1. (shop) 
a. la tienda (F) 
We went to the store to buy some towels.Fuimos a la tienda a comprar unas toallas.
2. (department store) (United Kingdom) 
I'm going clothes shopping in the store downtown.Voy a comprar ropa en los grandes almacenes en el centro.
3. (provision) 
We keep a store of bottled water and canned food in case of emergency.Tenemos una reserva de agua embotellada y comida enlatada en caso de emergencia.
b. el cúmulo (M) (of memories or ideas) 
The photos will provide a store of memories to look back on.Las fotos representarán un cúmulo de recuerdos que podremos revivir.
4. (warehouse) 
They keep most of the merchandise in the store.Guardan la mayoría de la mercancía en el almacén.
Most of the library's books are kept in the store.La mayoría de los libros de la biblioteca están guardados en el depósito.
transitive verb
5. (to keep) 
a. guardar 
Cookies should be stored in an airtight container.Las galletas se deben guardar en un recipiente hermético.
6. (computing) 
a. almacenar 
My computer can store a lot of data.Mi computadora puede almacenar muchos datos.
7. (to put in storage) 
I'll have to store some of my furniture when I rent the house.Voy a tener que mandar algunos de mis muebles a un guardamuebles cuando alquile la casa.
8. (physics) 
a. acumular 
Potential energy is the energy stored by a body.La energía potencial es la energía acumulada en un cuerpo.
9. (to supply) 
a. abastecer 
They stored the factory with raw materials.Abastecieron la fábrica con materias primas.
intransitive verb
10. (to be preserved) 
These vegetables don't store well in the heat.Estas verduras no se conservan bien en el calor.
plural noun
11. (supplies) 
Stores were running low.Las provisiones están empezando a faltar.
b. los pertrechos (M) (military) 
The troops had to be supplied with arms and stores.Había que abastecer a las tropas de armas y pertrechos.
1. (supply; of goods) 
a. la reserva f, provisión (F) 
2. (fig) 
a. el caudal m, cúmulo (M) (of knowledge) 
storesreservas fpl
3. (warehouse) 
a. el almacén (M) 
4. (shop) 
a. la tienda (F) 
store cardtarjeta de compra (a crédito)
store detectivevigilante de paisano
5. (idioms) 
a. no direct translation 
to hold or keep something in storetener algo guardado(a) or reservado(a)
I have a surprise in store for herle tengo reservada or guardada una sorpresa
to set or lay great store by somethingdar mucha importancia a algo
transitive verb
6. (put in storage) 
a. almacenar 
7. (electricity, heat) 
a. acumular 
8. (keep) 
a. guardar 
store in a cool placeconsérvese en lugar fresco
store [stɔːʳ]
1 (supply, stock) [of food, candles, paper] reserva (f)
the cupboard where he kept his private store of [tobacco] I handed over my secret store of chocolate biscuits Her store of drinking glasses had run out
to have or keep sth in store tener algo en reserva
/always keep a few biscuits in store/ in case a friend drops in unexpectedly fortunately, I had some candles in store
to keep a store of sth tener una reserva de algo
keep a store of elastic, Velcro, buttons, braid, safety pins and items that might come in useful
to lay in a store of sth hacer una reserva de algo; proveerse de algo
[of jokes, stories] repertorio (m); [of information] cúmulo (m)
he has a vast store of dirty jokes tiene un repertorio enorme de chistes verdes; he possessed a vast store of knowledge tenía una cultura muy amplia; the company has a great store of expertise la compañía cuenta con una multitud de gente competente
Jessica dipped into her store of theatrical anecdotes store of information through research we increase the store of scientific knowledge the objective is to add to the store of case studies by the third week, he had used up his store of fat
to be in store for sb aguardar a algn
you never know what's in store (for you) nunca se sabe lo que le aguarda a uno; little did I know what the future had in store qué poco sabía lo que nos deparaba el futuro; there's a surprise in store for you! ¡te espera una sorpresa!
the biggest shock was still in store surprises were also in store for me
to set great/little store by sth tener algo en mucho/poco; dar mucho/poco valor a algo
parents set great store by honesty yet children seem to have other ideas about what constitutes the truth I'm not the sort of actor who sets great store by the world of showbiz and fame I still set great store by the maxim that "the devil finds work for idle hands to do" to set no store by sth/sb The reason the British found it comparatively easy to buy historic and period houses in France was that the French set no store by age and the hallowed nature of old walls
I wouldn't set much store by that yo no le daría mucho valor
she swears the book will be out by Jan 1999 - but I wouldn't set much store by that according to him he's never met the girl - but I wouldn't set much store by that
2 (depository) almacén (m); depósito (m)
a decision taken in 1982 to build a store for spent fuel from submarines It is held in a temporary store
to put sth in(to) store (in a warehouse) almacenar algo; (in a furniture store) llevar algo a un guardamuebles
all his furniture had to be put in(to) store I had to put my furniture in store while I looked for a new house
to be in store (in a warehouse) estar en un almacén; (in a furniture store) estar en un guardamuebles
half our furniture is still in store Goods in store will be covered for loss or damage to [get] sth [out of] store We take them out of store every April, ready for the summer.
furniture store guardamuebles (m)
grain: grain store
3 stores (provisions) provisiones (f); existencias (f); especially (Mil) (equipment) pertrechos (m)
Villagers were recruited to carry stores and tents They uncovered box after box of weapons and stores
4 (shop) especially (US) [of any size] tienda (f)
She came out of the store and sat down on the bench
record store tienda (f) de discos; book store librería (f); hardware store ferretería (f)
we can get some chocolates at the village store tienda de comestibles > tienda de abarrotes >
to mind the store (US) cuidar de los asuntos
(also department store) grandes almacenes (m)
he owns a store in Oxford Street es propietario de unos grandes almacenes en Oxford Street
Bombs were planted in stores in London and Manchester smart stores like Harrods
transitive verb
1 (keep, collect) (gen) [+food] conservar; guardar; [+water, fuel, electricity] almacenar; [+heat] acumular; [+documents] archivar
store in an airtight tin consérvense en un frasco hermético
once opened, store in a refrigerator
avoid storing food for too long evite tener la comida guardada durante mucho tiempo
he dismembered her body and stored it in the family freezer alongside packets of peas you're not supposed to store peas in the freezer for more than three months store grains and cereals in a cool, dry place where do you store your wine? Large underground cisterns were built to collect and store water we haven't enough reservoirs to store adequate supplies of water there's a tank beside the house where oil for the central heating system is stored a bunker that was used to store the weapons some types of garden furniture must be stored inside in the winter heat is stored at night for release during the day One could \store all the energy from the sun\during the summer months. The body stores excess vitamin A in the liver fat cells, which store energy Men tend to store fat in the intra-peritoneal fashion, which means that they store it within the intestines around the vital organs These amino acids cannot be stored in the body for any length of time Vitamins A, D and E are fat soluble and can be stored in the body
(Comput) [+information] almacenar; guardar; (Fisiol) [+fat, energy] almacenar; acumular
where in the brain do we store information about colours? ¿en qué parte del cerebro almacenamos or guardamos información sobre los colores?
I can store away thousands of facts and figures A computer can store and remember a great deal of information chips for storing data each disc can store as much information as 300,000 printed pages
2 (put away) guardar
you wouldn't believe /the things people store in their attics/ always wash clothes before storing them (away)
I've got the camping things stored (away) till we need them tengo las cosas de acampar guardadas hasta que las necesitemos
3 (put in depository) [+furniture] depositar en un guardamuebles
we had to store the furniture for several months while we waited for our new house to be ready
[+goods, crop, waste] almacenar
the company has been storing radioactive waste here for 50 years the apple crop is ready for harvesting and storing
intransitive verb
fruits which won't store (well) fruta que no se conserva (bien)
these apples store well/badly
store card (n) tarjeta (f) de compra
store clerk (n) (US) dependienteadependienta (m) (f);a dependienta
people inside were held at gunpoint as store clerks desperately dialed 911 a convenience store clerk
store cupboard (n) despensa (f)
it is amazing what you find when you delve into your store cupboard make sure that you have a few basics lined up in the freezer and store cupboard from which you can whip up an easy and meal Keep an emergency store cupboard for when you can't get out, with Longlife milk, cans and packets of soup
store detective (n) vigilante (m) jurado de paisano en grandes almacenes; (de paisano en grandes almacenes)
store manager (n) gerente (m) de tienda de grandes almacenes; (de grandes almacenes)
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