An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (not domesticated)
a. salvaje
Wild animals should not be kept as pets.Los animales salvajes no se deben tener como mascotas.
b. silvestre (plants)
Some of the wild flowers are native to this region of Spain.Algunas de las flores silvestres son originarias de esta región de España.
2. (unruly)
a. desenfrenado
The host led the party guests in a wild dance.El anfitrión lideró a los invitados de la fiesta en un baile desenfrenado.
b. loco
He's a wild man; you don't want to have anything to do with him.Es un tipo loco; no quieres relacionarte con él.
3. (outrageous)
a. descabellado
That's a wild idea. It would never work.Esa es una idea descabellada. Jamás funcionaría.
b. disparatado
He spent the night telling me about his wild plan of turning his house into a bar.Se pasó la noche contándome sobre sus plan disparatado de convertir su casa en un bar.
4. (enthusiastic)
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
He is wild about all things Japanese.A él le apasiona lo que tenga que ver con Japón.
I'm not wild about having to work over the weekend.No me entusiasma mucho el tener que trabajar durante el fin de semana.
5. (desolate)
a. agreste
He took many pictures of the wild landscapes of Greenland.Tomó muchas fotos del paisaje agreste de Groenlandia.
6. (cards)
a. comodín
Twos and aces are wild.Los naipes que tengan o un dos o un as son comodines.
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
7. (uncontrolled)
a. libremente
The neighbors let their dog run wild through everyone's yard.Los vecinos permiten que su perro corra libremente por los patios de los demás.
b. silvestre
These orchids grow wild in my country.Estas orquídeas crecen silvestres en mi país.
A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
8. (nature)
a. la naturaleza
(f) means that a noun is feminine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
They set off into the wild with heavy backpacks and high hopes.Salieron a la naturaleza con mochilas pesadas y grandes esperanzas.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (not domesticated; plant)
a. silvestre
2. (animal)
a. salvaje
3. (countryside)
a. agreste
wild flowersflores silvestres
a wild goose chaseuna búsqueda inútil
4. (colloquial)
wild horses wouldn't drag it out of meno me lo sacarán ni a tiros, ni que me maten
5. (fig)
to sow one's wild oatsdarse la gran vida de joven
the Wild Westel salvaje oeste (americano)
6. (unrestrained; wind)
a. furioso(a)
7. (weather)
a. desapacible, desabrido(a)
8. (person, enthusiasm)
a. descontrolado(a), desenfrenado(a)
9. (promise, rumor)
a. descabellado(a)
wild eyesojos desorbitados
to drive somebody wildponer a alguien fuera de sí
10. (random; estimate)
a. descabellado(a)
it was just a wild guessfue un intento de acertar al tuntún
11. (colloquial)
a. (enthusiastic)
to be wild about somebody/somethingestar loco(a) por alguien/algo
I'm not wild about itno me entusiasma mucho
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
12. (general)
to grow wildcrecer silvestre
to run wildestar descontrolado(a)
the audience went wildel público se desmelenó or enfervorizó
A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
13. (general)
in the wilden estado salvaje
in the wilds of Alaskaen los remotos parajes de Alaska
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wild [waɪld]
wilder (comparative)wildest (superlative)
1 (not domesticated) [+animal, bird] salvaje; (fierce) feroz
there were frantic efforts to get all the wild animals to safety before the bushfire reached them she was injured when a wild elephant charged at her flocks of wild birds wild turkeys and geese roamed the farm cats have lived side-by-side with the Greeks for thousands of years, not as pets, but not truly wild
wild duck pato (m) salvaje
wild duck with green peppercorn sauce to listen to them, you would think I was some sort of wild man a medieval stone carving of a knight with a sword that seems much more like /the wild man with his club/ he can't get on the ship looking like /the Wild Man of Borneo/, darling! beet red and rumpled, he knew he must look like a wild man
wild horses wouldn't drag me there tendrían que llevarme a rastras; no iría ni por todo el oro del mundo
[+plant] silvestre
the lane was lined with wild flowers commercial crops frequently need infusions of genes from wild varieties
wild flowers flores (f) silvestres; wild strawberries fresas (f) silvestres
to sow one's wild oats correrla (informal)
you had plenty of time to sow your wild oats when you were younger
[+countryside] salvaje; agreste
a wild stretch of coastline un tramo salvaje or agreste de costa
the wild beauty of this remote place
2 (stormy) [+wind] furioso; violento; [+weather] tormentoso; [+sea] bravo
a wild wind from the Arctic Circle swept down through the country
it was a wild night fue una noche tormentosa or de tormenta
the wild weather did not deter some people from taking an unseasonable dip in the sea she leaped into the wild waters of the storm-tossed sea wild seas tossed their little boat up and down it's really wild out there
3 (unrestrained, disorderly) [+party] loco; [+enthusiasm] desenfrenado; [+hair] revuelto; [+appearance] desastrado; [+look, eyes] de loco
it was a wild party last night, wasn't it? she would spend her weekends as wild student parties supporters proclaiming victory with wild enthusiasm he danced around her with wild enthusiasm there was wild confusion at the airport the room was in wild disorder his hair was wild and uncombed he had a wild look in his eyes
he invited a bunch of his wild friends round invitó a un grupo de amigos locos
he was wild in his youth
he had a wild youth hizo muchas locuras en su juventud
to lead a wild life they were wild times
we had some wild times together ¡hicimos cada locura juntos!
wild and [woolly] a trek through wild and woolly territory
wild and woolly
a member of some wild and woolly activist group un miembro de un grupo de esos de activistas locos
a drive of 160 miles through wild and woolly territory it was a wild and woolly week on Wall Street you look a bit wild and woolly - where have you been?
4 (emotionally) (angry)
he was wild (with anger) You should have seen him. He was wild! the shopkeeper was wild with anger she could see his face now, his eyes wild and his skin glistening with perspiration "you did what?" Isabel's eyes were wild
it drives or makes me wild me saca de quicio
he went wild when he saw a half-naked photo of his wife in the newspaper
he went wild when he found out se puso como loco cuando se enteró; to be wild with sb estar furioso con algn
I was wild with jealousy estaba loco de celos
Frank was wild with worry
(ecstatic) [+cheers, applause] exaltado; apasionado
they marched into town to the wild cheers of the inhabitants the couple were greeted by wild cheering and applause to be wild with excitement James was wild with excitement /after winning £1 million in the lottery to go wild the crowd went wild the dog went wild when he saw his master his fans went wild when he appeared to drive send sb wild the poem sent the crowd wild with delight it's pure theatre, and it drives the crowd wild it's pure theatre, and it drives the crowd wild
to be wild about sth/sb: he's just wild about Inga está loco por Inga
to be wild about sth Irene was wild about the play
I'm not exactly wild about the idea no es que la idea me entusiasme demasiado; Anthea drives men wild with desire Anthea vuelve a los hombres locos de deseo
to [go] wild
the crowd went wild (with excitement) la multitud se puso loca de entusiasmo; to be wild with joy estar loco de alegría
5 (crazy, rash) [+idea, plan, rumour] descabellado; disparatado
he had some wild scheme for ... he had some wild scheme for reducing his tax liability I was just a child and full of wild ideas
it's a wild exaggeration es una enorme exageración; they made some wild promises hicieron unas promesas disparatadas
there was a lot of wild talk about ... there was a lot of wild talk about the possibility of petrol rationing
they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams han tenido más éxito del que jamás habían soñado
he is rich beyond his wildest dreams
never in my wildest dreams did I imagine winning this much nunca imaginé, ni soñando, que ganaría tanto
6 (haphazard)
it's just a wild guess no es más que una conjetura al azar or una suposición muy aventurada; I made a wild guess dije lo primero que se me vino a la cabeza
to make a wild guess his prediction is no more than a wild guess he took a wild swing at his opponent it's a wild shot in the dark, but she just might have gone to see her aunt I don't really have enough information but I could make a wild guess if you like I'd forgotten my tape measure so I had to make a wild guess about the measurements
7 (Cards)
aces are wild los ases sirven de comodines
to grow wild crecer en estado silvestre
most of the vegetables she used grew wild in the hills around her yarrow can be found growing wild in fields, hedgerows and on waste ground a plantation of coffee shrubs that had been left to grow wild
to run wild
(roam freely) [+animal] correr libremente
he believed that wolves still ran wild in the British countryside Mrs Cass said she had bought many of her pets but had taken some abandoned by their owners and had found /others running wild in the street/
[+child] corretear libremente
as children we ran wild in the countryside they ran wild with their friends on the beach we lived in the country and /my parents were happy to let me run wild/ to let one's imagination run wild they allow their feelings temporarily to run wild the writer had allowed his imagination to run wild
(get out of control)
child, young person
the garden had run wild las plantas del jardín habían crecido de forma descontrolada
that dog is running wild
Molly has let that girl run wild Molly ha dejado que esa niña haga lo que quiera; you've let your imagination run wild te has dejado llevar por la imaginación; the inevitable result of fanaticism run wild la inevitable consecuencia del fanatismo desenfrenado
the garden had run wild I staked the tomatoes that had run wild the cabbages had been left to run wild 3 boys allowed to run wild by their parents were jailed yesterday I am not going to do him any favours by letting him run wild
fewer than a thousand giant pandas still live in the wild when do they breed in the wild? it's a pet and couldn't live in the wild
the wild: animals caught in the wild animales capturados en su hábitat natural
it escaped back into the wild
untended fields returning to the wild campos descuidados que vuelven a su estado silvestre; the call of the wild el atractivo de lo salvaje or de la naturaleza
He was working for an insurance company when he answered the call of the wild and headed for deepest Bolivia even though the lions have been brought up with humans, the call of the wild will still be very strong
the wilds tierras (f) inexploradas
they went canoeing in the wilds of Canada
the wilds of Canada las tierras inexploradas de Canadá
to go out into the wilds
to live out in the wilds vivir en el quinto pino (informal)
at that time he was living out in the wilds
they live out in the wilds of Berkshire viven en lo más remoto de Berkshire
wild beast (n) fiera (f); bestia (f) salvaje
she fought like a wild beast, clawing and scratching it sounded like the cry of a wild beast going to darkest Africa to hunt wild beasts
wild boar (n) jabalí (m)
they had killed a wild boar and were roasting it over the campfire
wild card (n) (Comput) (Cards) comodín (m)
she was sitting there with a fistful of wild cards and I didn't know it
(Dep) invitación para participar en un torneo a pesar de no reunir los requisitos establecidos
André Agassi has accepted a wild card to play in the Stockholm Open controversy concerning a wild card entry for the following week's grand prix Los Angeles's 1984 wild-card game with New York Alex Higgins has received a wild card entry into the Sky World Masters
the wild card in the picture is Eastern Europe la gran incógnita dentro de este conjunto es Europa Oriental
the abstentions are the wild card in this vote somewhere there was a wild card in the pack which nobody had even thought of
wild cherry (n) cereza (f) silvestre
wild child (n) (Britain) adolescente (m) rebelde
...former wild child Jade Jagger ...reformed druggy wild-child Drew Barrymore
wild goose chase (n)
he sent me off on a wild goose chase me mandó de la Ceca a la Meca (informal); it proved to be a wild goose chase resultó ser una búsqueda inútil
wild rice (n) arroz (m) silvestre
chicken with orange dressing and wild rice serve immediately with long grain and wild rice and a mixed salad
the Wild West (n) el oeste americano
Buffalo Bill Cody and his Wild West Show he preferred books about the Wild West or adventure novels
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