An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (offensive)
a. indignante
It's outrageous that children are dying when they could be saved.Es indignante que haya niños que mueren cuando se los podría salvar.
b. intolerable
They can't charge me for a mistake that's their fault. It's outrageous!No pueden cobrarme por un error que fue culpa suya. ¡Es intolerable!
2. (shockingly bad)
a. escandaloso (behavior)
After his outrageous behavior at last year's awards ceremony, I doubt he'll be invited to host it again.Tras su conducta escandalosa en el acto de entrega de premios del año pasado, dudo que le pidan que vuelva a presentarlo.
b. atroz (crime or cruelty)
We are shocked at the outrageous punishment meted out to people who were only demanding their rights.Estamos escandalizados por los castigos atroces que les impusieron a personas que no hacían más que reivindicar sus derechos.
3. (wildly exaggerated)
a. escandaloso (statement or accusation)
Many people complained at the outrageous claims made for the effectiveness of the product in its advertising.Mucha gente se quejó por las escandalosas afirmaciones de la publicidad acerca de la eficacia del producto.
4. (excessive)
a. exorbitante
The interest rates on short-term loans are outrageous.Las tasas de interés de los préstamos a corto plazo son exorbitantes.
b. abusivo
I can't afford the outrageous house prices in New York.No puedo pagar los precios abusivos de la propiedad en Nueva York.
5. (extraordinary)
a. estrafalario (clothes)
She was wearing an outrageous yellow hat with enormous feathers.Llevaba un sombrero amarillo estrafalario con plumas enormes.
b. extravagante (clothes)
I love Vivienne Westwood fashions. They're so outrageous.Me encantan las colecciones de Vivienne Westwood. Son muy extravagantes.
c. estrambótico (idea)
The man wanted to buy my house, then demolish it. What an outrageous idea!El tipo quería comprarme la casa para luego demolerla. ¡Qué idea más estrambótica!
6. (very funny)
a. hilarante
He made an outrageous comment, involving the words "thighs" and "elephant" in the same sentence.Hizo un comentario hilarante usando las palabras "muslos" y "elefante" en la misma frase.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (cruelty)
a. atroz
2. (price, conduct)
a. escandaloso(a)
3. (clothes, haircut)
a. estrambótico(a)
outrageous [aʊtˈreɪdʒəs]
1 (shocking, intolerable) [+conduct, decision, accusation] escandaloso
he puts up with outrageous behaviour that he wouldn't tolerate in anyone else It's an absolutely outrageous decision and I shall be lodging an appeal he made these outrageous accusations against me he made some outrageous remarks, sometimes distinctly fascist
[+price, demands] exorbitante; escandaloso
there is no way the government will give in to such outrageous demands they are making outrageous demands for increased wages tourists are charged outrageous prices for these trips
[+act, crime] atroz; monstruoso
He has no idea what outrageous acts Ellen will commit if I thwart her the outrageous crimes perpetrated by this dictatorship
it's outrageous! I won't stand for it ¡qué barbaridad! or ¡es escandaloso! no lo pienso consentir
"This is outrageous!" he said, barely holding his temper "I won't stand for it" it's outrageous that...
it is outrageous that taxpayers will have to foot the bill es escandaloso que sean los contribuyentes los que tengan que pagar
2 (extravagant) [+clothes, fashion] extravagante; estrafalario; [+idea, story] estrambótico
she has an outrageous sense of humour su sentido del humor es de escándalo; he's outrageous! ¡es increíble or imposible!
He was a bit of an outrageous character, but I trusted him I also find I can be quite outrageous and get away with it he loved to stroll down the King's Road looking at the outrageous clothes in shop windows HIGH HEELS: Almodovar's outrageous story of a newsreader obsessed with her mother It's like when the newspapers publish some outrageous story # you spend the whole time justifying yourself because of some story that's totally untrue In 1254 an obscure wandering monk, Frate Plenario, conceived the then rather outrageous idea of bringing water by aqueduct from Monte Pacciano
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