intransitive verb
1. (to jump) 
a. saltar 
The spider on the table made my mother leap out of her seat.La araña que estaba sobre la mesa hizo saltar a mi madre de la silla.
b. brincar 
Some squirrels can leap across such long distances, so that it seems that they are flying.Algunas ardillas pueden brincar distancias tan largas que parece que están volando.
2. (to increase suddenly) 
a. saltar 
In Dar es Salaam, population growth rates leaped from two percent to eight percent in the 1940's.En Dar es Salaam, las tasas de crecimiento demográfico saltaron del dos al ocho por ciento en la década de 1940.
Prices leaped by nearly ten percent.Los precios se incrementaron repentinamente en casi un diez por ciento.
transitive verb
3. (to pass with a jump) 
a. saltar 
My horse was the only one in the competition that was able to leap the fence.Mi caballo fue el único en la competición que pudo saltar la valla.
4. (act of jumping) 
a. el salto (M) 
The horse made an elegant leap over the post without colliding into anything.El caballo dio un salto elegante por encima del poste sin chocar con nada.
b. el brinco (M) 
The pole vaulter landed from his leap incorrectly and tore a ligament in his knee.El pertiguista aterrizó incorrectamente de su brinco y se lesionó un ligamento de la rodilla.
5. (increase) 
a. la subida (F) 
In an effort to stabilize the economy, the market saw a global leap in prices.En un esfuerzo por estabilizar la economía, el mercado experimentó una subida generalizada de precios.
1. (general) 
a. el salto m, brinco (M) 
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to take a leap in the darkdar un salto al vacío
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to advance by leaps and boundsavanzar a pasos agigantados
leap yearaño bisiesto
transitive verb
4. (general) 
a. saltar 
intransitive verb
5. (general) 
a. saltar 
to leap to one's feetponerse en pie de un salto
to leap at the chanceno dejar escapar la oportunidad
to leap for joydar saltos de alegría
leap [liːp] leaped leapt
1 (jump) salto (m); (showing exuberance) salto (m); brinco (m)
with an enthusiastic leap, the dog jumped on top of her Mike Powell broke the world record with a leap of 8.95m Rory knocked him to the pavement in a flying leap to make take a leap A boy came hurtling down, took a great leap to avoid him, missed his footing and fell flat The huge hind feet enable kangaroos to make enormous leaps
salto (m)
by leaps and bounds a pasos agigantados
Ian didn't develop as quickly as a healthy child, but since the operation he has come on in leaps and bounds he's a great bowler who has come on by leaps and bounds in the last few seasons
a leap in the dark un salto al vacío
Every now and then, taking a leap into the dark is the most creative jump you can make
his heart gave a leap le dio un vuelco el corazón
it doesn't take a great leap of the imagination to foresee what will happen no se requiere un gran esfuerzo de imaginación para prever lo que va a pasar
she successfully made the leap into films dio el salto con éxito al mundo del cine
he has successfully made the leap from mindless muscle-man to respected film star
to make or take a huge leap forward dar un gran salto or paso hacia adelante
contemporary art has taken a huge leap forward in the last five or six years The next great leap forward in increasing productivity in companies will come from the enthusiasm of inspired employees one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind leap of [faith] acto $ de fe an amazing leap of [faith] Considering how he met this person and for what purposes, /belief in his denial requires a monumental leap of faith/
to make or take a leap of faith hacer un gran esfuerzo de fe; hacer profesión de fe
Take a leap of faith and trust them Adherents to either hypothesis /make a leap of faith in accepting/ either Duesberg or his opponent Launching a new product requires a huge leap of faith
mental leap salto (m) mental
most voters cannot make the imaginative leap to being poor if they're rich or black if they're white He seemed incapable of making the mental leap needed It doesn't require a great leap of the imagination to emphathize with the boy's feelings
a leap into the unknown un salto a lo desconocido
Motherhood is a leap into the unknown Once more he's making a leap into the unknown without a plan to [make] [take] a leap A boy came hurtling down, took a great leap to avoid him, missed his footing and fell flat the Hollywood glamour girls who never made the leap from pin-ups to acclaimed performers ...companies trying to make the leap [from] the third world [to] the first Having successfully made the leap from television to the silver screen, she's come a long way from her origins Recently several of the smarter retailers have made the leap into providing a catalogue and mail-order service
2 (increase) subida (f)
leap in prices
a 6% leap in profits una subida de un 6% en las ganancias
Is the speculative build-up of oil stocks really the reason for the leap in prices? Officials said the aim was to curb inflation and to end a further leap in prices which ordinary people couldn't afford the result has been a giant leap in [productivity] ...the leap in the [unemployed] from 35,000 to 75,000
intransitive verb
1 (jump) saltar; (exuberantly) brincar; saltar
the fish glittered in the sun as they leapt The bay is home to shoals of leaping fish As he leapt, he felt a sharp pain in his leg The man threw his arms out as he leapt a leaping deer
to leap about dar saltos; brincar
pictures of exhausted sweating bodies leaping about in leotards
to leap about with excitement dar saltos or brincar de emoción
the dog leaped at the man, snarling el perro saltó or se arrojó sobre el hombre gruñiendo
he leapt down from his horse se bajó del caballo de un salto
/he leapt down the steps/ calling after her to leap [down] to leap [for] joy I could have leapt [for] joy
the car leapt forward el coche dio una sacudida
the dog leapt forward again
he leapt from a moving train saltó de un tren en marcha
Some monkeys can leap four or five metres from one tree to another... They leapt from balcony [to] balcony, 60ft up He rambles incoherently, leaping from subject [to] subject we leapt [into] the car and drove off
he leaped into the river saltó or se tiró al río
hundreds of men leaped [into] the sea to escape the flames
he leapt off/onto the bus bajó del/subió al autobús de un salto
She leapt on to a passing bus They had forced him to leap off a bridge the words leapt off the page at him He leapt [on] a horse A kid leaps onto the stage...
he suddenly leapt on top of me de repente me saltó or se me tiró encima
to leap [out at] sb
to leap out of a car bajarse or saltar de un coche
He leapt out of the car and tried to run away
she leapt out of bed se levantó de la cama de un salto; saltó de la cama
to leap over [+obstacle] saltar por encima de; [+stream] cruzar de un salto
he leapt over the stream ...a photo of two boys leaping [over] a barbed wire fence... Agile as goats, they leap over boulders and icy streams The deer leapt over a precipice The boy leapt agilely across the stream
to leap to one's feet levantarse de un salto
The soldiers on duty leapt to [attention] They leapt to their [deaths] from the balcony He leaped to safety from an upstairs window to leap [up] She leapt up and rushed to the phone On hearing the judge's decision the boy leapt up and hugged his mother Flames leapt up hundreds of feet The children were leaping [up and down] with excitement to leap [with] excitement dar saltos brincar de entusiasmo
my heart leaped me dio un vuelco el corazón
Michael's heart leapt at the prospect Catherine felt her heart leap. She was finally going to learn the truth about the past My heart leaped at the sight of her; we embraced Nancy's heart leaped with joy to leap [at] a chance
she leapt at the chance to play the part no dejó escapar la oportunidad de representar el papel
I leapt at the excuse to postpone the party
to leap at an offer aceptar una oferta al vuelo
Any other time, I'd have leapt at the offer It has leapt ahead of all major European banks
he leapt on my mistake se lanzó sobre mi error
the tabloids are quick to leap on such cases la prensa amarilla está a la que salta con estos casos
people shouldn't be so quick to leap [on] one anothers mistakes Many campus liberals have leapt on this incident as a graphic example... Tory chiefs last night leapt on a claim by Labour leader Neil Kinnock that Britain would have been better off if his party had won the 1983 election Prosecutors have leapt on his behaviour in evidence to the appeals court the answer leapt out at me
the headline leapt out at her el titular le saltó a la vista
It was ridiculous to leap to the [conclusion] that anything was wrong
he leapt to his brother's defence enseguida saltó a defender a su hermano
2 (increase)
sales leapt by one third las ventas se incrementaron repentinamente en un tercio
transitive verb
[+fence, ditch] saltar por encima de; [+stream, river] cruzar de un salto;
leap year (n) año (m) bisiesto
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