1. (reference) 
I'm astounded that the dinosaur documentary didn't even have a mention of Mary Anning.Estoy asombrado de que el documental de dinosaurios no hiciera ni siquiera una mención a Mary Anning.
2. (formal citation) 
The activist received an honorable mention for her struggle for inclusion at the university.La activista recibió una mención honorífica por su lucha por la inclusión en la universidad.
transitive verb
3. (to allude) 
a. mencionar 
Sarah didn't mention you were coming with us today.Sarah no mencionó que venías con nosotros hoy.
b. decir 
Promise me you won't mention my secret to anyone!¡Prométeme que no le dirás a nadie mi secreto!
c. hablar 
Did I tell you about Richard's part? - Yes, you already mentioned him to me.¿Te expliqué el papel de Richard? - Sí, ya me hablaste de él.
1. (general) 
a. la mención (F) 
to make mention of somethinghacer mención de algo
transitive verb
2. (general) 
a. mencionar 
to mention somebody in one's willmencionar or incluir a alguien en el testamento
not to mention…por no mencionar…
now that you mention itahora que lo dices
don't mention it!¡no hay de qué!
mention [ˈmenʃən]
1 mención (f)
the mere mention of his name exasperates me la sola mención de su nombre me saca de quicio
at the mention of food, she looked up al oír que se mencionaba comida, levantó la vista
it got a mention in the news lo mencionaron en las noticias
my contribution didn't even get a mention two of the losers deserve special mention at the community centre, mention of funds produces pained looks the first mention of the word appears in a book published in 1698
to make mention of sth/sb mencionar algo/a algn; hacer mención de algo/algn
the statement made no mention of casualties no mention was made of playing golf her book makes no mention of him she tactfully made no mention of the impending divorce he made special mention of the Mourne family in his tribute his memorandum made no mention of what ought to be done if Hitler refused the communique made no mention of how the fund would be financed military communiques have made little mention of the damage inflicted in the south
there was no mention of any surcharge no se mencionó ningún recargo adicional; no se hizo mención de ningún recargo adicional
2 (Mil) citación (f)
for that act of bravery he received a mention in dispatches
transitive verb
I will mention it to him se lo mencionaré; se lo diré; he mentioned to me that you were coming me mencionó or comentó que venías; I've never heard him mention his father nunca le he oído mencionar or mentar a su padre; too numerous to mention demasiado numerosos para mencionar
he didn't mention the accident he mentioned several names there are no pubs worth mentioning it's not worth mentioning I mention this fact only because ... Brigadier Ferguson was mentioned in the report as being directly responsible did he mention me at all? I asked you not to mention it did he mention any particular date?
he has been mentioned as a potential candidate se ha hecho alusión a él or se le ha aludido como posible candidato
don't mention it to anyone no se lo digas a nadie
don't mention it! (in reply to thanks) ¡de nada!; ¡no hay de qué!
"thanks for the lift" - "don't mention it!"
I need hardly mention that ... ni que decir tiene que ...; no es necesario decir que ...
I need hardly mention that this is strictly confidential
just mention my name basta con decir mi nombre
he didn't mention any names no dijo or dio los nombres
[not] to mention ...
they make so much mess, not to mention the noise lo dejan todo patas arriba, y no digamos ya el ruido que arman
the audience, not to mention the bewildered cast, were not amused
to mention sb in one's will dejar algo a algn en el testamento; legar algo a algn
as for your father, he won't be mentioned in my will without mentioning any names
it's worth mentioning that ... merece la pena mencionar que ...
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