transitive verb
1. (to fix) 
a. reparar 
We have successfully repaired most of the damage.Hemos reparado con éxito la mayoría del daño.
b. arreglar 
Today I spent the whole day repairing the roof of the garage.Hoy me pasé todo el día arreglando el tejado del garaje.
c. refaccionar (Latin America) 
We repair your furniture in your home.Refaccionamos sus muebles a domicilio.
2. (to rectify) 
a. reparar 
I don't think that repairing a wrong done in my father's time is my duty.No pienso que sea mi deber reparar un daño que se hizo en la época de mi padre.
3. (repair work) 
It will be better if you find out how much the repair will cost before you agree to it.Será mejor que averigües cuánto va a costar la reparación antes de que aceptes que la hagan.
I'm sorry but your shoe repair will not be completed for tomorrow.Lo siento pero el arreglo de su calzado no va a estar listo para mañana.
c. la refacción (F) (Latin America) 
You can bring your appliance to our repair shop.Puede traer su electrodoméstico a nuestro taller de refacciones.
intransitive verb
4. (formal) (old-fashioned) (to retire; used with "to") 
a. retirarse a (to bed) 
All the guests repaired to their rooms after dinner.Todos los invitados se retiraron a sus alcobas después de la cena.
b. pasar a (to a different place) 
Shall we repair to the drawing room?¿Pasamos al salón?
1. (of watch, car, machine) 
a. la reparación (F) 
2. (of shoes, clothes) 
a. el arreglo (M) 
to be beyond repairno poderse arreglar
to be in good/bad repairestar en buen/mal estado
to be under repairestar en reparación
repair shoptaller m
transitive verb
3. (watch, car, machine) 
a. reparar 
4. (shoes, clothes, road) 
a. arreglar 
repair [rɪˈpɛəʳ]
1 (act) reparación (f); arreglo (m)
she had taken her car in for repairs había llevado el coche al taller
it will cost a fortune in repairs the cost of repairs they demanded road repairs and new street lights a depressing view of road repairs and building works the council's budget for road repairs
to be beyond repair no tener arreglo
the car was beyond repair most of the damage is beyond repair the helicopter was found to be beyond repair their marriage is beyond repair to be [damaged]/[broken] beyond repair the buildings were damaged beyond repair in the attack
the chair is broken beyond repair la silla no tiene arreglo
his car was damaged beyond repair in the accident lungs damaged beyond repair in a gas attack during the war the original building was dilapidated beyond repair the company's credibility would be damaged beyond repair to [carry out] [make] repairs landlords will be obliged to [carry out] repairs we negotiated with the landlord to carry out the repairs they have ripped out the inside of the building to make repairs if you want to rent out the property you're going to have to make repairs many women know how to carry out repairs on their cars they stopped the launch in order to make repairs on the spacecraft's cracked fuel door hinges they shut down the mine for a day to make repairs to the ventilation system to [need] repair(s) to be in [need] of repair the building is in need of major repair there was damp everywhere and the roof was in need of repair owners of the Queen Mary say the ocean liner needs repairs costing £15 million her car needed repairs, I decided, not only body work he began buying furniture that needed repair to learn more through restoration work to be [under] repair a long stretch of the road was under repair the car's only five years old but for most of that time /it's been either broken down or under repair/
closed for repairs cerrado por obras; cerrado por reforma
(shoe) repairs while you wait arreglamos zapatos al momento; reparaciones de calzado en el acto
2 (state)
to be in bad or poor repair be in a bad or poor state of repair estar en mal estado
many of the properties are in a poor state of repair the road was in bad repair in parts soldiers report low morale and equipment in bad repair the flat was in a poor state of repair an old terraced house in a very bad state of repair
to be in good repair be in a good state of repair estar en buen estado
the bicycle is in good repair are fences and guttering in good repair? to [keep] sth in good repair keeping a property in good repair can be costly clothes/roads kept in good repair a team of mechanics to keep the bicycles in good repair the monks of Ettal keep the abbey in good repair an infrastructure of roads which has to be kept in good repair
transitive verb
1 (mend) [+car, machinery, roof] arreglar; reparar; [+clothes, shoes, road] arreglar
she drove her car to the garage to have it repaired no one knew how to repair the engine He was good at anything practical like repairing a washing machine I have a friend who knows how to repair television sets I have to take these shoes to be repaired can you repair these trousers? - there's a hole in the knee can I get this necklace repaired? are these funds enough to repair deteriorating roads and bridges? money to build and repair roads he has repaired the roof to ensure the house is wind-proof they were repairing the hole in the ship's side she repaired the tear in her jacket the surgeons begin to repair the hole in her heart damaged cells take time to repair themselves as skin ages, its ability to heal and repair itself declines to repair the [damage] they have repaired the damage to their spacecraft the cost of repairing earthquake damage could be more than seven thousand million dollars surgical attempts to repair the damage to his shoulder authorities are slowly beginning to repair the damage caused by the storm
2 (heal)
they wish to repair relations with the West quieren cerrar la brecha or conciliarse con Occidente
an attempt to repair the rift between them the first and most important thing was to repair my relationship with my father Paris was still trying to repair itself after the battering of the war it took years to repair the psychological damage caused by his parents to repair the damage done to the government's credibility we shall attempt to repair the damage to our education system caused by the present government the government tried to repair the damage caused by the minister's interview an important opportunity for repairing psychological damage incurred during childhood
3 (rectify) [+wrong] reparar
the military is merely trying to repair the errors of diplomacy can you see any way in which we can repair these two very major omissions? the attack was viewed as an attempt to repair historical wrongs committed against Syrian Arabs
the mounting repair bills for my old car before you call the gasman, plumber or electrician out on an emergency call, /there are some ways to reduce repair bills/ regular maintenance of your property will hold down and sometimes eliminate costly repair bills
repair job (n) arreglo (m); reparación (f)
they've done a superb repair job on my car me han arreglado el coche estupendamente
we should be able to get a professional repair job done when we get to the next town if the repair job is done in time, then the countdown will be restarted tomorrow morning the shop stocks a full line of musical instruments, including repair kits and parts a [bicycle] repair kit a sewing repair kit I also have my indispensable /nail repair kit/ - it holds a broken nail together until a new one has grown
repair shop (n) taller (m) de reparaciones
dusty electrical repair shops with windows full of old appliances the technical expertise and repair shops required to keep aircraft and tanks running
auto repair shop (US) taller (m) mecánico
Bob Smith, owner of a small auto repair shop I drove it to various auto repair shops where I was charged but not helped
bicycle repair shop taller (m) de reparación de bicicletas
[shoe] repair shop
repair work (n) arreglos (m); reparaciones (f)
the biggest rise in complaints was about shoddy repair work council tenants will get vital repair work done quickly under a new deal officials will begin repair work on the damaged space shuttle on Saturday the repair work was carried out by a private contractor
repair [rɪˈpɛəʳ]
intransitive verb
to repair to dirigirse a; we all repaired to a restaurant todos nos dirigimos a un restaurante
we then repaired to the pavilion for lunch go regularly to
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