1. (aroma) 
a. el olor (M) 
There is no better smell in the world than the smell of freshly ground coffee.No existe mejor olor en el mundo que el olor del café recién molido.
2. (sense) 
a. el olfato (M) 
Dogs have a more developed sense of smell than humans.Los perros tienen un sentido del olfato más desarrollado que el de los humanos.
intransitive verb
3. (to detect through smell) 
a. oler 
He hasn't been able to smell since the accident.Desde el accidente no puede oler.
4. (to emit an odor) 
a. oler 
The apartment smells like apple pie.El apartamento huele a tarta de manzana.
b. apestar 
Gross, your socks smell!Guácala, ¡apestan tus calcetines!
transitive verb
5. (to detect through smell) 
a. oler 
Smell this perfume; it smells like a Christmas tree!Huele este perfume, ¡huele a árbol de Navidad!
b. olfatear (animal) 
Our dog smelled the kitten tentatively.Nuestro perro olfateó el gatito tentativamente.
1. (odor) 
a. el olor (M) 
there's a bad smellhuele mal
to have a smell of somethingoler algo
2. (sense) 
a. el olfato (M) 
transitive verb
3. (general) 
a. oler 
4. (fig) 
a. oler, presentir (danger) 
5. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
I smell a rataquí hay gato encerrado
intransitive verb
6. (general) 
a. oler 
7. (stink) 
a. apestar 
to smell of somethingoler a algo
to smell nice/horribleoler bien/muy mal or
smell [smel] smelled smelt
1 (sense) olfato (m)
He has no sight, no hearing, no touch, no smell, no taste - nothing They all have an excellent sense of smell. people who lose their sense of smell you would have to be blind and have no sense of smell not to know what was going on
to have a keen sense of smell tener buen olfato; tener un buen sentido del olfato
2 (odour) olor (m)
it has a nice smell tiene un olor agradable; huele bien; there's a smell of gas/of burning huele a gas/a quemado; there was an unpleasant smell había un olor desagradable; it eliminates cooking smells elimina los olores de la cocina; the sweet smell of success la seducción del éxito
the sweet smell of new mown grass there's a smell of burning
3 (sniff)
let's have a smell déjame olerlo; déjame que lo huela; here, have a smell huele esto
transitive verb
1 (perceive odour) oler
I can smell gas/burning huele a gas/a quemado; hay olor a gas/a quemado; I could smell cigarettes on his breath el aliento le olía a tabaco; dogs can smell fear los perros pueden olfatear or oler el miedo
Sharks can smell blood in the water at a distance of many miles Peggy suddenly smelt burning, and saw smoke rising from the cockpit floor I could smell a delicious cooking smell
2 (sniff) [+person] oler; [+animal] olfatear; oler
Just smell that air! She picked up the soap and smelled it.
he smelled trouble se olió problemas; to smell danger olfatear el peligro; the press smelled a good story here la prensa se olió que aquí había noticia
the opposition had smelt a government cover-up He may have smelled trouble and be wanting to keep out of it I don't think we're going to see another stock market crash because we've been through it recently, we can smell the signs I can smell a lie at a hundred paces to smell a [rat]
intransitive verb
1 (emit odour) oler
it smells good huele bien; that flower doesn't smell esa flor no tiene olor; it smells damp in here aquí huele a humedad
to smell [fishy]
to smell like sth oler a algo; what does it smell like? ¿a qué huele?; to smell of sth oler a algo; it smells of garlic huele a ajo; it's beginning to smell of a cover-up está empezando a oler a encubrimiento
Such an action would have smelt, to her, of defeat. my fingers smell of garlic
if food smells off, throw it away si la comida huele mal or a pasada, tírela
2 (smell bad) oler
that man smells ese hombre huele; your feet smell te huelen los pies; her breath smells le huele el aliento
I'm sure I must smell. I haven't had a wash in five days
3 (have sense of smell)
since the operation she can't smell desde que se operó ha perdido el sentido del olfato
4 (sniff) [+person] olisquear
he went along the row of bottles, smelling (at each one) as he went
[+animal] olfatear
the dog smelled at my shoes el perro olfateó mis zapatos
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