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Usage note
This word may also be spelled “tyre.”
1. (wheel) 
a. la llanta (F) 
You should replace your tires every 30,000 miles.Se debe cambiar las llantas cada 30,000 millas.
The truck's tires are very large.Los neumáticos del camión son muy grandes.
c. la goma (F) (Argentina) (Puerto Rico) 
The tires should be rotated when the oil is changed.Las gomas se deben rotar cuando se cambia el aceite.
transitive verb
2. (to fatigue) 
a. cansar 
Being in class all day tires me.Estar en clases todo el día me cansa.
intransitive verb
3. (to become fatigued) 
a. cansarse 
Do you tire easily after running a mile?¿Te cansas fácilmente después de correr una milla?
4. (to become bored) 
a. aburrirse 
I tire of spending all day at the beach with nothing to do.Yo me aburro de pasar todo el día en la playa con nada que hacer.
b. cansarse 
He tired of listening to his professor ramble on about public policy.Se cansó de escucharle a su profesor divagar sobre la política pública.
1. (general) 
a. el neumático (M) 
b. la llanta (F) (Latin America) 
c. la goma (F) (Argentina) 
tire marksrodada f
tire pressurepresión de los neumáticos or de las ruedas
tire [ˈtaɪəʳ]
transitive verb
if driving tires you, take the train
intransitive verb
he tires easily se cansa fácilmente; to tire of sb/sth cansarse or aburrirse de algn/algo
during his lifetime he never tired of the theatre I never tire of hearing that song on the radio he never tired of telling us stories about his exploits during the war
tire [ˈtaɪəʳ]
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