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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (healthy)
a. bien
I hope you will get well very soon.Espero que te pongas bien muy pronto.
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
2. (properly)
a. bien
They did well in Latin.Les fue bien en latín.
Well done!¡Bien hecho!
3. (used as intensifier)
a. perfectamente
I can well see your point of view.Entiendo perfectamente su punto de vista.
b. muy
The town is well above sea level.La ciudad está muy por encima del nivel del mar.
4. (probably)
a. probablemente
He may well come with us to the auction.Probablemente vendrá con nosotros a la subasta.
A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
5. (hole in the ground)
a. el pozo
(m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
There was a well outside the village.Había un pozo a la salida del pueblo.
An interjection is a short utterance that expresses emotion, hesitation, or protest (e.g. Wow!).
6. (introducing a topic)
a. bueno
Well, as I was saying...Bueno, como iba diciendo...
b. vaya
Well, well, look who came.Vaya, vaya, mira quién vino.
c. pues
Well, if that is how you want it.Pues, si lo prefieres así.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (general)
to be wellestar bien
to get wellponerse bien
how are you? — well, thank you¿cómo estás? — bien, gracias
it is just as wellmenos mal
that's all very well, but…todo eso está muy bien, pero…
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
2. (satisfactorily)
a. bien
to speak well of somebodyhablar bien de alguien
I did as well as I couldlo hice lo mejor que pude
to be doing wellirse recuperando
well done!¡bien hecho!
you would do well to say nothingharías bien en no decir nada
to come out of something wellsalir bien parado(a) de algo
he apologized, as well he mightse disculpó, y no era para menos
very well!¡muy bien!
3. (for emphasis)
a. bien
I know her wellla conozco bien
it is well known that…todo el mundo sabe que…
it's well worth tryingbien vale la pena intentarlo
she's well able to look after herselfes muy capaz de valerse por sí misma
I can well believe itno me extraña nada
I am well aware of thatsoy perfectamente consciente de eso
well before/aftermucho antes/después
to leave well alonedejar las cosas como están
4. (also)
as welltambién
as well asademás de
An interjection is a short utterance that expresses emotion, hesitation, or protest (e.g. Wow!).
5. (general)
well, who was it?¿y bien? ¿quién era?
well, here we are (at last)!bueno, ¡por fin hemos llegado!
well, well!¡vaya, vaya!
well I never!¡caramba!
well, that's life!en fin, ¡así es la vida!
well [wel] better (comparative)best (superlative)
1 (in a good manner) bien
the child speaks well
I remember it well lo recuerdo bien; I know the place well conozco bien el lugar; (and) well I know it! ¡(y) bien que lo sé!; to eat/live well comer/vivir bien
he sings [as] well [as] he plays
he sings as well as she does canta tan bien como ella
as well as he could lo mejor que pudo
to do well at school sacar buenas notas en el colegio
to do well in an exam sacar buena nota en un examen; the patient is doing well el paciente evoluciona bien; you would do well to think seriously about our offer le convendría considerar seriamente nuestra oferta
he did very well for an eight-year-old
you did well to come at once hizo bien en venir enseguida
to do well by sb
well done! ¡bien hecho!
to go well ir bien
everything is going well todo va bien
the evening went off very well
well and good muy bien
well played! (Dep) ¡bien hecho!
to speak well of sb hablar bien de algn
to think well of sb tener una buena opinión de algn
he is well thought of here aquí se le estima mucho
2 (thoroughly, considerably) bien
it was well deserved estuvo bien merecido
he's well away (drunk) está borracho perdido
to be well in with sb llevarse muy bien con algn
it continued well into 1996 siguió hasta bien entrado 1996
he is well over or past fifty tiene cincuenta y muchos años
well over a thousand muchos más de mil; los mil bien pasados; it's well past ten o'clock son las diez y mucho
she knows you too well to think that te conoce demasiado bien para pensar eso de ti
she loved him too well lo quería demasiado; as we know all or only too well como sabemos perfectamente
well and truly especially (Britain) de verdad; realmente
we got well and truly wet nos mojamos de verdad
to wish sb well desear todo lo mejor a algn
it was well worth the trouble realmente valió la pena
well dodgy/annoyed bien chungo (informal)/enfadado
3 (probably, reasonably)
you may well be surprised to learn that ... puede que te sorprenda mucho saber que ...; it may well be that ... es muy posible que; they may well be lying es muy posible que mientan
we may as well begin now ya podemos empezar, ¿no?
you might as well tell me the truth más valdría decirme la verdad; "shall I go?" — "you may or might as well" "¿voy?" — "por qué no"; we might (just) as well have stayed at home para lo que hemos hecho, nos podíamos haber quedado en casa; she cried, as well she might lloró, y con razón
you may well ask! ¡buena pregunta!
one might well ask why
I couldn't very well leave me resultaba imposible marcharme
4 (in set expressions)
as well (in addition) también
I'll take those as well me llevo esos también; and it rained as well! ¡y además llovió!; by night as well as by day tanto de noche como de día
as well as his dog he has two rabbits además de un perro tiene dos conejos
on bikes as well as in cars
I had Paul with me as well as Lucy Paul estaba conmigo, así como Lucy or además de Lucy; could you manage to eat mine as well as yours? ¿podrías comerte el mío y el tuyo?; all sorts of people, rich as well as poor gente de toda clase, tanto rica como pobre
X as well as Y
to leave well alone
let leave well alone
my advice is to leave well alone te aconsejo que no te metas
my advice is to leave well alone, they can solve their problems without your help
this sort of wound is best left well alone lo mejor es ni tocar este tipo de herida
an erosion is best left well alone,since if treatment merely removes the erosion without treating any underlying hormone imbalance, it will only come back He understood government and knew when to leave well alone and when to interfere But tell my parents I was gay? I thought it was better to leave well alone since they are very old, with dyed-in- the-wool value systems
1 (healthy) bien
I'm very well thank you estoy muy bien, gracias; I hope you're well espero que te encuentres bien; are you well? ¿qué tal estás?; she's not been well lately recientemente ha estado algo indispuesta
to get well mejorarse
get well soon! ¡que te mejores!
2 (acceptable, satisfactory) bien
that's all very well, but ... todo eso está muy bien, pero ...; it or we would be well to start early mejor si salimos temprano
it is as well to remember
it would be as well to ask más vale or valdría preguntar
it's as well not to offend her más te vale no ofenderla; it would be just as well for you to stay mejor si te quedas
it's as well for you that nobody saw you menos mal que nadie te vio
it's just as well we asked menos mal que preguntamos
all's well that ends well bien está lo que bien acaba
1 (introducing topic, resuming) bueno
well, it was like this bueno, pues así ocurrió; well, as I was saying ... bueno, como iba diciendo; well, that's that! ¡bueno, asunto concluido!
2 (expressing resignation)
well, if we must go, let's get going bueno, si nos tenemos que ir, vayámonos; well then? ¿y qué?
3 (concessive, dismissive) pues
well, if you're worried, why don't you call her? pues si estás tan preocupada ¿por qué no la llamas?; well, I think she's a fool pues yo pienso que es tonta
4 (expressing relief)
well, thank goodness for that! (pues) ¡gracias a Dios!
5 (expressing surprise) ¡vaya!
well, what do you know! ¡anda, quién lo diría!; well, who would have thought it! ¡anda, quién lo diría!; well, well! ¡vaya, vaya!
"he has won the election!" — "well, well(, well)!"
well [wel]
1 (bore) (for water) pozo (m); fuente (f); (for oil) pozo (m)
to sink a well perforar un pozo
2 [of stairs] hueco (m); caja (f)
3 (in auditorium) estrado (m)
intransitive verb
(also well out) (also well up) brotar; manar
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