1. (division of a year) 
My favorite season of the year is summer because of the warm weather.Mi estación del año favorita es el verano por el clima cálido.
2. (sports and other events) 
Next season we are going to win the championship.La próxima temporada vamos a ganar el campeonato.
3. (prime period) 
We recommend that you consume vegetables in season.Recomendamos el consumo de verduras de temporada.
transitive verb
4. (culinary) 
a. sazonar 
Season the meat one day ahead and refrigerate.Sazona la carne el día anterior y ponla en la nevera.
Don't forget to season the salad well before eating.No olvides condimentar la ensalada bien antes de comerla.
season [ˈsiːzn]
1 (period of the year) estación (f)
Autumn is my favourite season
the four seasons las cuatro estaciones; what's your favourite season? ¿cuál es tu estación preferida?; at this season en esta época del año
the dry/rainy season la temporada de secas/de lluvias
2 temporada (f)
period of time (for specific activity) time of the year for an activity
for a season durante una temporada; we did a season at La Scala (Teat) representamos en la Scala durante una temporada; did you have a good season? ¿qué tal la temporada?
Season's Greetings Felices Pascuas
the busy season la temporada alta
the Christmas season las navidades
the closed season (Hunting) la veda
the fishing/football season la temporada de pesca/de fútbol
at the height of the season en plena temporada
Hotel rooms are available even at the height of the season the [high] season the [low] season
during the holiday season en la temporada de vacaciones
to be in season [+fruit] estar en sazón; [+animal] estar en celo
the London season la temporada social de Londres
the open season (Hunting) la temporada de caza or de pesca
to be out of season estar fuera de temporada
the [tourist] season The population explodes to 40,000 during the tourist season the mating season the lambing season The show ran for a brief season at the Palladium He did a season at the Old Vic a Woody Allen season ...a new season of late-night horror films on television He had fallen in love with his first sight of the exquisite eighteen-year-old American steel heiress dancing her way through her first London Season
3 (appropriate time)
for everything there is a season todo tiene su momento
in due season a su tiempo
...the grand design in which everything occurs in its due season
it was not the season for jokes no era el momento oportuno para chistes
a word in season una palabra a propósito
in season and out of season a tiempo y a destiempo
transitive verb
1 (Cookery) sazonar; condimentar;with con
season to taste sazonar a gusto; a speech seasoned with wit un discurso salpicado de agudezas
Season the soup with plenty of salt Arrange the sliced potatoes in layers, lightly seasoning each layer
2 [+wood, timber] curar
The wood has to be seasoned for at least a year Her speech was seasoned with humour the relationship is based on shared affection and respect, often seasoned with a dash of flirtation. I do think audacity should be seasoned with humour the politician's speech was an aggressive attack, seasoned with the occasional wry comment
season ticket (n) (Teat) (Ferro) (Dep) abono (m)
season ticket holder (n) abonadoaabonada (m) (f);a abonada
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