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honor (US)
1 (integrity, good name) honor (m)
for the honour of one's country he thought it better to die with honour I do not believe I can any longer serve with honour as a member of your government
a man of honour un hombre de honor
to be/feel (in) honour bound to do sth estar/sentirse moralmente obligado a hacer algo
Ray and I were too tired to eat but I felt honour bound to cook something for the Captain we felt honour bound to support him Britain considered itself honour bound by the guarantee that Chamberlain's government had given Greece in 1939 Ross Perot does not think Clinton will give him a position in his new administration but if he did, he would feel honor bound to accept to [lose] one's honour though they have lost their ship they have not lost honor
it's a matter of honour es una cuestión de honor
on my honour! ¡palabra de honor!
to [be] on one's honour to do sth
remember, you are on your honour to report any irregularities recuerde, es su deber moral informar de cualquier irregularidad
to put sb on his/her honour to do sth hacer prometer a algn que va a hacer algo
he put us on our honour to keep silent about it [sense] of honour
to have a sense of honour tener pundonor
believe it or not, I still have a [sense] of honour the two men were cowards and had no sense of honor
to be an honour to one's profession ser un orgullo para su profesión
(there is) honour among thieves entre bueyes no hay cornadas
2 (distinction, privilege) honor (m)
it's a great honour for him es un gran honor para él; I had the honour of meeting him tuve el honor de conocerlo; may I have the honour (of this dance)? ¿me concede este baile?
I have the honour to tell you five other cities had been competing for the honour of staging the games it's a great honour to be invited
would you do me the honour of having lunch with me? ¿me haría el honor de almorzar conmigo?
you do me great honour by accepting me concede usted un gran honor al aceptar
the honours are [even]
to bury sb with full military honours sepultar a algn con todos los honores militares
to do the honours (introducing people, serving drinks or food) hacer los honores
the team were introduced to the dignitaries, Lord Haslam of British Coal doing the honours she was introduced to old acquaintances and new friends - Rita did the honours would you like a glass of sherry? - Jerome, would you do the honours?
3 (award) (by the state) condecoración (f); (in contest) galardón (m)
France's highest honour, the Legion of Honour he was showered with honours - among them an Oscar in 1950 the highest honor, the Palme D'or, went to a Danish film
4 (homage) honor (m)
to do honour to sbdo sb honour rendir honores a algn
the campaign that my opponent has run has done no honor to the American political process she does no honour whatsoever to the title of duchess
in honour of sth/sb en honor a algo/algn
he will attend a dinner in his honour asistirá a una cena en su honor
the United Nations has issued a stamp in honour of Captain Dreyfuss the Foundation is holding a dinner at the Museum of American Art in honour of the opening of their new show
5 (as title)
His Honour Judge Brodrick el señor Juez Brodrick
Your Honour (to judge) su Señoría; señor Juez; (US) (to mayor) Excelentísimo Señor; su Señoría
6 (chastity, virginity) honra (f)
she was accompanied at all times by a royal guard - her honour had to be safeguarded a man who lost his honour lost his most valued possession - a woman losing her honour has aways meant something quite different
7 honours (Britain) (Univ)
she got first/second class honours in French terminó la carrera de francés con matrícula de honor/con notable
to take honours in chemistry licenciarse en químicas
to graduate with honours licenciarse con nota; (con nota)
8 (Bridge) honours honores (m)
3 honours [tricks]
transitive verb
1 (compliment) honrar
I am honoured by your confidence in me su confianza en mí me honra; I am deeply honoured to be asked me siento muy honrado de que me lo pidan; I should be honoured if ... sería un honor para mí si ...
Tchaikowsky was given a state funeral - the only commoner to be honoured in this way
honoured guest invitadoainvitada (m) (f) de honor;a invitada
Mrs Patrick Campbell was an honoured guest to honour sb [with] one's confidence
to honour sb with one's presence honrar a algn con su presencia
the Queen honoured them with her presence if you would honour us with your presence, we might be able to start
2 (respect) honrar
thou shalt honour thy father and thy mother honrarás a tu padre y a tu madre
I honour her as a great artist she had promised to love, honour and obey her husband there is a commandment that you should honour your father and mother
3 (pay homage to) rendir homenaje a
a 2-minute silence to honour the dead it was something I had to do to honour Conor's memory
4 (decorate) [+the state, authorities] condecorar; (in contest) galardonar
two Americans were last week honoured with the 1990 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology
5 (fulfil) [+agreement, contract, promise] cumplir; cumplir con
the money is still owing, but I'm sure they will honour their obligations will the Burmese nationalists honour the deal? Walesa's opponents say he is making election promises he will be unable to honour she is determined to honour a commitment to President Hosni Mubarek the two sides agreed to honour a new ceasefire minors cannot be forced to honor a contract
6 (pay) [+cheque] aceptar; pagar; [+debt] liquidar; pagar
my bank refused to honour the cheque it is still unclear whether Russia will honour her debts
honor guard (n) (US) guardia (f) de honor
he was met by an honor guard of blue-bereted UN troop an army honour guard marched with a flag at the head of the procession
honor roll (n) (US) cuadro (m) de honor
although I usually make the honor roll, my grades are seldom high enough to satisfy my parents there are no checks on peoples' backgrounds - they rely on the honor system she was enrolled in several honours courses
honours degree (n) (Britain) (Univ) licenciatura (f)
she has an honours degree in French es licenciada en filología francesa
Honours List (n) (Britain) lista (f) de condecoraciones
Birthday Honours List lista de condecoraciones que otorga el monarca el día de su cumpleaños
the announcement comes in today's Queen's Birthday Honours List
New Year Honours List lista de condecoraciones que otorga el monarca el día de Año Nuevo
he received a knighthood in the New Year's Honours List
La Honours List es una lista de personas a las que se considera merecedoras de un reconocimiento especial por su labor, tanto en la vida pública como por servicios prestados a la zona en la que viven. Esta lista es elaborada por el Primer Ministro británico con la aprobación del monarca y se publica dos veces al año, la primera en Año Nuevo - la New Year's Honours List - y la segunda en junio, el día del cumpleaños de la reina -la Queen's Birthday Honours List. En la mayoría de los casos a estas personas se les reconoce su mérito con la concesión del título de miembro de la Orden del Imperio Británico, Member of the Order of the British Empire o MBE, u oficial de la Orden del Imperio Británico Officer of the Order of the British Empire u OBE.
note See culture box in entry dean.note See culture box in entry degree.
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