1. (best time) 
a. no direct translation 
the prime of lifela flor de la vida
she was in her primeestaba en sus mejores años
she is past her primesu mejor momento ha pasado
2. (principal) 
a. principal, primordial 
3. (importance) 
a. capital 
prime ministerprimer(era) ministro(a) m,f
prime ministership or ministrymandato de primer ministro
4. (mathematics) 
a. no direct translation 
prime numbernúmero primo
prime timefranja f (horaria) de máxima audiencia
5. (excellent) 
a. óptimo(a), excelente 
a prime example (of)un ejemplo palmario (de)
prime qualitycalidad suprema
transitive verb
6. (prepare; engine, pump) 
a. cebar 
7. (surface) 
a. imprimar 
8. (provide with information) 
a. no direct translation 
to prime somebody for somethingpreparar or instruir a alguien para algo
prime [praɪm]
1 (major, main) [+cause, objective, target] principal
the/a prime cause of stress in the workplace la principal causa/una de las principales causas de estrés en el trabajo
airfields were a prime target for enemy bombs you know the prime reason for my being here? boxing injuries are a prime cause of brain damage team spirit is a/the prime consideration in selection a/the prime consideration in selection the prime objective of the change was to improve the quality of service
the prime candidate to take over his job is May Reid May Reid es la candidata con más posibilidades de sustituirle en el puesto
such land is a prime candidate for development the two prime candidates for the job are Mr X and Mr Y
our prime concern is public safety nuestra mayor or principal preocupación es la seguridad ciudadana
to be of prime importance ser de primordial importancia; ser de fundamental importancia
the attitude of mind is of prime importance this is a matter of prime importance
he's the prime suspect es el principal sospechoso
the police will see me as the prime suspect!
2 (top-quality, excellent) [+real estate, property] de primera; [+ingredient, cut] de primera (calidad)
prime cuts of venison it's a shame to see prime real estate go to waste like this
to be in prime condition [+cattle, fruit, car] estar en perfecto estado; [+athlete] estar en plena forma
giving access to dust-bathing facilities will help to keep the birds' plumage in prime condition he wants his herd delivered to the cattle market in prime condition the vehicle is in prime condition considering its age now that he is in prime condition he should have an easy win
prime quality beef carne (f) de vaca de primera (calidad)
prime rib(s) costillas (f) de primera (calidad)
specialities include prime rib of beef
a prime site un lugar privilegiado
the property stands in a prime position in the City it was one of the City's prime sites, giving a clear view of the Stock Exchange and the Bank of England it was built in the 1970s on a prime site over the beautiful white beach at Halaman Bay the land had already proved itself over 40 years as a prime site for the cultivation of fruit trees and vines
3 (classic) perfecto
a prime example of what to avoid un perfecto ejemplo de lo que se debe evitar
the prime example is Macy's, once the undisputed king of California retailers we had, a few years ago, a prime example of the power of the press to embarrass that is yet another prime example of her incompetence!
4 (Mat) [+number] primo
how many even numbers are prime?
1 (best years)
when trade unionism was in its prime cuando el sindicalismo estaba en su apogeo
to be in one's prime or in the prime of life [+person] estar en la flor de la vida
he was in his prime when the war started she was in her intellectual prime she was forty and still in her prime that was 10 years ago, when I was young and in my prime I had been a good player in my prime young persons in the prime of life he's only just over forty - in the prime of life maybe I'm just coming into my prime now to be in its prime when the Renaissance was in its prime
to be cut off or cut down in one's prime morir en la flor de la vida
hardest of all for her to accept was her husband's being cut down in his prime a pulled hamstring cut him off in his prime, but he played on ever since the miniskirt was launched in the sixties, constant attempts have been made to cut it down in its prime
he's past his prime ya ha dejado atrás los mejores años de su vida
she's past her prime as a singer athletes trying to make a come-back well past their prime a country which is past its industrial prime
the hotel was past its prime el hotel ya había dejado atrás sus días de gloria
these biscuits are past their prime
2 (Rel) prima (f)
the monks prayed again at prime
transitive verb
1 (prior to painting) imprimar; preparar; (with primer) aplicar una capa de imprimación a; (with undercoat) aplicar una capa de (pintura) base a; (with anticorrosive) aplicar una capa de pintura anticorrosiva a
prime bare wood and paint it as soon as possible first prime the surface of the walls, fill any holes then apply the paint
2 (prior to use) [+gun, pump] cebar
he keeps a primed shotgun in his office
he primed the bomb to go off at ten cebó la bomba para que explotara a las diez
he stuck one of the pencil timers in it, primed to explode in fifteen minutes explosive charges have already been placed and primed Sharpe looked at Harper as he primed the big gun the car safety seat was primed with a firebomb she held the bag as if it contained explosives already primed
to prime the pump sacar las cosas adelante
get things moving
he was willing to prime the pump by offering finance estaba dispuesto a ofrecerse a financiarlo para que saliera adelante; public investment is the best way of priming the pump of economic activity la inversión pública es la mejor forma de promover la actividad económica
there'll be different views on how to prime the pump of this economy he uses the comic routine to prime the pump and get the audience started
3 (prepare) [+student, politician, soldier] preparar
she came well primed for the interview vino a la entrevista bien preparada; they had been primed to expect the worst se les había preparado para lo peor; to keep troops primed for combat tener a las tropas listas para el combate
I had primed Eddie enough for him to expect the odd photo and autograph request
he had been primed to say that le habían dado instrucciones para que dijera eso
they primed him about what he should say the White House press corps has been primed to leap to the defense of the fired officials reporters and photographers had been carefully primed as to their targets Claire wished she had primed Sarah beforehand Marianne had not known until Arnold primed her for her duties that she was to be the sole female the team is primed to win
4 (with drink)
to prime sb with [drink]
he arrived well primed llegó ya bien bebido; he primed himself for the interview with a stiff whisky se tomó un whisky fuerte como preparación para la entrevista
sea officers quite often primed themselves with brandy, rum, or even gin for an interview at the Admiralty vaccines prime the body's defenses to ward off a viral attack
prime cost (n) coste (m) neto; coste (m) de producción
prime cost can be used as a base if it indicates overheads better
prime factor (n) factor (m) primordial; factor (m) principal
the prime factor in shaping the development of the earth was water
the prime meridian (n) (Geog) el meridiano de Greenwich
the meridian that passes through Greenwich, England, is the prime meridian
prime minister (n) primeraprimera ministroaministra (m) (f);a primera a ministra
Prime Minister Chirac the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Miss Benazir Bhutto this had been a disastrous week for Prime Minister Major
prime ministership (n) (period of office) mandato (m) como primer ministro
the rotten condition of some of our public services after 11 years of her Prime Ministership Conservatives see a Campbell prime ministership as an exciting possibility
(office) cargo (m) de(l) primer ministro
the French socialists regained the prime ministership in 1988 Mr Lee will hand over the prime ministership to his successor, Goh Chok Tong, on 28 November the main contender for the prime ministership
prime mover (n) (person) promotorapromotora (m) (f);a promotora (Fil) primer motor (m)
he was the prime mover behind the coup
a prime mover in Middle East events una de las promotoras de los acontecimientos en el Oriente Medio
he has been named as the prime mover in the conspiracy to murder Carroll for the Europeans, profit was usually the prime mover the prime mover behind the coup he was a prime mover in the contract with the Football Association prayers were addressed to the Supreme Being, God, the Prime Mover rather than promote consciousness to the level of a "prime mover" they suggest that consciousness of everyday life is the "web of meanings" shared with others
prime number (n) (Mat) número (m) primo
2, 3, 7, and 11 are prime numbers
prime rate (n) tipo (m) de interés preferencial
at least one bank cut its prime lending rate today
prime lending rate tipo (m) de interés preferencial sobre los préstamos
the first major bank to lower its prime lending rate this year
prime time (n) (TV) horas (f) de máxima or mayor audiencia
the programme was repeated in prime time el programa se repitió a una de las horas de máxima or mayor audiencia
/half an hour of prime time the three networks normally average 7 minutes of commercials during prime time they devoted a half hour of prime time to the story
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