move up
move up
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to go up to a higher level) 
a. subir 
The truck moved up the incline very slowly.El camión subió por la cuesta muy lentamente.
2. (to increase) 
a. subir 
Annual inflation moved up to 18%.La tasa de inflación anual subió a 18%.
3. (education) 
If you don't pass all your exams, you won't move up to the next grade.Si no apruebas todos los exámenes, no pasarás de curso al siguiente grado.
4. (sports) 
a. ascender 
The team won the regional division and moved up into the National League.El equipo ganó la división regional y ascendió a la Liga Nacional.
5. (to move to one side) 
a. correrse 
If we all move up, Nick can get in the back with us.Si todos nos corremos, Nick se puede sentar atrás con nosotros.
Can you move up, please? Peter can't get in.Hagan lugar, por favor. Peter no puede entrar.
transitive verb phrase
6. (to place at a higher level) 
a. subir 
Can you move that shelf up about three inches?¿Puedes subir ese estante unas tres pulgadas?
7. (education) 
Each student is assessed regularly and may be moved up in some circumstances.Cada niño se evalúa regularmente y se lo puede poner en la clase inmediatamente superior en ciertas circunstancias.
They moved James up even though he failed Religion.A James lo pasaron de curso aunque suspendió Religión.
move up
intransitive verb
1. (make room) 
a. echarse a un lado, correrse 
2. (be promoted) 
a. ascender 
move up
transitive verb
1 [+object, person] subir
Move the aerial up a bit higher
2 [+troops] trasladar al frente
If we're expecting an invasion, the squadrons should be moved up, not back
3 (promote) ascender
He liked his current job and had no wish to be moved up
1 (make room) correrse
Can you move up a few seats? I want to move up nearer the stage
2 (increase) [+shares, rates etc] subir
Annual rates have moved up recently
3 (be promoted) ascender; ser ascendido
Apprentices can move up to become engineers and managers
to move up a class [+pupil] pasar de curso; pasar al curso inmediatamente superior
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