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transitive verb
1. (to wake up) 
a. despertar 
Can you turn down the music, please? You're going to wake the baby!¿Puedes bajar el volumen de la música, por favor? ¡Vas a despertar al bebé!
intransitive verb
2. (to wake up) 
I couldn't remember anything when I woke, but the doctor told me that the surgery went fine.No podía recordar nada cuando me desperté, pero el doctor me dijo que todo salió bien con la operación.
b. despertar 
The little girl woke from a nightmare and went running to her parents' room.La niñita despertó de una pesadilla y fue corriendo al cuarto de sus papás.
3. (vigil) 
A lot of people came to my father's wake, but only a few were at the funeral.Mucha gente vino al velatorio de mi padre, pero solo unos pocos estuvieron presentes en el funeral.
b. el velorio (M) (Latin America) 
I'm sorry for your loss. What time will the wake be?Te acompaño en el sentimiento. ¿A qué hora será el velorio?
4. (nautical) 
a. la estela (F) 
The ship left a fine wake behind it as we sailed calmly across the sea.El barco dejaba una bella estela tras de sí mientras navegábamos tranquilamente por el mar.
5. (aftermath) 
a. no direct translation 
In the wake of the attack, many people were desperately searching for missing family members.Tras el ataque, muchos buscaban desesperadamente a sus familiares desaparecidos.
Many people lost their home in the wake of the financial crisis.Muchos perdieron la vivienda a raíz de la crisis económica.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. despertar 
intransitive verb
2. (general) 
a. despertarse 
wake [weɪk] woke waked woken waked
intransitive verb
(also wake up) despertar; despertarse
if he wakes in the night ...
to wake from a dream/deep sleep/coma despertar(se) de un sueño/sueño profundo/coma
Rhona woke from an uneasy sleep when the coach stopped a man who wakes from a coma to find his country has been invaded when she was sure he wouldn't wake, she got quietly out of bed the world woke this morning to the news of his election victory
on waking al despertar
transitive verb
(also wake up) despertar
did I wake you? I didn't mean to wake you ssh! you'll wake the baby! I was woken by the phone I didn't want to wake you they were making a racket loud enough to wake the dead
they were making enough noise to wake the dead hacían un ruido que despertaría a los muertos
wake [weɪk]
1 (Náut) estela (f)
dolphins sometimes play in the wake of boats gulls hovered over the ship's wake
wars bring/leave misery in their wake
the tornado brought/left a trail of destruction in its wake el tornado dejó una estela de destrucción a su paso
the war [brought]/[left] famine in its wake strong winds and torrential rain brought death and destruction in their wake in the wake [of] sth as a consequence of it stockmarkets closed for a month in the wake of the scandal the financial problems facing Mr Nadir in the wake of the collapse of Polly Peck The survey was commissioned in the wake of a scandal over a bishop who fathered a son the governor has enjoyed a huge surge in the polls in the wake of last week's convention
in the wake of the storm/riots tras la tormenta/los disturbios; to come or follow in the wake of sth producirse a raíz de algo
the study comes in the wake of a tuberculosis epidemic this decision comes in the wake of the introduction of tough new security measures the proposal comes in the wake of the government's plan to change ... her decision came in the wake of fresh controversy over her relationship cuts in mortgage rates followed in the wake of the Chancellor's announcement in [sb's] wake he followed in her wake we had no choice but to follow in her wake he is not the sort of man who leaves a string of jilted women in his wake /bemused defenders were left floundering in his wake/ as he surged confidently into the penalty area Among opening batsmen he had no peer and left all the others in his wake they came in the wake of the invaders the catalogue of disasters that followed in the wake of the Colonel
wake [weɪk]
(over corpse) velatorio (m); vela (f); velorio (m); especially (LAm)
it was more like a wake than a party I felt I had to attend the wake
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