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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (faultless)
a. perfecto
My baby's face is perfect.La cara de mi bebé es perfecta.
2. (ideal)
a. perfecto
This purse is perfect to wear with jeans.Este bolso es perfecto para llevar con vaqueros.
3. (complete)
a. perfecto
He was a perfect stranger, and yet she knew she could confide in him.Era un perfecto extraño y, aún así, supo que podía confiar en él.
4. (grammar)
a. perfecto
There are three perfect tenses in English.En inglés hay tres tiempos perfectos.
5. (mathematics)
a. perfecto
496 is a perfect number.496 es un número perfecto.
6. (music)
a. perfecto
Why is the perfect fourth considered a dissonance?¿Por qué se considera una disonancia el cuarto perfecto?
A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
7. (grammar)
a. el tiempo perfecto
(m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
The perfect is a composite category.El tiempo perfecto es una categoría compuesta.
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
8. (to make perfect)
a. perfeccionar
Practice will help you to perfect your skills.La práctica te ayudará a perfeccionar tus habilidades.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (excellent, flawless)
a. perfecto(a)
no one's perfectnadie es perfecto
Tuesday would be perfectel martes me vendría muy bien
2. (music)
to have perfect pitchtener una entonación perfecta
3. (complete)
it makes perfect sensees del todo razonable
he's a perfect stranger to meno lo conozco de nada
he's a perfect fooles un perfecto idiota
he's a perfect gentlemanes un perfecto caballero
4. (grammar)
a. perfecto(a)
future perfectfuturo perfecto
past perfectpretérito pluscuamperfecto
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
5. (general)
a. perfeccionar
perfect [ˈpɜːfɪkt]
1 (faultless) perfecto
gentleman, host, wife, crime, performance, accent
he was the perfect [host] the perfect wife and mother
nobody is perfect nadie es perfecto
OK, so I made a mistake - well, nobody's perfect, are they? the perfect crime he was planning /the perfect [crime]/ he's always the/a perfect [gentleman] it's impossible to be the perfect mother he's always the perfect gentleman - helping old ladies across the road
everything was perfect on the day ese día todo salió perfecto
in perfect condition en perfectas condiciones
the goods are in perfect condition
he spoke perfect Englishhis English was perfect hablaba un inglés perfecto
his Spanish is far from perfect su español dista mucho de ser perfecto
you're in perfect health se encuentra perfectamente de salud
use only clean, Grade A, perfect eggs we had a perfect day What a perfect performance she has given the only blemish on an otherwise perfect performance came in the 4th game his accent was perfect your dress looks perfect everything is just perfect their timing is perfect he was a perfect example of the English Country Gentleman the perfect end to a perfect evening /a perfect musical performance/ by a virtuoso I wouldn't call my marriage perfect, but my husband was a good man life would be perfect if only I could earn a bit more money their perfect white teeth
2 (ideal) [+moment, solution, place] ideal; perfecto
it was the perfect moment to speak to him about it I've got the perfect solution
a job like that would be perfect for you un trabajo como ese sería ideal or perfecto para ti
the perfect place for a picnic this pan is perfect for steaming vegetables
Saturday morning would be perfect el sábado por la mañana sería ideal or perfecto
she explained what her perfect man would be like
he's the perfect man for the job es el hombre idóneo or ideal or perfecto para el cargo
his expertise made him the perfect choice su experiencia hacía de él la persona idónea or ideal or perfecta
his hopes of finding the perfect woman were slowly beginning to fade meals provide the perfect opportunity to talk to your child about what she's been doing during the day this could be the perfect time to buy a home they make a perfect couple in a perfect world, people would not kill each other
in a perfect world en un mundo ideal
perfect [for] sth the actor was perfect for the part to be perfect for do[ing] sth an ottoman is perfect for storing spare bed linen in this was the perfect moment for the enemy to move in a hearty stew, perfect for cold winter days carpet tiles are perfect for kitchens because they're easy to take up and wash
3 (exact) perfecto
a perfect circle un círculo perfecto
the figure was a perfect circle
a perfect copy una copia perfecta
it is now possible to make perfect copies of compact discs
the jacket was a perfect fit la chaqueta me estaba perfecta or me quedaba perfectamente
I took it off the rack and put it on - it was a perfect fit we use Lycra to ensure a perfect fit the high percentage of Lycra in the fabric ensures a perfect fit
my watch keeps perfect time mi reloj siempre marca la hora exacta
mi reloj marca la hora exacta it will be hard to find a perfect match for that shade of blue
4 (absolute, utter)
a perfect fool/stranger un perfecto idiota/desconocido
in perfect harmony I know I've been a perfect fool the mind and body in perfect harmony
I have a perfect right to be here estoy en el perfecto derecho de estar aquí
why got to so much trouble for a perfect stranger? he looks a perfect [fool]
she's a perfect pest es una verdadera pesada (informal); it makes perfect sense to me me parece completamente or totalmente lógico
he's a perfect stranger to me "I will never talk to him - ever," I said with perfect calm not a sound broke the perfect hush I'd even venture to say we're now in perfect harmony he was a perfect [gentleman] he was a perfect gentleman - never a hint of anything improper he's a perfect [stranger] mother scolds me for telling a perfect stranger the private details of our lives
5 (Gram) perfecto
6 (Mús) [+fourth, fifth, octave] perfecto
a perfect fifth una quinta perfecta
the perfect el tiempo perfecto
the second part of the verse, where the perfect is used
transitive verb
he has spent years perfecting his act
she wanted to perfect her English quería perfeccionar su inglés
inventors had been trying since the 1890s to perfect such a device she went over her speech again and again, refining and perfecting it we perfected a hand-signal system so that he could keep me informed of hazards I removed the fibroid tumours, using the techniques that I have perfected she hoped to perfect her technique as a pianist Dom Perignon perfected the methods of making Champagne which are still in use today he spent a good deal of time perfecting his skills as a football player they are bent on improving and perfecting existing weaponry he has been perfecting his design of a rotary engine
to perfect the art of doing sth perfeccionar el arte de hacer algo
politicians have perfected the art of saying only what they want the listener to hear Sandy has perfected the art of buying things cheaply and restoring them to things of beauty he has perfected the art of eating and talking simultaneously
perfect number (n) (Mat) número (m) perfecto
perfect pitch (n) (Mús) oído (m) perfecto
a singer with perfect pitch perfect pitch is not a prerequisite for musical genius
to have perfect pitch tener el oído perfecto
her teacher discovered she had perfect pitch
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