1. (geography) 
a. el monte (M) 
The transmitting antennas are atop Mount Wilson.Las antenas de transmisión están en la cima del monte Wilson.
2. (base) 
I put the flat screen television on a wall mount.Coloqué la televisión de pantalla plana en un soporte de pared.
b. la montura (F) (jewelry) 
Shirley's engagement ring is made of white gold and has a platinum mount.El anillo de compromiso de Shirley está hecho de oro blanco y tiene una montura de platino.
c. el engaste (M) (jewelry) 
The jeweler placed the ruby in a gold mount.El joyero colocó el rubí en un engaste de oro.
d. el fijasellos (M) (philately) 
Norm carefully placed his stamps in a plastic mount.Norm colocó con cuidado sus sellos en un fijasellos de plástico.
e. el marco (M) (for slides) 
Place the transparency in a cardboard mount and shine a light through to make an image appear.Coloca la transparencia en un marco de cartón y alumbra la transparencia para que aparezca una imagen.
f. el portaobjetos (M) (for a microscope) 
Fred used a dry mount to examine a feather under the microscope.Fred utilizó un portaobjetos seco para examinar una pluma bajo el microscopio.
g. el fondo (M) (photography) 
Angie put the photograph on a black mount and then framed it.Angie puso la fotografía en un fondo negro y luego la enmarcó.
h. el paspartú (M) (photography or art) 
Judy uses a two tone decorative mount for her competition photographs.Judy utiliza un paspartú decorativo de dos tonos para sus fotografías para la competencia.
i. la maríaluisa (F) (photography or art) (Mexico) 
Lucas added a light colored mount between the photograph and the frame.Lucas agregó una maríaluisa clara entre la fotografía y el marco.
3. (horseback riding) 
There was a new mount at the stables that Kenny was looking forward to riding.Había una nueva montura en la caballeriza que Kenny tenía ganas de sacar a cabalgar.
transitive verb
4. (to get up on) 
a. montar 
Diego's uncle taught him how to mount a horse.El tío de Diego le enseñó a montar a caballo.
b. montar en 
Romina mounted her bicycle and went for a ride.Romina se montó en la bicicleta y fue a pasearse.
c. subirse a 
Bucky mounted the motorcycle behind Karen and held on tight.Bucky se subió a la motocicleta detrás de Karen y se agarró fuerte.
d. subir a 
The master of ceremonies mounted the stage and began the show.El maestro de ceremonias subió al escenario y empezó el espectáculo.
e. subir 
They mounted the stairs to their bedroom on the upper floor.Subieron la escalera a su recámara en el piso superior.
5. (to set) 
a. montar 
They mounted guns on both sides of the battleship.Montaron cañones a ambos lados del barco de guerra.
b. fijar 
Rodney mounts his butterfly collection on foam blocks.Rodney fija su colección de mariposas en bloques de unicel.
c. engastar (jewel) 
The jeweler will mount the diamond in a gold ring.El joyero engastará el diamante en un anillo de oro.
6. (to set up) 
a. montar 
Bob started to mount his campaign years before the elections.Bob empezó a montar su campaña años antes de las elecciones.
b. organizar 
Cristina hired a professional to help mount her campaign.Cristina contrató a un profesional para ayudarla a organizar su campaña.
David mounted the play with money from friends and family.David puso la obra en escena con dinero de amigos y familiares.
d. preparar 
The enemy has mounted offensives on two fronts.El enemigo ha preparado ofensivas en dos frentes.
7. (to mate) 
a. montar 
I need to get my dog neutered so he stops mounting all the female dogs in the neighborhood.Debo castrar a mi perro para que deje de montar a todas las perras del barrio.
intransitive verb
8. (to rise) 
a. subir 
As the plane mounted higher, we got a spectacular view of the city below.Mientras el avión iba subiendo, teníamos una vista espectacular de la ciudad que había abajo.
9. (horseback riding) 
a. montar 
The cowboy mounted and went to round up the cattle.El vaquero montó y salió a rodear el ganado.
10. (to increase) 
a. subir 
Over the night, the number of earthquake casualties mounted,Durante la noche, subió el número de víctimas del terremoto.
b. aumentar 
As hostilities mount, the likelihood of a negotiated settlement wanes.A medida que aumentan las hostilidades, la probabilidad de negociar un acuerdo se desvanece.
c. crecer 
Excitement is mounting among the children as Christmas grows near.El entusiasmo crece entre los niños a medida que se acerca la Navidad.
1. (for painting, color slide) 
a. el soporte (M) 
2. (horse) 
a. la montura (F) 
transitive verb
3. (bicycle, horse) 
a. montar en, subirse a 
4. (stairs, ladder) 
a. subir 
5. (photograph, gun) 
a. montar 
to mount an exhibitionmontar una exposición
to mount an offensiverealizar una ofensiva
to mount guardmontar guardia
intransitive verb
6. (get onto horse) 
a. montar, montarse 
7. (opposition, tension) 
a. aumentar, crecer 
mount [maʊnt]
1 (horse) montura (f); caballería (f) (formal)
her mount galloped off, dragging her through the mud Piggott has three mounts at Epsom today
2 (support, base) [of machine] soporte (m); base (f); [of jewel] engaste (m); montura (f); (for stamps) fijasellos (m); (for photograph in album) fijafotografías (m) adhesivo; (for transparency) marco (m)
slides with plastic or cardboard mounts
[of specimen, exhibit] soporte (m); (microscope slide) portaobjetos (m); (backing for picture) fondo (m)
the diamond was lost when it fell out of its mount get yourself an album and a few packets of mounts and you're ready to start your collection you get 250 mounts in a box she put the sample on a mount and slid it under the microscope they study taxidermy mounts of birds and drawings by ornithologists you need a special machine for cutting mounts I had both the mount and the frame done professionally Boeing has warned airlines of possible problems with the engine mounts on 747s although the impact didn't feel hard it's torn the engine mounts
transitive verb
1 [+horse] montar; [+bicycle] montar en; [+platform, stage, podium, throne] subir a; [+stairs, hill] subir
the vehicle mounted the pavement el vehículo se subió a la acera
he mounted his horse and rode away neither Trent nor I, after mounting our horses, spoke a word a man in a crash helmet was mounting a motor bike wait until the conductor mounts the podium before you stand the athletes mounted the victory rostrum Mishima mounted the balcony and addressed the crowd Rabbi Rappaport mounted the pulpit the winners mount the platform for the ritual champagne spraying /he heard footsteps mounting the stairs/ to the floor above him Lewelyn was mounting the stairs into the keep Eddie mounted the ladder to bring them their breakfast he was a boy of ten when Louis XV mounted the throne
2 [+jewel] engastar; [+stamp, exhibit, specimen, TV, speakers] fijar; [+picture] poner un fondo a; [+gun, engine] montar
that's a beautiful sapphire - why don't you have it mounted in a ring? buffalo horns mounted on wooden plaques someone suggested mounting the skull in silver or gold the hand-carved animal is mounted on a black iron pipe with a brass sleeve and welded into place, then mounted on a simple base the few surviving birds would be hunted down, carefully slaughtered, and handsomely mounted a TV set mounted on the wall the engine was mounted in the tailplane one solution was to mount the engine behind the crew and provide a cockpit for the gunner in the nose of the aircraft a six-foot-high statue of the Virgin was mounted on a wagon and drawn through city streets dustbins mounted on rubber wheels a photographer, with his camera mounted on a tripod the two men who manned the machine-gun mounted in the rear of the vehicle loudspeakers mounted on the roof blared the same call her husband mounts the work on velour paper and makes the frame the silhouettes are mounted on medium-weight board
3 [+exhibition, campaign, event] montar; organizar; [+play] montar; poner en escena; [+attack, offensive, defence] preparar
they decided to mount a search/rescue operation the company was mounting a nation-wide sales campaign the gallery has mounted an exhibition of art by Irish women painters a security operation mounted by the army the ANC announced it was mounting a major campaign of mass political protests you can mount an expedition with 200 porters and 50 Sherpas how can they mount a rebellion? next season they are planning to mount a play by Lorca to mount an offensive he mounted a series of personal attacks on the minister the logistic difficulties of mounting a full-scale invasion of the English coast they could never mount an effective challenge to his leadership he failed to mount a credible defence of the president Mrs Pitman mounted a vigorous defence of her tactics
to mount guard (on or over sth/sb) montar (la) guardia (para vigilar algo/a algn)
armed men bearing carbines and machetes positioned themselves nearby, mounting guard I half expected the American to pick up the spare machine pistol and mount guard over the operation those who had mounted guard over Algie abandoned him
5 (in mating) cubrir; montar
see that male kittiwake down there, mounting a female?
6 (provide with horse) proveer de caballo
as we were new to riding he had mounted us on fairly docile horses
intransitive verb
1 (climb) subir
the blood mounted to his cheeks la sangre (se) le subió a los carrillos
tears were mounting in her eyes the minister mounted to begin his sermon from the pulpit
2 (also mount up) (get on horse) montar
the officer commanded his men to mount he went to the stable where his horse was, harnessed it, mounted and rode out to the beach now, boys, mount and be off!
3 (increase) [+prices, temperature] subir; aumentar; [+excitement, tension] crecer; aumentar
prices were mounting daily, causing galloping inflation the decibel level was mounting excitement was mounting inside her the pressure on them was mounting
4 (also mount up) (accumulate) [+bills, debts, problems] amontonarse
he had let his debts mount up the uncollected garbage mounts in city streets it all mounts up if you hide away your problems and pretend that they don't exist they will just continue to mount up her medical bills mounted up I had to get a better job because our bills were mounting up
mount [maʊnt]
1 monte (m)
the story of Moses coming down from the mount bearing those tablets
the Sermon on the Mount el Sermón de la Montaña
2 (in names) monte (m)
the Mount of Olives el monte de los Olivos; Mount Sinai el monte Sinaí; Mount Everest el Everest
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