1. (ordered) 
a. ordenado 
My daughter's room is never tidy.El cuarto de mi hija nunca está ordenado.
b. arreglado 
I like to keep the house clean and tidy.Me gusta tener la casa limpia y arreglada.
c. pulcro 
He's an elegant and tidy man.Es un hombre pulcro y elegante.
2. (systematic) 
a. metódico 
Researchers need to have a tidy way of working.Los investigadores necesitan ser metódicos al trabajar.
3. (large) 
They are paying us a tidy amount of money.Nos están pagando una cantidad considerable de dinero.
b. jugoso 
Some officials get quite a tidy salary.Algunos cargos tienen un sueldo muy jugoso.
transitive verb
4. (to arrange neatly) 
a. ordenar 
I don't feel like tidying the house today.No tengo ganas de ordenar la casa hoy.
5. (item to organize) 
I bought a tidy for your cutlery, mom.Te compré un organizador para los cubiertos, mamá.
6. (seat covering) 
Tidies are not so common nowadays.Los antimacasares no son tan comunes hoy en día.
7. (act of tidying) 
a. ordenar 
I'll give my room a quick tidy.Voy a ordenar mi cuarto rápidamente.
1. (room, habits) 
a. ordenado(a) 
2. (appearance) 
a. arreglado(a), aseado(a) 
3. (mind) 
a. metódico(a) 
4. (colloquial) 
a. considerable (considerable) 
transitive verb
5. (room) 
a. ordenar 
6. (garden, hair) 
a. arreglar 
tidy [ˈtaɪdɪ]
tidier (comparative)tidiest (superlative)
1 (neat, orderly) (in appearance) [+house, room] ordenado; arreglado
the house was clean and tidy
[+garden] cuidado
...a neat and tidy garden
[+cupboard, desk, pile] ordenado
The stationery cupboard is not very tidy I only ever knew one journalist with a truly tidy desk Please leave your books in a tidy pile ...tidy stacks of bricks
[+appearance] aseado; pulcro
It was only Grace's tidy appearance which caused surprise All the solicitors in Berebury advised their clients that a neat and tidy look went down well with the magistrates
[+hair] arreglado
Her hair was tidy Her fair hair was twisted into a tidy bun beneath the hospital cap
[+schoolwork] limpio
Children are encouraged to hand in homework that is neat and tidy his room was always tidy he wears tidy, stylish clothes
he likes to keep the house tidy le gusta tener la casa ordenada or arreglada
Encourage your children to keep their rooms tidy It is very difficult to keep a house tidy People who keep their homes tidy do not necessarily have tidy offices he keeps his magazines tidy in a pile
to look tidy [+person] tener un aspecto aseado or pulcro; [+room] tener un aspecto ordenado
In a red shirt and dark slacks, he looked informal and tidy She had long thick hair which always looked wonderfully tidy and well groomed Making the bed makes bedrooms look tidier instantly
(in character) [+person, child] ordenado
she's not very tidy no es muy ordenada; I'm an obsessively tidy person soy un obseso del orden
He was by nature a tidy child for whom everything had its place I wish you were a little bit tidier! He was compulsively tidy
2 (sizeable) [+sum] bonito (informal); [+income, profit] bueno
He managed to make quite a tidy income every year The opportunities are there to make a tidy profit selling everything from vacuum cleaners to sexy underwear from home He bought the ships at bargain prices and sold them for tidy profits
he'll make a tidy sum out of it sacará de ello un buen dinero or una bonita cantidad (informal)
Without a will, the Government gets a tidy sum of your money
transitive verb
(also tidy up) [+room, house] ordenar; arreglar
I told her to tidy her room You can't tidy a bedroom until you've made the beds She tidied the house to make it ready for the new tenants He had time to clean himself up and tidy the flat
[+drawer, cupboard, desk] ordenar
Please will you tidy this drawer? After cleaning and tidying the cupboards, I washed the floor He tidied the desk and emptied the wastebaskets She loved to tidy things There's no point asking her to help you tidy anything
1 (container for desk, kitchen etc) recipiente para poner utensilios de escritorio, cubiertos etc
2 (act)
I gave the lounge a quick tidy (up) arreglé un poco el salón
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