make up for
make up for
transitive verb phrase
1. (to compensate for) 
a. compensar 
Tori gave Jim seven extra kisses to make up for the week he was away from her out of town.Tori le dio a Jim siete besos extras para compensar la semana que estuvo lejos de ella fuera de la ciudad.
b. recuperar (time) 
After being deployed, Bill took a long family vacation to make up for lost time.Después de estar desplegado, Bill tomó unas vacaciones largas en familia para recuperar el tiempo perdido.
2. (to counterbalance) 
a. compensar 
What Bailey lacks in talent she makes up for in enthusiasm.Lo que le falta a Bailey de talento lo compensa con entusiasmo.
make up for
transitive verb phrase
1. (losses) 
a. compensar 
2. (lost time) 
a. recuperar 
make up for
intransitive verb
(compensate for) compensar
her willingness to learn more than made up for her lack of experience sus ganas de aprender compensaban con creces su falta de experiencia; we hope this makes up for the inconvenience caused esperamos que esto compense los inconvenientes que podamos haberles causado; to make up for lost time recuperar el tiempo perdido
to make up for a lack of
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