1. (priority) 
Several delegates emphasized the urgency of the situation.Varios delegados destacaron la urgencia de la situación.
2. (insistence) 
I knew from the urgency in his voice that he wasn't joking.Por la urgencia con que hablaba, supe que no estaba bromeando.
1. (general) 
a. la urgencia (F) 
it's a matter of urgencyes muy urgente
urgency [ˈɜːdʒənsɪ]
1 (haste) urgencia (f)
not everyone had the same sense of urgency no todo el mundo tenía el mismo sentido de la urgencia
I pressed upon her the urgency of the case he shakes the reins to transmit a sense of urgency and crouches into the horse's mane there was great urgency to finish the job
it is a matter of urgency es un asunto urgente; the problem must be tackled as a matter of urgency el problema debe tratarse con la máxima urgencia
2 [of tone of voice, pleas] urgencia (f)
with a note of urgency in his voice con un tono de urgencia
there was an urgency to her tone that hovered near hysteria His voice took on urgency; he paced Then Dad said to me, with a strange urgency in his voice:
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