1. (music) 
I know that I have heard that tune before, but I can't name it!Sé que he oído esa melodía antes, ¡pero no me acuerdo de cómo se titula!
What song is that man playing? It sounds so familiar.¿Qué canción está tocando ese hombre? Me suena mucho.
c. la tonada (F) 
Could you play a tune for us on the piano?¿Podrías tocarnos una tonada en el piano?
2. (correct pitch) 
a. no direct translation 
My violin strings were out of tune, so I had to transpose the entire piece during the recital.Las cuerdas de mi violín estaban desafinadas, así que tuve que transportar toda la pieza durante el recital.
The architect did such a miserable job that there wasn't a single element that was in tune with the other.El arquitecto hizo un trabajo tan malo que no hubo ni un solo elemento en armonía con ningún otro.
transitive verb
3. (music) 
a. afinar 
The symphony cannot begin until all the musicians tune their instruments.La sinfonía no puede empezar hasta que todos los músicos afinen sus instrumentos.
4. (automobile) 
a. afinar 
My mechanic has to tune my engine, because my car rattles every time I start it.El mecánico tiene que afinar el motor, porque mi coche traquetea cada vez que lo arranco.
Do you see the difference in your car's performance when it is well tuned?¿Ves la diferencia en el rendimiento de tu carro cuando está bien puesto a punto?
1. (general) 
a. la melodía (F) 
I can't sing in tunedesafino al cantar
to be out of tuneestar desafinado(a)
2. (idioms) 
a. no direct translation 
to be in tune with one's surroundingsestar a tono con el entorno
to call the tunellevar la batuta
to change one's tunecambiar de actitud
to the tune ofpor valor de
transitive verb
3. (musical instrument) 
a. afinar 
4. (engine) 
a. poner a punto 
5. (tv, radio) 
a. sintonizar 
tune [tjuːn]
1 (melody) melodía (f)
tonada $ >
(piece) tema (m); (song) canción (f)
can you remember the tune? ¿te acuerdas de la melodía or la música?; the cello has the tune at that point el chelo lleva la melodía en esa parte; it hasn't got much tune no es muy melódico; no tiene mucha melodía
dance tune canción (f) bailable
come on, give us a tune! (sing) ¡vamos, cántanos algo!
he gave us a tune on the piano nos tocó un tema al piano
to hum a tune tararear una melodía/canción
he was playing my favourite tune the orchestra was playing a selection of tunes from The Merry Widow. she was humming a merry tune you couldn't tell what they were playing - there was no tune at all to [dance] to sb's tune the churches end up dancing to the tune of their big business sponsors
to the tune of sth
(sung) to the tune of Rule Britannia con la música de Rule Britannia; repairs to the tune of £300 arreglos por la bonita suma de 300 libras; he was in debt to the tune of £4,000 tenía deudas que llegaban a 4.000 libras
to the tune of £500 the prison is overpopulated to the tune of 1600 try singing X to the tune of Y
to call the tune llevar la voz cantante
she calls the tune in their house
to change one's tune cambiar de parecer
you've changed your tune since this morning, haven't you? he soon changed his tune and started working as hard as the others
to sing another or a different tune bailar a un son distinto
11 months ago, the Government was singing a different tune to sing the same tune it doesn't help when politicians argue in public - we should all be singing the same tune
the same old tune: I'm bored with politicians singing the same old tune estoy harto de oír a los políticos siempre hablar de lo mismo
2 (accurate pitch)
to be in tune [+instrument] estar afinado
he can't sing in tune no sabe cantar sin desafinar; no sabe cantar afinado
to be out of tune [+instrument] estar desafinado
to go out of tune desafinar; to sing out of tune cantar desafinado; desafinar
the guitar is a bit out of tune she sings out of tune
to be in/out of tune with sth/sb
he is in/out of tune with the people sintoniza con/está desconectado con el pueblo; his ideas were in/out of tune with the spirit of his age sus ideas estaban a tono/desentonaban con el espíritu de su época
to be in tune with the times the president is more in tune with the times than his predecessor this is one more sign that the party is in tune with the interests of the people this is one more sign that the party is out of tune with the interests of the people men are less in tune with their bodies than women
transitive verb
1 (Mús) [+piano, guitar] afinar
we tune our guitars before every performance they were tuning up their instruments we had to have the piano tuned after we moved house
2 (Mec) [+engine, machine] poner a punto; afinar
it is capable of 100mph with a well-tuned engine
3 (TV) (Rad) sintonizar
I came across the programme while tuning my radio tune your TV or video recorder to the show tomorrow to be [tuned] to
you are tuned (in) to ... está usted sintonizando (la cadena) ...
my radio is permanently tuned to Radio 4
stay tuned to this station for a further announcement sigan en sintonía con esta emisora para escuchar otro anuncio
she spent years spent tuning her physique to compete against top athletes I've tuned my style to that of the journal I write for now
intransitive verb
(TV) (Rad)
to tune to sth (to programme, channel) sintonizar algo
lovers of this sort of pop should tune to the John Peel show millions of people tune to the BBC each week
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