1. (expectation or desire) 
We must not give up hope that the situation may improve.No podemos perder la esperanza de que la situación pueda mejorar.
2. (person, thing) 
This athlete is his country's best hope for a medal.Este atleta es la mejor esperanza que tiene su país para una medalla.
3. (possibility) 
There's very little hope of finding survivors.Hay muy poca esperanza de conseguir sobrevivientes.
transitive verb
4. (to expect or desire) 
a. esperar 
I hope that you feel better very soon.Espero que te sientas mejor pronto.
intransitive verb
5. (to trust) 
a. esperar 
I'm hoping for a raise this year.Estoy esperando un aumento de salario este año.
1. (general) 
a. la esperanza (F) 
in the hope of (doing) somethingcon la esperanza de (hacer) algo
in the hope that…con la esperanza de que…
there is little hope (of)hay pocas esperanzas (de)
there is no hope (of)no hay esperanza(s; de)
to have (high) hopes of doing somethingtener (grandes) esperanzas de hacer algo
to get one's hopes uphacerse ilusiones
to raise (somebody's) hopesdar esperanzas (a alguien)
she hasn't got a hope of winningno tiene posibilidad alguna de ganar
2. (ironic) 
a. no direct translation 
what a hope!, some hope!¡no caerá esa breva!
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
we live in hope!la esperanza es lo último que se pierde
transitive verb
4. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to hope to do somethingesperar hacer algo
I hope to see you againespero volverte a ver
I hope (that) your brother is betterespero que tu hermano esté mejor
I hope you are rightojalá tengas razón
we hope and pray that…ojalá que…
I hope soeso espero
I hope notespero que no
intransitive verb
5. (general) 
a. esperar 
don't hope for too muchno esperes demasiado
to hope for the bestesperar (que pase) lo mejor
we must hope against hopeno debemos perder la esperanza
hope [həʊp]
1 (expectation) esperanza (f)
where there's life there's hope mientras hay vida, hay esperanza
thousands of childless couples are to be given new hope by the government my hope is that ...
my hope is that he'll see reason espero que entre en razón
my hope is that, one day, I shall go over there to marry her
to be beyond (all) hope [+damaged article] no tener posibilidad de reparación; [+person] no tener remedio
I've done all I can to make him see reason - I think he's beyond hope the car was smashed beyond any hope of repair the system is wasteful and corrupt. It is quite beyond hope any engine parts beyond hope are identified for their metal type and dispatched for shredding
to build one's hopes up (about or over sth) hacerse ilusiones (con algo)
/I don't want you to build your hopes up/, but I'll have a word with Fred tomorrow
to be full of hope estar lleno de esperanzas or ilusión
I woke up every morning full of hope she was full of hope that they would manage to save his leg
to get one's hopes up (about or over sth) hacerse ilusiones (con algo)
don't get your hopes up no te hagas ilusiones
there is no reason for people to get their hopes up over this
to give up hope (of doing sth) perder las esperanzas (de hacer algo)
I'd almost given up hope I'd given up hope of ever finding one you mustn't give up hope but Kevin hasn't given up hope of being fit
to have hopes of doing sth tener esperanzas de hacer algo
I haven't much hope of succeeding no tengo muchas esperanzas de conseguirlo; I had great hopes of or for him tenía muchas esperanzas puestas en él
they have hopes of increasing trade between the two regions now that he is president, many people have hope for genuine change in the system he had no great hopes for the success of his undertaking
he set out with high hopes empezó lleno de esperanzas or ilusión; empezó con muchas esperanzas
Britain have high hopes of winning the gold medal [in] the hope that .../of (doing) sth
I ignored him in the hope that he would go away no le hice caso con la esperanza de que se fuera
he drifted from place to place in the hope of finding work to [live] in hope
I don't think there's much chance but we live in hope no creo que haya muchas posibilidades pero la esperanza es lo último que se pierde
she lives in (the) hope of seeing her son again vive con la esperanza de volver a ver a su hijo
to lose hope (of doing sth) perder las esperanzas (de hacer algo)
we began to lose hope of seeing them alive again it's been so long now, I've lost all hope
to be past hope [+damaged article] no tener posibilidad de reparación; [+person] no tener remedio
to place one's hope(s) in/on sth depositar las esperanzas en algo
few people now place any hope for peace in diplomatic moves he is putting his hope in the next round of talks the Manet brothers placed high hopes on the sale she would never again place her hopes in Hugh Cambodians are placing their hopes for peace on Sihanouk's return Her Majesty is putting her hopes in Prince William becoming the perfect monarch
to raise sb's hopes dar esperanzas a algn
don't raise her hopes too much no le des demasiadas esperanzas; don't raise your hopes no te hagas ilusiones
2 (chance) posibilidad (f)
he hasn't much hope of winning no tiene muchas posibilidades de ganar; there is little hope of reaching an agreement hay pocas posibilidades or esperanzas de llegar a un acuerdo
you haven't got a hope in hell no tienes la más remota posibilidad
the only hope for underdeveloped countries is to become, as far as possible, self-reliant
there's no hope of that no hay posibilidad de eso
not a hope! ¡ni en sueños!
"do you think she'll change her mind" - "not a hope!"
your only hope is to ... tu única esperanza es ...
some hope(s)!
"have you got the day off tomorrow?" — "some hope(s)!" —¿libras mañana? —¡qué va! or ¡ya quisiera yo!; "maybe she'll change her mind" — "some hope(s)!" —tal vez cambie de idea —¡no caerá esa breva!
"did you get the job?" - "some hope(s)!" they have to win all their remaining matches to qualify - some hope [what] a hope!
3 (person) esperanza (f)
he's the bright hope of the team es la gran esperanza del equipo; you are my last/only hope tú eres mi última/única esperanza
England's last hope in the Open Table Tennis Championship Lisa was our great hope to capture the business market
transitive verb
your mother is well, I hope? espero que su madre esté bien
you haven't been trying to see him, I hope
to hope that ... esperar que ...; I hope he comes soon espero que venga pronto; ojalá venga pronto; I was hoping you'd stay esperaba que te quedaras; I hope you don't think I'm going to do it! ¡no pensarás que lo voy a hacer yo!; I hope to God or hell she remembers quiera el cielo que se acuerde
I hope you don't mind me coming
to hope to do sth esperar hacer algo; what do you hope to gain from that? ¿qué esperas ganar or conseguir con eso?; hoping to hear from you en espera or a la espera de recibir noticias tuyas
I hope to get a job within the next two eeks these mountains which no one can hope to penetrate
let's hope it doesn't rain esperemos que no llueva
I hope not espero que no
"is it likely to happen again?" - "I sincerely hope not"
I hope so espero que sí
I should hope so (too)! ¡eso espero!; "I washed my hands first" — "I should hope so too!" —me he lavado las manos antes —¡eso espero!; "but I apologized" — "I should hope so too!" —pero me disculpé —¡faltaría más!
"did they tidy up afterwards?" — "I should hope so!" "we'll speak again" — "I hope so"
intransitive verb
all we can do is hope and pray
to hope against hope esperar en vano
she glanced around the hall, hoping against hope that Richard would be waiting
to hope for sth esperar algo
it's the best we can hope for no podemos esperar nada mejor; we're hoping for a boy this time esta vez esperamos que sea niño; I shouldn't hope for too much from this meeting no depositaría muchas esperanzas en esta reunión; I always knew it was too much to hope for siempre supe que era mucho pedir; we'll just have to hope for the best esperemos que todo salga bien; I'm just going to enter the competition and hope for the best voy a presentarme al concurso y que sea lo que Dios quiera
some companies are cutting costs and hoping for the best we plan for the worst, we hope for the best they're hoping for the best but expecting the worst some parents just give their children a book about sex and hope for the best to hope for the best to hope for better days/things to hope in sth/sb
to hope in God confiar en Dios
hope chest (n) (US) ajuar (m) (de novia)
she works less towards a big career than as a way of filling a hope chest or buying a home freezer
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