transitive verb
1. (to surrender) 
a. ceder 
I will not yield the floor until I have used all of my time.No voy a ceder la palabra sin antes usar todo mi tiempo.
2. (to produce) 
a. producir (fruit, mineral, oil) 
The orchard yields 1,000 pounds of apples a day during the harvest season.El huerto produce 1,000 libras de manzanas al día durante la temporada de cosecha.
b. rendir (interest) 
Analysts expect the fund to yield better than 15% this year.Los analistas esperan que el fondo rinda más del 15% este año.
c. dar (results) 
The mayor's transportation policy yielded poor results.La política de transporte del alcalde dio malos resultados.
d. brindar (opportunity) 
Every situation can yield an opportunity to learn.Todas las situaciones pueden brindar una oportunidad de aprender.
intransitive verb
3. (to let other traffic pass) (United States) 
When you come to the intersection, you have to yield to the traffic on the avenue.Al llegar a la intersección, debes ceder el paso al tráfico de la avenida.
4. (to surrender) 
a. ceder 
The company yielded to their threats of a lawsuit and settled out of court.La compañía cedió a sus amenazas de una demanda y llegó a un acuerdo extrajudicial.
b. rendirse 
The town yielded to the attackers.El pueblo se rindió ante los atacantes.
5. (to give way) 
a. ceder 
The chair yielded under his weight.La silla cedió bajo su peso.
6. (amount produced) 
This year's harvest produced a great yield.La cosecha de este año dio un rendimiento excelente.
The new synthetic hormone increased milk yield by 10%.La nueva hormona sintética aumentó la producción de leche en un 10%.
The strawberry yield was damaged by a fungus.La cosecha de fresa se dañó por un hongo.
1. (of field) 
a. la cosecha (F) 
2. (of mine, interest) 
a. el rendimiento (M) 
3. (finance) 
a. el beneficio (M) (profit) 
transitive verb
4. (results, interest) 
a. proporcionar 
to yield a profitproporcionar beneficios
5. (territory) 
a. ceder 
6. (right) 
a. conceder 
intransitive verb
7. (surrender) 
a. rendirse 
to yield to temptationceder a la tentación
yieldceda el paso
yield [jiːld]
(from crop, mine, investment) rendimiento (m)
improving the yield of the crop polluted water lessens crop yields maize was producing 4 tonnes per hectare - a good yield wheat yields doubled in India between 1964 and 1972
yield per hectare el rendimiento por hectárea
they have a far better yield than any farm round here for miles whaling has not produced good yields the past few years /the yield was getting less every year/ until, finally,the mine was no longer a viable economic proposition the yield on the investment after only 12 months is 9 per cent the yield on a bank's investments the higher the current yield from your investments, the more current income you'll receive U.S. crop yields are among the highest in the world
high-yield bonds bonos (m) de alto rendimiento
a portfolio of high-risk, high-yield bonds
this year, grain yields have trebled este año la producción de cereales se ha triplicado
how to improve milk yields cómo mejorar la producción de leche
an article on how to improve milk yields/ a yield of 5% institutions appear more interested in the high yields being offered by European investments because of their generally lower yields, don't put too much of your money into these funds crops have been delivering lower yields the Grand Cru status means the best vines, with lower yield of grapes and higher alcohol than normal a wetter year might produce different crops rather than higher yields
transitive verb
1 (produce) [+crop, minerals, results] producir; [+interest] rendir; producir; [+profit, benefits] producir; reportar; [+opportunity] brindar; ofrecer
land that yields no return last year 400,000 acres of land yielded a crop worth 1 1/2 billion dollars 0.23 acres would yield only 200 pounds of rice the erstwhile rose-beds yielded potatoes and cabbages they could recoup these costs from the extra harvest yielded her herds and barns and henhouses yielded meat, milk, poultry, eggs they predicted that the mine would yield enough to make it worth exploiting he claims his policies will yield results within a year talks between the two sides yielded no results this yielded many benefits this research has been in progress since 1961 and has yielded a great number of positive results his trip to Melbourne had yielded a lot of information it yielded a profit of 36 million dollars shares yielding high interest
the shares yield five per cent las acciones producen or reportan or rinden un cinco por ciento de beneficios
Congress will spend every penny that is yielded by taxes
2 (surrender) [+territory, power, control] ceder;to a
they were obliged to yield fifteen to twenty kilometres Bonaparte swept through northern Italy, forcing Sardinia to make peace, obliging the pope to yield territory to France Sultan suggested publicly that Kuwait yield some territory to Iraq as part of a settlement the President is now under pressure to yield power to the republics sovereignty is not going to be yielded by France or England on these issues he will not yield even a limited measure of editorial control he may yield control
to yield the floor to sb ceder la palabra a algn
Arch yielded the floor to Tony, who obviously wanted to continue the reading
to yield ground to sb (Mil) also ceder terreno a algn
Republicans will not yield ground to Bill Clinton to yield a [point] to sb if he yields this point what we don't yet know is whether they will, as they have in the past, yield the point eventually after a day or two of troublemaking
to yield the right of way to sb (US) (Aut) ceder el paso a algn
intransitive verb
1 (Agr) (produce)
land that yields well/poorly una tierra que produce mucho/poco; a variety of strawberry that yields well una variedad de fresa que da mucha producción
2 (surrender) rendirse; ceder
we shall never yield nunca nos rendiremos; nunca cederemos
they begged him but he would not yield if the government does not yield, it should face sufficient military force to ensure its certain and swift defeat
to yield to sth ceder a or ante algo
to yield to an impulse
we will not yield to threats no vamos a ceder a or ante las amenazas; he refused to yield to temptation se negó a caer en la tentación; se negó a ceder a or ante la tentación
I decided to yield to my cowardice I just yielded to an impulse he was yielding to public pressure to yield to superior forces/numbers they eventually yielded to her plea for help Carmen yielded to general pressure and grudgingly took the child to a specialist Boston's traditional drab brick was slow to yield to the modern glass palaces of so many American urban areas the Chancellor yielded to his critics and halved the March Budget Gamsakhurdia refused to yield to rebel demands that he resign
the disease yielded to treatment la enfermedad remitió con el tratamiento
to yield to no one in sth I yield to no one in my enthusiasm for science I yield to no one in my admiration for the prime minister I yield to no one in my wish to have those troops safely returned but I am not entering into that sort of blackmailing deal he yields to nobody in his ability to persuade
3 (give way) [+ice, door, branch] ceder
he felt the floor yield beneath his feet notó cómo el suelo cedía or hundía bajo sus pies
the ice began to yield finally the door yielded any lock will yield to a bit of brute force he drew the hunting knife from its sheath and plunged it in - /the cardboard yielded easily/ if the bridge had yielded a fraction more the train would have gone plummeting into the canyon
to yield under pressure ceder or hundirse ante la presión
the structure is fairly safe as it is but it will yield under pressure the flesh and bone yielded under his weight
4 (US) (Aut) ceder el paso
when entering a trail or starting a descent, yield to other skiers
yield ceda el paso
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