir que is followed by the subjunctive.
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