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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to make physically stronger)
a. fortalecer (a muscle)
This exercise will strengthen your core.Este ejercicio fortalecerá los músculos de tu abdomen.
b. reforzar (a structure)
These beams serve to strengthen the integrity of the roof.Estas vigas sirven para reforzar la integridad del tejado.
2. (to make more stable)
a. fortalecer (the economy or a currency)
Small businesses have strengthened the city's economy.Las pequeñas empresas han fortalecido la economía de la ciudad.
b. consolidar (a relationship or a position)
The difficulties we experienced together helped to strengthen our love.Las dificultades que atravesamos juntos sirvieron para consolidar nuestro amor.
c. reforzar (a personality or a position)
These events have only strengthened our position with the populace.Estos acontecimientos no han hecho más que reforzar nuestra posición entre la población.
d. afianzar (a career or a position)
Training will always help to strengthen your career.Toda formación que hagas contribuirá a afianzar tu carrera profesional.
e. reafirmar en (a belief)
Working with the poor made me a better person and strengthened my faith.Trabajar con los pobres me hizo mejor persona y reafirmó mi fe.
3. (to increase)
a. acrecentar (support or desire)
This strategy strengthened the people's support of the regime.Esta estrategia acrecentó el apoyo que el régimen recibía del pueblo.
b. redoblar (determination)
Unexpected difficulties only strengthened her determination to carry out her plan.Las dificultades inesperadas solo sirvieron para redoblar su determinación de llevar a cabo el plan.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
4. (to gain physical strength)
a. fortalecerse (muscle)
My leg is strengthening little by little thanks to physical therapy.Gracias a la terapia física, la pierna se me va fortaleciendo poco a poco.
b. hacerse más fuerte (storm)
The storm strengthened over the course of the day.La tormenta se hizo más fuerte a medida que transcurría el día.
5. (to become more stable)
a. fortalecerse (economy or currency)
The dollar has strengthened, with the consequent rise in imports.El dólar se ha fortalecido, con el consiguiente aumento de las importaciones.
b. consolidarse (relationship or position)
We've been friends for 49 years, and our friendship strengthens with each year.Hace 49 años que somos amigos, y nuestra amistad se consolida cada vez más.
c. afianzarse (career or position)
Their position in the market strengthened after they launched their smartphone.Su posición en el mercado se afianzó tras el lanzamiento de su smartphone.
6. (to increase)
a. acrecentarse (desire)
Man's desire for self-expression strengthened with the ages.El deseo del hombre por expresarse se redobló a través de los tiempos.
b. redoblarse (determination)
My determination strengthened with each obstacle.Mi determinación se redoblaba con cada obstáculo.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (wall, building)
a. reforzar
2. (muscles)
a. fortalecer
3. (friendship)
a. consolidar
4. (determination)
a. reafirmar
5. (position)
a. reforzar, afianzar
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
6. (friendship)
a. consolidarse
7. (determination)
a. reafirmarse
8. (currency)
a. fortalecerse
strengthen [ˈstreŋθən]
transitive verb
1 [+wall, roof, building] reforzar; [+back, muscle] fortalecer
manufacturers should be compelled to strengthen the roof areas of coaches the joists will need strengthening to take the extra weight the builders will have to strengthen the existing joists with additional timber struts designed to strengthen the wings of aeroplanes eating foods rich in calcium may help strengthen your teeth brushing with fluoride pastes merely improves tooth enamel and does not strengthen the underlying tooth
he does exercises to strengthen his legs hace ejercicios para fortalecer las piernas
this movement stretches your spine and strengthens the muscles in your abdomen an exercise that will tone and strengthen muscles Her injury may need the insertion of a plate into the bone to strengthen the leg she underwent an operation in the summer to strengthen her shoulder muscles cycling is good exercise, it strengthens all the muscles of the body Yoga can be used to strengthen the immune system
2 [+currency, economy, bond, relationship, character] fortalecer; consolidar; [+government] consolidar; [+case, argument, law] reforzar; [+power] consolidar; afianzar; [+resolve, belief, impression] reafirmar; [+person] (morally) fortalecer
any experience can teach and strengthen you this new law must be strengthened to force sex offenders to attend clinics before they are even considered for parole a Labour MP is urging the government to strengthen the laws against racial hatred these measures strengthen the protection which the law gives children from potentially damaging videos the government should start by strengthening the British economy the new constitution, which strengthens the government and enables it to balance and check the powers of parliament and president he is demanding that ombudsmen be appointed to keep a watch on the industries and strengthen consumer representation This legislation strengthens the position of trade unions We've increased the number of police and strengthened their powers we're considering buying in a new striker to strengthen the team the policies necessary to strengthen the British economy this would strengthen the pound against the mark Each act of terrorism serves only to strengthen resolve that the IRA will never win this strengthens my belief that ... every day that came and went strengthened her conviction this has merely strengthened his desire to stay on at the club he does not seem to be familiar with research which might have strengthened his own arguments They hope that the outcome of the referendum will strengthen their case for increased autonomy his speech strengthened the impression that he is the main power in the organisation every day of sunshine strengthens the feelings of optimism it will draw you closer together and it will strengthen the bond of your relationship his visit is intended \to strengthen ties between the two countries\ !! having a baby strengthened their relationship the experience helped strengthen my character
this served to strengthen opposition to the strike esto sirvió para afianzar la oposición a la huelga; her rejection only strengthened his resolve el rechazo de ella solo sirvió para hacer más firme su propósito de conquistarla
to strengthen sb's position strengthen sb's hand afianzar la posición de algn
to strengthen his position in parliament, he held talks with leaders of the Peasant Party he hoped to strengthen the position of the sciences in the leading universities to strengthen sb's hand today's vote will strengthen the minister's hand in the negotiations The agreement strengthens the hand of the Prime Minister The ruling has strengthened the hand of those who back Mr Powell's bill The size of the victory will strengthen de Klerk's negotiating hand
intransitive verb
1 [+muscle, arm, back] fortalecerse; [+wind, storm] hacerse más fuerte
as it strengthened, the wind was veering southerly the storm is still strengthening
2 [+currency, economy] fortalecerse; consolidarse; [+prices] afianzarse; [+desire, determination] redoblarse; intensificarse
the dollar has strengthened over the past few weeks It would surprise me if sterling strengthened much more The economy was strengthening at last ... a strengthening economy Demand in many markets was strengthening as house prices strengthen the pound strenghtened [against] the dollar last night the value of the yen strengthened against the dollar
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