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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to loan)
a. prestar
I will lend you some money to buy your ticket, but I'll need it back tomorrow.Te prestaré dinero para que te compres un billete, pero lo necesitaré de vuelta mañana.
b. dejar
Could you lend me a pencil? I left mine at home.¿Podrías dejarme un lápiz? Olvidé el mío en casa.
2. (to give)
a. conferir
The dark pastels lend a gloomy feel to the overall painting.Los pasteles oscuros le confieren un ambiente decaído a la pintura.
3. (to allow)
a. prestarse
The police doesn't lend itself to any form of corruption.La policía no se presta a ningún tipo de corrupción.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (money, book, pen)
a. prestar
2. (dignity, support, credibility)
a. proporcionar, prestar
to lend somebody a (helping) handechar una mano a alguien
to lend an ear or one's ear to…escuchar de buena gana a…
her work doesn't lend itself to dramatizationsu obra no se presta a la dramatización
lend [lend] lent (past)
transitive verb
1 (as favour) prestar; dejar
I make it a rule never to lend books or money I make it a rule never to lend money
to lend sb sth lend sth to sb prestar algo a algn; dejar algo a algn
You know, that book you lent me is really bizarre could you lend me a pen, please? Steve offered to lend her his typewriter Frank's lending me his car Harry offered to lend me his car ...information about local toy libraries that lend toys to babies and young children be cautious about lending money to friends I had to lend him ten pounds can you lend me a hundred pounds?
2 (Economics) [+bank, building society] prestar
the bank is reassessing its criteria for lending money to lend sb money to lend money [to] sb no one was willing to lend the company more money credit unions can lend money [at] very low rates of interest It will have resources equivalent to 7500 million pounds which will be lent at market rates to countries in central and eastern Europe
3 (give)
to lend credibility to sth conceder credibilidad a algo
5ew research is lending credibility to this belief Two factors lend credence to its being the most plausible site of Camelot to lend an ear (to sth/sb) They are always willing to lend an ear and offer what advice they can Please lend an ear for a moment or two They're trying to get more and more people to lend an ear to the message to lend a hand (with sth) I was glad to lend a hand Even visitors would be roped in for potato picking and harvesting. Everyone lent a hand Her husband usually lends a hand with the washing-up I was hoping you'd lend a hand can I lend you a hand (with the supper)? can you lend me a hand with the supper? to lend one's name to sth Famous personalities were willing to lend their names to the enterprise. They refused to lend their support to the North
4 (reflexive)
the system does not lend itself to rapid reform el sistema no se presta a una reforma rápida; he refused to lend himself to their scheming se negó a colaborar en sus intrigas; no quiso prestarse a sus intrigas
problems which do not lend themselves to simple solutions a climate that lends [itself] to permissive behavior a social structure that lends itself to secrecy and manipulation Certain songs seem to lend themselves to her distinctive approach it does not lend itself to being filmed His work really lends itself to [being] set to music
intransitive verb
(Economics) prestar dinero
banks are too willing to lend financial de-regulation that led to institutions being more willing to lend to lend [at] 10% the [banks] are lending to the big landowners at much lower rates
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